Kevin Probst

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Biographical Sketch Kevin Probst

From the Winter 1996 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

Kevin Probst

My name is Kevin Probst. My ancestral line is: Johan Michael Brobst? à Mathias Brobst à Daniel Brobst à Henry Probst à George Probst à Frederick Probst à Arthur Probst à Leslie Probst,à Kevin.

We live in Columbus, Georgia. I am a school administrator and also teach U.S. History to High School juniors and World Geography to sophomores. My wife teaches English to seniors. My eldest son is a senior and my youngest a junior at Harris County High School here in west central Georgia. I migrated to Georgia in 1983, but I grew up in northwestern Penna.

My ancestors migrated to Mercer county from Lehigh county. Grandfather George was fairly well to do, making money through land investments and horse trading in western Penna. He met death prematurely when an unusual accident claimed his life. He fell from his horse on a very cold October night and froze to death before anyone discovered him.

I have a few pictures of the old homestead, grandfather George and his family taken in the late 1800s near Greenville, Penna.

Editors note: Kevin: send or e-mail me copies of those photos and all the details / stories you know about your grandfather George!

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