Brobst Family Reunion 1992

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Brobst Family Reunion 1992

From Volume 1, Number 3, Brobst Genealogy News

This years "Brobst" reunion was held July 25 in Enid, Oklahoma. We think it was a great success. We all had time to visit and exchange family information. We had a cake walk and were entertained by some singing Grandchildren of Bill and Maebelle Rutledge. Also the younger family members enjoyed outside games consisting of a three legged sack race, water balloon throw and raw egg throw. The food was great and the fellowship was the greatest.

The following 78 members were in attendence.

Charles & Peggy (Brobst) Taylor, Pasadena, TX
Bob & Anne Brobst, Harbor Beach, MI
Raymond & Pat Brobst Tulsa, OK
Richard & Alice-Ann Askew, Bartlesville, OK
Larry & Diana Luginbill & daughter Amy, Hayesville, KS
Kathryn Larson, Prairie Village,KS
Carolyn Price, Akron, OH
Lloyd & Delores Brobst, Clearwater,KS
Mary Bogue, Tulsa, OK
Ginger Blackwood & Granddaughters
Leeanne & Jessica, Bakersfield, CA
Debbie Hays, Bakerfield, CA
Vein & Mary Brobst, Bagley,IA
Dennis & Betty (Brobsi) Fox, Yale, IA
Carolyn ( Brobst) Dotson & daughter Julie, Wichita, KS
Billi Mowbray & son Seth, McPherson, KS
Bette (Brobst) Cottage, Wichita, KS
Gerald Nance, Drummond, OK
Alvin & Phyliss Bezdek, Chuck Bezdek & Christi Bezdek,Wichita, KS -
Tina Signer, Wichita, KS
Joyce Foote & son Matthew, Spavinaw, OK
Johnny & Charlotte Nance and Children Laura & John, Goodwell, OK
Leonard & Marie (Brobst) Reeser, Shawnee, OK
Pearl Frazier, Haysville, KS
Glynn & Pat Luginbill & Daughter Lori, Wichita KS
Bill & Louise Record & Grandson Alan, Wichita, KS
Henry & Delores Wilkerson, son Casey & Granddaughter
Angelica Keck, Enid, OK -
Lawrence & Mary Buller, Enid, OK
Gladys Brobst, Enid, OK
Randy & Barbara Chase & son Mitchell, Enid, OK
Lick & Tammy McGinnis & baby, Enid, OK
Karen Gamer, Enid, OK
Margie Nance & son William, Enid, OK
Ike & Connie Wilkerson & son Cody, Enid, OK
Cindy Baker & sons Tanner & Chase, Enid, OK
Debi (Rutledge) Unruh & daughter Ali, Enid, OK
Cherie (Rutledge) Ward & daughters Sasha & Jaree, Enid, OK
and Bill & Maebelle (Brobst) Rutledge, Enid, OK.

Prizes were presented to the following:

Oldest Male - Lloyd Brobst, Clearwater KS -
Oldest Female Gladys Brobst Enid, OK -
Youngest Mother, Tammy McGinnis, Enid, OK -
Youngest Grandmother, Shirley White, Bind, OK -
Youngest Great Grandmother, Louise Record, Wichita, KSGrandmother with most grandchildren, Pat Brobst, Tulsa, OK
Grandmother with most Great Grandchildren, Delores Brobst, Clearwater, KS
Family with most children attending, Bill & Sue Nance, Enid, OK
Mother with youngest child, Tammy Mcginnis, Enid, OK
Couple married the longest, Lloyd & Delores Brobst, Clearwater, KS
Most distant cousin in the family lineage (13 Cousin)
Richard & Alice-Ann Askew, Bartlesville, OK.

We want to thank everyone who came and made this reunion a very enjoyable one. The next one will be held in Yale Iowa around Memorial day. More details in the next newsletter. Please make plans to attend lets make it even bigger than this year.

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