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Iowa Brobst Ancestry

Our lineage comes from Rudolph (1599), Barthel (1628), Christophel (1661), Philip Jacob Brobst, through Mathias (1736-1792); Samuel, Daniel (1795-), Daniel (1834-1871), Charles E (1853-1946), Haulcy 1886-1964, (the father of Vern Brobst), and Clarence 1891-1979 (the father of Betty Fox).

Daniel & Elizabeth (Patterson) Brobst came from Leheigh Co.,PA to settle in Dallas Co, near Dawson, IA in 1856 (according to that census). Their son Charles moved to nearby Jamaica, IA after World War I and bought a farm from Marilda (Crabb)'s brother. The Clarence Brobst family moved in 1925 from Minnesota onto the Charles Brobst farm where Betty (Brobst) Fox grew up. Vern Brobst was an I-H implement dealer in Yale until he was drafted into WWII.

There have been 4 reunions in Yale. With attendance ranging from 60 to over 100. Betty's 9-yd Family Tree wall-hanging has been updated with each reunion since 1986. COME JOIN US!!

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