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Stambach and Yost

From Janet Binkley

Philip Stambach 1719 (father of Anna Maria Magdalena who m. Matthias Probst in 1763) who served in the American Revolution, d.Oct.1777 of exposure as bodyguard for General Washington.

Irene M. Franck, in The German-American Heritage (NY/Oxford: Facts On File, 1989, p.85), says: "Washington's first personal guards -- mostly of English background -- were believed to contain some Tories, so he disbanded it. Then in 1778, on the advice of his German-American private aide, he formed an all-German guard called the Independent Troop of Horse. Most of its 53 soldiers and 14 officers were recruited from the Pennsylvania Dutch country, especially Berks and Lancaster counties. This German-speaking troop was led by German-born Major Bartholomew vonHeer. Most were discharged at the end of the war, but a dozen served until the end of 1783 and had the honor of escorting Washington to his home at Mt. Vernon, Virginia. Philip Stambach must have been one of this troop.

J. Philip Yost (1718-1804) m. abt 1724 Veronica Dotterer (1725-1798)daughter of Hieronymus Dotterer (1701 Germany - Nov. 1727 Philadelphia Co PA) and CatharineWessel/Wetzel/Wesel .(1703 -??).

Hieronymus´┐Żs father was GEORGE PHILIP DOTTERER b 1683 Wuerttemberg Germany -d Nov. 1741 Philadelphia County PA, and his mother a Veronica unknown. Hieronymus, who died young, had two daughters: Veronica b. 1.7.1725 - d. 12.7.1796, m. 5.24.1746 J. Philip Yost, and Agnes b.2.14.1727 Frederick Tp Phila Co PA - d. 11.2.1785 Montgomery Co PA, m. Justus "Jost" Bitting. See Mormon Ancestral File.

Note that a later George Philip Dotterer (b. abt 1730) m. Elisabeth Anthes, whose father Henri Anthes had m. Eva Christ, sister of Anna Catherine Christ (1696) who m. Philip Jacob Probst, one of the two progenitors of the American Brobsts.

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