1996 Brobst Genealogy News Mailbag

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1996 Brobst Genealogy News Mailbag

Winter 1996 Mailbag

* From John Brobst 12-27-96:

I thought I'd copy you on the following e-mail I got from another Brobst. It turns out Ken Brobst (who sent the e-mail) has a son who is quite a famous blues guitar player. His son's real name is also Ken Brobst, but he goes under the stage name of 'Kenny Wayne Shepherd'. "Brobst" is a fine name, of course, but it doesn't exactly roll off your tongue the way "Kenny Wayne Shepherd" does. You can pick up his record in just about any major record store. His music is also on some major movie soundtracks.

Forwarded e-mail from Ken Brobst:

My son, Kenny is a musician. His first album was released last year. He is a blues guitar player who uses the stage name Kenny Wayne Shepherd. As you know, Brobst is not the easiest name to pronounce for most people. I was in radio for about 20 years and I used my ex-wifes maiden name, Shepherd and Kenny just picked it up from there. I don't know if you are into the blues, but if so, check out Kenny's album if you get a chance. The title is "Ledbetter Heights."

* Ann Cobb 10-4-96

What a great job you did with the newsletter! I'm really impressed. I loved your story about the internet search. I've run into a 6th cousin once removed (on my father's side) in the genealogy forum on Compuserve. It's been very exciting.

I must point out one error, though, which I'm sure you'll want to correct. Below the picture of my great-grandfather, William Brobst, you listed his children as Annie Mae, Ester and Jeannie. Actually, there were 8 children: Annie, Esther(Essie), Jennie, Charles, Clarence, Alfred (Ted), Nathan and Herbert. Annie Mae and Oscar Levenson has 3 children, not 2: my mother (Elizabeth Tucker), Harold and my Aunt Mim (Mildred Waidelich).

* Mim Waidelich 10-8-96:

….My memories are mostly fragments since I was only eight years old when my mother died. It isn’t that we didn’t see family after that, but it was different. A warm memory is from my father’s funeral when I left the graveside and looked back to see my dear Gentile uncles lined up to be part of the Judaic ritual of throwing ground in the grave.

More memories from my Aunt Jennie’s farm (I think you have her as Jeannie) and being bathed in a tin tub with my cousin Billy with water brought in from the well and heated on the wood stove in the kitchen. Billy and I sometimes stayed with Aunt Essie who had no children of her own; and, if one of us had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, we would wake up the other one to go down the wooden path through the garden to the outhouse. It was dark and scary but both of us preferred confronting monsters to using a chamber pot. Some of my most vivid memories have to do with Grandpa who gave each of us a crisp new dollar bill at Christmas and who had a general store in Point Phillips. Point Phillips consisted of his store and a hotel and a gas pump. There was the pot bellied stove with a couple of chairs around it, much as was described by somebody in the last newsletter, and certainly almost anything you needed could be bought there. Grandpa would often fish out a lump of brown sugar from the barrel for me to suck on, and there was always a bag of penny candy when we left.

* Glenn Emigh 9-23-96:

I'm confused about your questions on the John & Maria & George John & Maria Elizabeth stuff. It really doesn't seem to match. In my data base, there is NO connection between the names Brobst and Bobst, other than the coincidental similar spelling. They connect because one of my Brobst ancestors, Maria Mary Brobst, marries George John Bobst. They produced Christian T. Bobst who produced Martha

Mattie Bobst, who married my great grandfather, William James Emigh.

Conversely, on one of the ancestor trees you sent (for John (Brobst) Bobst) you apparently show these names as variations of each other, as if the Brobst name was changed to Bobst. The lineage thus leading from Jacob

Brobst to Philip (Brobst) Bobst.

Do you think we may have cousins marrying? Or what?

* Jean Coulthurst 11-5-96:

Albert and Minda had two children Cora Alice Brobst Bonfield and Bessier Alberta Brobst Bender. Cora Alice Brobst Bonfield had one daughter, Barbara, who was very musical and had a masters degree in music from Princeton University. She was an organist and pianist.

Bessie Alberta Brobst Bender and Guy Bender had two daughters, Cora and Jean (me). I played in quartets and duos as a violinist.

After we moved to Rio Rancho, N.M., when my husband retired, I was fortunate to meet a really fine pianist. We continued playing until she died a few years ago.

We had three sons and a daughter, none of whom showed musical interest. However, our daughter Jean Alice Coulthurst "Wendy" had 2 sons one of whom is a fine musician, playing the organ and piano. His name is Jason Bender Coulthurst.

I believe I wrote you that Bessie Brobst Bender palyed the organ for 35 years at the Plainfield, N.J. Methodist church.

My father-in-law, Sherwin Coulthurst gave me the violin that his father Alcimus Coulthurst used to play in the Manchester, England famous orchestra as concert master. My father-in-law sang in the Manchester famous bouys choir and he moved to San Diego at age 19 and sang tenor in the 1st Presbyterian choir for many years. Many years later one summer, the choir had no tenor so my father-in-law joined --at age 96!

Lawrence Coulthurst, Jean’s husband, writes that Jean joined the Plainfield N.J. musical club as a sophomore in high school which was unprecedented. She went on to become the club’s president and vice-president of the Plainfield Community Concert Association. She was a professional violinist. She gave her Sartori violin bow to grandaughter Amy.

See the Family-Photo-Album page for a photo of Cora Alice Brobst Bonfield


I am searching for information on Thomas Brobst and wife Anna Kaiser. One of their sons was Alexander Brobst born 1890. That is all the information I have on them. I am estimating Thomas’s birth year to be around 1865-1870. If you have any information on Thomas and wife, Anna, please contact me.

Brenda J. Myer
8703 N. 600th Street
Robinson, IL 62454-4920

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