1998 Brobst Genealogy News Mailbag

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1998 Brobst Genealogy News Mailbag

Fall 1998 Mailbag

From: Janet R. Binkley
June 25, 1998

I was wondering if anyone has done any work on my grandfather’s mother’s line. -- thanks to Bill Brobst, we have the family name traced way back, but James K. Brobst’s mother had Mossers and Oswalds and Levans in her line. Has anyone done those trees?

I am enclosing what I have, in tree form, If anyone has any information, please write me.

Janet R. Binkley
922 Rockmoss Ave
Newark, DE 19711


"I thought you might be interested in the following report of the Brobst reunion from Oklahoma - Bill Brobst

Dear Mr. Brobst,

Today we are all recovering from the Nance-Brobst family reunion held at Goltry, Oklahoma yesterday. We had approximately 75 people there. We began the reunion by taking pictures of the family groups. We then had a family prayer, led by Curtis Garner, husband of Karen Nance (daughter of John W. "Bill" and Sue Nance).

After the delicious potluck dinner, we had a family talent show. We discovered that there is much talent in the family. We also had a macarena contest, cake walk, duck pond, and best car story contest. We presented gifts to the person driving the farthest (Michigan), the oldest person there, the youngest person there, and the youngest grandmother present. All present informed us that they had a good time. However, we left without a host for next year's reunion. When we find one, I will be sending that information along.

Charlotte Nance


If you have any information on the following queries from Bill Brobst, please contact Bill at:

William A. Brobst
6072 Currituck Rd
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
[email protected]

Elmer Brobst (b 1874 in Bloomsburg) married Nora somebody. I have two different Elmer Brobsts, with different parents, but with the same birth date and place, both married to Nora (May 1875). One set of parents was John Brobst (abt 1844) and Mary A. Desire (abt 1845); the other was Charles Brobst (abt 1827) and Mary A. somebody (abt 1853). Who were Elmer's parents, and who was Nora? Who were John's and Charles' parents? 2.

John L. Klingaman (1852) married Ellen Brobst. But I show two different Ellen Brobsts, with different parents, and with different birth dates, married to John L. Klingaman. (a) Ellen b abt 1855 to Charles Brobst and Katherine Nier. (B) Ellen b abt 1862 to Jonas Lutz Brobst and Didema Hermany. Which Ellen married John L. Klingaman? 3.

I have two stray Catherine Brobsts looking for their parents, all from the same time period in Berks/Lehigh Counties: (a) Catharina, b oct 19 1785, d Oct 24 1860, m Jacob Helwig (1783-1861). (b) Catharine, b Dec 25 1788, d May 9 1853, m Abraham Whitner (1772-1851); born in Berks Co, died in Montour Co. (Note: Catharina Brobst b Aug 16 1784, d ??, d/o Mathias George Brobst and Anna Maria Elisabetha Stambach — no death or marriage data; was she one of these?) 4.

I have four stray Elisabeth Brobsts looking for their parents, same time period, Berks/Lehigh Co people: (a) Maria Elisabetha Brobst, b Mar 15 1787, d Mar 13 1872, m Andreas Wertman (1784-1822), Lynn Twp. Was she d/o Johannes F. and Anna Barbara (Stambach) Brobst, as was Anna Elisabeth b Jan 1 1775 and who married Johannes S. Kistler? Other records show her b 1774, 1779, and 1791! She was not the Anna Maria Elisabeth Brobst b May 3 1784 who m Johan George Bobst (1771-1820); I know who her parents were. (b) Anna Maria Elisabeth Brobst b Jun 7 1779, d Jun 15 1860, m Andreas' brother Daniel Wertman (1775-1858); they died in Northumberland Co. (c) Elisabeth Brobst (Bobst?) b abt 1790, m Conrad Lintz/Lentz (1781-1861), in Lynn Twp. (d) Elisabeth Brobst b Aug 27 1798, no further info, just floats around in the Registry. 5.

Thomas Brobst b 1819 in Berwick, N/U Co, d 1892 in Lime Ridge, Columbia Co, m Barbara Ann Trowbridge (1821-1901); nine children -- James, Chas, Sarah, Clinton Barton, Francis, Mary, Martha, Harrison, Harry. Who were his parents? 6.

Stephen Zack Brobst b 1822, d 1850, Columbia Co, m Elisabeth Gross (1823-1890); three children — Harry Zeb, William Addison, Mary C. Who were his parents? Was he Thomas' brother? 7.

I'm looking for information on my ancestor, Christian P. Furst, Sr. (1778-1847). Christian Jr married Lydia Brobst; Christian's sister Mary Anna Furst married Lydia's brother Obadiah Brobst; The father of Christian P. Furst, Sr; was George Furst (?). Obadiah was my g'g'grandfather. They lived in Crawford County, PA. Christian's daughter Mary Ann moved to Ohio and married a John Brobst, son of Obadiah's brother Reuben

Summer 1998 Mailbag

. e-mail from Bill Brobst:

I thought you might be interested in one of the little things I've been chasing down. For some years now, my favorite white wine was imported through the bottler, Schmitt Sohne GMBH. The wine is "Longuicher Probstberg Kabinett". Down here all of the large liquor stores carry it. So I have written to the bottler to inquire about the history and meaning of the name Probstberg. Longuich is the name of the city where Schmitt Sohne is located. Probstberg sounds like either a town or a mountain…

. e-mail from Bill Brobst to Donna Kilroy:

Hi, Donna. You raised a question about John Brobst. My records show Johannes F. Brobst (b. 1850) married to Anna Maria Barbara Stambach (b 1848). He's my g'g'g'g'grandfather. He was married only once. He died in Lynn Twp, Northampton (now Lehigh) Co in 1792.Johannes Brobst (b 1759) m in 1780 to Catharina Stumpfund (b 1759), and they moved to Union Co where he died Aug 1834. All well recorded. They married in Union Co, not Reading; the announcement was probably in the Reading Adler newspaper which served that area. And John's father was not a minister; he was Jean Martin Probst, son of Philipp Jacob Probst, both immigrants from the Palatinate. I have great amounts of information on those Johns. Did you get a query from someone about all this? I can straighten that out for whoever it was. I didn't get a copy of that query. I'm puzzled how you found the mix up in my records. I've never had those two mixed up. They're cousins. George "Jurg" Michael Probst died on Nov 21 1795 in Lynn Twp.

. e-mail from Bill Brobst regarding newsletter and webpage:

We could just invite people to submit stories of their own ancestors. Something, say, 1000 words or less….

Spring 1998 Mailbag

. e-mail from Judy Witherow

While playing on the internet I came across an article on the John E. Morgan Knitting Mills. It said that the first mill was set up in the old Brobst Bakery on Rowe St. in Tamaqua in 1945.

I grew up in Tamaqua and never heard anything about that so I was curious if you had any info.


. e-mail from B. Brobst to G. Hartzell

Hi, Gloria! I just read again your note about the Kutzs in Paula's Winter 1997-1998 Brobst Genealogy News.

I agree that the birth dates for Maria Dorothea (1765) and Johan Nicholas (1765) are mutually exclusive. But I show the birth year for Johan Nicholas as 1764, not 1765. I also show the birth year for Elisabeth as 1760, not 1786; I think the 1786 may have just been a typo.

The Philip Jacob House is at 48 Old Philly Pike, Kempton, PA 19529. It is present occupied by Joseph and Barbara Freeman, both very nice people to talk with.


Best regards, Bill Brobst, Curator
Brobst Family Historical Registry
[email protected]

. e-mail from Chris Propst

I am very pleased to find your home page. I have often wondered about the origins and variations of my last name. Over the years I have heard many tales of my ancestors, some confirmed by your writings. I'm glad you took the time to publish your work on the Web.

Chris Propst

+ postcard from Jan Binkley

So glad to hear you have your parents slides of the Kandel Oberseeach area. Have you gotten them scanned into your computer? My cousin uses Paint Shop Pro to scan family photos, a great addition to a genealogy program! Please do set up a display at next June's reunion! Your winter issue of newsletter is super! Thanks for all your work!

Jan -- I haven't been able to scan slides into my computer, although I have scanned a number of family photos, but not slides. What I might do, is bring the slides, a projector, and the screen to the reunion. Let me try and get that organized. I know where my screen is, now where is that projector…

+ letter from Al Probst

…something really got started since in the meantime Bill Brobst contacted me with names and where there were Franz Joseph Probsts. "Joseph Probst" turns out to be the Franz Joseph Probst who at the age of 40 came to this country in 1855. He is my great grandfather -- from Switzerland -- who lost his first wife at sea and married Maria Eberhart, my great grandmother, upon arriving in the States. I have ordered more info on this, and, if Bill would like, I could supply all 20 pages of our genealogy up to the present, quite complete information…

(See the following section for Franz Probst's family tree information…)

+ letter from Carolyn Price

Carolyn sent me a copy of her book, Brobst/Probst -- A Genealogy of the Family of Mathias Brobst and Maria M. Stambach. In the over 700 pages there is a tremendous amount of information on the Mathias Brobst Family. Forrest and Carolyn set out to:

…record and report for future generations the family of Rudolph Probst descendant Johan Michael who immigrated to America in October 1732 and is the progenitor of Mathias and Maria Magdalena (Stambach) Brobst family in America…

They did just that.
If you would like a copy of the book, please send a check for $65.00 to:

Carolyn and Forrest Price
1233 Lisa Ann Drive
Akron, OH 44313-6742.

+ letter from Eileen Brobst-Lane

In October 1997, Eileen sent me a copy of an article on the 150th anniversary of Muhlenberg College from the October 9th Allentown Morning Call Chronicle. Samuel K. Brobst was the founding father. The Rev. Brobst was profiled in the June 1993 issue of the Brobst Genealogy News. Here are some excerpts from both that issue and the Allentown Morning Call.

From the June 1993 BGN:

This biographical sketch was published in volume 2 of the "Anniversary of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania" in 1914, pages 151-153
Rev. Samuel Kistler Brobst was born November 16, 1822 in Kistler's Valley, Lehigh County, PA. His parents were faithful Bible-loving member of the Lutheran Church. The Brobsts and the Kistlers belong to the oldest German settlers in Pennsylvania; they emigrated from Western Germany early in the eighteenth century. Samuel K. Brobst was the great grandson of Philip Brobst, whose sons, Valentine, Martin, and Michael, as well as George Kistler, his maternal Great -Grandfather were among the founders of this early Lutheran congregation. The children of these two pioneer families were among the first to be baptized and confirmed by the Rev. Henry Melchor Muhlenberg.

And from the recent Allentown Call article:

The Rev. Samuel K. Brobst, the founding father of Muhlenberg College, was a well-known figure in Allentown in the 1840s. Thin-lipped, austere, with a wisp of a beard and clear eyes that gazed out from behind wire-rimmed spectacles, he was every inch the Lutheran clergyman.
Despite ill health that beset him for most of his 54 years, Brobst never gave up his passion to promote an educated clergy and laity. This in mind, 150 years ago this month, on October 16, 1847, he told the readers of his religious publication, Der Jugend Freund, about the creation of the Allentown Seminary.
It would be "especially designed for those who desire to prepare themselves for the sphere of teacher." He promised courses useful to students interested in a career as a minister, lawyer or doctor and to "offer special advantages to those who desire a thorough and practical knowledge of the German language." Although no one knew it at the time, Brobst had also just founded what would become Muhlenberg College.

+ letter from Richard Brobst

Richard sent in an article from the January 22nd 1998 issue of the Allentown local paper, The Morning Call. Here are some excerpts:

Title: What's His Line
"Columbia Northern, that's my line," Art Brobst says while perched on a stool, commanding his extensive model train fleet.
Brobst's model train layout crowds three rooms in the basement of his Catasauqua home. Expansion will soon extend it into another room.
About 50 diesel locomotives stand by at various locations, ready to roll at the 67 year old engineer's command. Brobst has about 200 engines. The ones not on the track are safely stored.
Born and raised in Lofty, a railroad town in Schuylkill County, Brobst began his career on the Reading Railroad in Tamaqua. Later, he moved to the Jersey Central and Lehigh Valley before it became Conrail.
Art Brobst retired from Conrail about five years ago.
He received his first train set from his father at age 10. His father, Carl, logged 48 years on the railroad, starting when he was 17 years old.
Aside from modeling, Art and his wife, Pat, travel extensively. They have visited all 50 states.

I hope we all get to meet Art at the June 1998 reunion!

+ letter from Frank and Florence Metzger

Their letter included a write-up on the entertainment that has been booked for the reunion!

Glen Miller, One-Man Band, plays trumpet, valve trombone, harmonicas and sings. His music repertoire includes polkas, swing, country and rock. Should be a great time!

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