Where Were They Born - Stony Run

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Where Were They Born - Stony Run

by Bill Brobst

From the Winter 1996 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

Where were the early Brobsts born? Berks County or Northampton County? Actually, most of them were born in their mother’s bed in the farmhouse. But where was the farmhouse? Most genealogy reports assume that children baptized at the Jerusalem (Red) Church in Stony Run, Albany Township, Berks County, must have been born in Berks County. But a few other reports claim they were born in Northampton County.

Main Street, Stony Run

Main Street, Stony Run, PA

The families of Johannes F. and Anna Barbara (nee Stambach) Brobst, and Johann Michael and Anna Maria (nee Keller) Probst are good examples. Their children were born on the farms in Lynn Township, Northampton County, just over the county line from Berks County, and only a couple of miles from the Jerusalem Church. Even though they lived in a different county from the church, they were still members of that church, and so that’s where many of the births, baptisms and deaths were recorded. There don’t seem to be any cases the other way around.

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