Brobst Reunion in Pennsylvania

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Brobst Reunion in Pennsylvania

From the Summer 1998 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

The Brobst Reunion was held, Saturday, June 6, 1998 at the New Tripoli Fire House, New Tripoli, Lehigh Co, PA

Over 150 Brobst relatives enjoyed a wonderful Penna Dutch feast.

The reunion committee did a fantastic job! Special thanks to Kerwin and Janet Wetzel,

Frank and Florence Metzger, Dean and Dorothy Cunfer, Carolyn Price, Carl Cunfer and Bill Brobst.

Brobst Reunion in PA, Photo

Seated: Ernest and Roberta Cunfer, Rev. Carl Cunfer
Standing: Susan Cunfer, her friend Ed Veath, Dorothy and Dean Cunfer

Brobst Reunion in PA, Photo

Robert Chambers, Janet Binkley, Chris Binkley, and James Rubin.

Reunion Notes from Susan Brobst Zumchak

Just wanted to say that our family thought the reunion was great and we are looking forward to the next one! If it hadn't been for the internet, we would never have learned of it. We had been able to trace our lines back to James K Brobst and no further. We had no idea that there was a group getting together regularly and that there was a newsletter, an old family home, etc.

Our group spent some time Saturday afternoon at the Jerusalem Red Church and on Sunday morning some of us drove out to the house. Mrs. Freeman was in the yard and was kind enough to talk to us and tell us a little about the restoration of the house and let us take some nice pictures of it. It is certainly a wonderful house! We also located the mill out on Pine Creek near Hawk Mountain.

Attached is a good picture of my brother Alan Kenneth Brobst of Littlestown, PA at the grave of Johannes Brobst - his fourth great grandfather. I thought it might be one you might consider for the newsletter. Alan is in the 15th generation from Hans Propst. We are from Philip Jacob/Jean Michael/ Martin/Johannes/Jacob/Benjamin/James K/ Pierson/Pierson Jr.

Alan Kenneth Brobst

Alan Kenneth Brobst of Littlestown, PA. June 1998

Brobst Reunion in PA, Photo

Michelle Stein, Ida Kiley, J. Stein, Marvin Boyer

If you have any photos of the reunion you would like to see in the News, please send or e-mail them to me!!!

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