2000 Brobst Genealogy News Mailbag

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2000 Brobst Genealogy News Mailbag

Winter 2000 Mailbag

Notes from Bill Brobst: I wanted to once more remind those of you who aren't already signed up on the FREE Brobst Rootsweb mailing list to think again about that. It's a way of keeping up with Brobstology - new research findings, corrections, reunions, family stories, births and deaths, new websites, questions, etc. No obligation; it's available for your convenience. Just go to the Brobst Registry Rootsweb page, click on "Mailing List", and follow the simple directions. Right now, there's about one or two messages a week on the list, so you're not likely to get inundated with E-Mails. And you can drop out at any time if you think it's not worth your while.

For example, we just announced on the mailing list about the new Kistler Family Registry website, operated by Jim and Bruce Kistler, at http://www.kistler-genealogy.com. If you have Kistlers in your background, as so many Brobsts do, take a look.

"A Celebration of American Brobsts"

A review by Bill Brobst

I have just received notice of the publication of a new book entitled "A Celebration of American Brobsts". I wanted to alert everyone that this book is not what it is purported to be. Don't waste your money! The book is one of a series published by Halbert's, of Bath, Ohio. Each year they come out with a new one, and lead you to believe that it contains a lot of good Brobst genealogical information. Wrong! They have had in the past only a half-page or page of very general information on the Brobst history, many pages of general information on how to do genealogical research, and a listing from the nation's telephone directory of 700-800 people named Brobst. Useless information for a genealogist. And you can find the same telephone listings by going to any one of several national telephone directories on the internet, free. And they want $69.50 for that!! The flyer gives one example of a Mary A. Brobst who lived in Fairfield Co, Connecticut in 1850. Actually, Fairfield Co is in Ohio!

Kay Schaney wrote:

Good News about Census Microfilm: http://www.heritagequest.com/genealogy/CD-ROM/html/digital.html

Samuel Brobst Taufschein 7/1/99 From: John W Bieber [email protected] (John W Bieber, Bartol Research Institute)

Hello Folks .. I've put the PA Dutch baptism certificate (Taufschein) of Samuel BROBST on my fraktur Webpage. URL: http://home.att.net/~fraktur/brobst1840.html

The Brobst Registry

By Bill Brobst

Most of you already know that the Brobst Registry is a product of the effort of two people - Kay Schaney who is our webmistress, and myself. This is our hobby, and we're glad to donate our time and effort to collect and present information about the Brobst family. All hobbies cost something, and we expect to willingly pay for the fun we get out of our hobby. It's been worth it just to hear so many thanks (and sometimes tears) from Brobst descendants who've been able to find their roots because of what we've done with the Registry.

However, our costs have been escalating significantly. As more and more Brobstology information gets out there on the web, more and more people are contacting us for help in searching out their ancestry. We've been able to help them, and we've been paying for our own postage, envelopes, Family Tree maker program updates, Rootsweb membership costs, Ancestry.com costs, web costs, etc.

But we've about run out of our little reserve. And, much as we have resisted asking for financial help in the past, the time has come when we have to. Although we've encouraged contributions from "y'all" in the past, we've received only a few. A couple of people have been most generous, and a few more have tossed in a few extra bucks with their book orders.

Our book The Brobst Chronicles sells at cost, and we don't have much in the way of other income. I don't charge people for mailing them a few pages of information; I've considered that part of my hobby costs. If they want a big bunch of pages, I ask for enough to cover my photocopying and postage costs. But now I'm getting dozens of requests every day for Brobstology data, and the costs are just getting out of hand. We need some help. We know that a lot of you have saved considerable research and travel expense because of the information we've been able to provide.

What we're asking is that you share some of those savings with us so that we can replenish our depleted piggy bank. Those of you who have donated earlier should ignore this; you've already done your share. Some of you have already contributed by taking the time and effort to send us large amounts of Brobstology data which we've entered into the information bank to make available to others. But, for the rest of you who have benefited from the information in the Registry and on its website, perhaps you can find it in your heart (and wallet) to send us a check for at least a part of whatever it has been worth to you. We'd greatly appreciate whatever you can help us with. And thanks. Kay and Bill 9/99

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