1999 Brobst Genealogy News Mailbag

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1999 Brobst Genealogy News Mailbag

Spring 1999 Mailbag

Deb Brobst wrote:

I am just beginning to research my husband's family history. I do know that my husband's family originated in Catawissa, Columbia Co. PA. Some traveled to Iowa, then to Osborne County, KS(my husband's grandfather), and then to Rooks County, KS. I would be very interested in receiving information on your Brobst Newsletter, I saw mentioned several times on the internet.

Bill Responded:

Hi, Deb! Welcome to the world of genealogy! Yes, I know a lot about your family. You can find most of it on the Brobst web site on the internet: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/brobst/

I show four Brobsts who died in Osborne Co, KS: Josiah Josephus (1818), SarahL. (1820), Henry (1859), and Eva M. (1861). You can find all four on the database in the Brobst Registry on the web site. Joseph and his wife Anna Maria Hartman, and their children moved from the Catawissa area in Columbia County to Snyder County around 1848, and then on to Marion County, Iowa, around 1850.My notes on Joseph: "He was the first of Christian's children to be born in Catawissa. Like his father, Joseph took an active role in church and civic affairs. He was for a long time a member of the church board, and is credited by historians for assisting his father in Catawissa in the organization of the English-speaking Lutheran congregation. All of his children were born in Catawissa.

Around 1848, the family moved to Snyder Co, Iowa, and then to Kansas; he and his wife died there. "Further notes on him: "Joseph married in 1811 to Mary Ann Hartman who was the daughter of William Hartman and his wife Franses R? They are buried at Knoxville. In the early seventies several of their children joined the great flood of migration westward that followed the Civil War. Josiah Brobst and his wife Mary and Sarah L. Brobst Stambach and her husband Jacob with their families moved to Osborne County Kansas. Some of the children were married and remained in Iowa for a time others came almost at once to Kansas. These two couple are the founders of the Brobst family in Kansas. The amazing thing is that these two couples made two major migrations in their day. One was made as a young adult but the four of them were around 60 years old when they made the trip to KS. See Brobst-Stambach Genealogy and Related Families by Pauline Atkins Keller pp.44-5."The Brobsts and Stambachs were closely tied in to each other from the early1700s until well into the late 1800s. There are two Stambachs you might want to check as well: Anna Amanda (1852) and Josiah Joseph (1858).Josiah Josephus Brobst (1818) was a son of Joseph (1795) who was a son of Christian A. Brobst (1767) and Eva Barbara Drumm, of Catawissa. Christian is described in detail in "The Brobst Chronicles", are all of his Brobst/Probst ancestors back into the early 1500s. $18 from the Registry. I'd be most interested in your husband's family lines from Kansas on to today. Can you provide that for me? I don't even know your husband's name. I'm attaching some general information on the Brobst family. You can find all this on the internet, but it's scattered around a bit. I'll be glad to help you any way I can in your search. Please feel free to ask me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Bill

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