McNab Family Peter X. WISELY was born in 1773 in North Carolina. He appears on land records in OCT. 1823 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. He appeared on the census in 1830 in Wythe County, Virginia. He owned land in 1832 in the Reed Creek Area, Wythe County, Virginia. He signed a will in MAY 1850 in Wythe County, Virginia. He had an estate probated on 12 FEB. 1855 in Wythe County, Virginia. Following is a copy of his Last Will & Testament & a chart of some of his Descendants. 


  • (Transcribed by Richard W. Wisely)
  • Will Book 8, p. 239, 404? -- Wythe County, Virginia

  • In the name of God, amen, I Peter Wisely of the County of Wythe & State of Virginia Being weak in body But of sound mind & disposing memory for which I thank god and calling to mind the uncertainty of Human life & dispose of all such worldly estate as it has pleased God to bless me with. I do hereby make this my last will & testament in manner & form following, that is to say I desire all the Perishable Property belonging to my Estate be sold immediately after my desease & all my Just debts to be paid & Funeral expenses that the Ballance of the proceeds then be Equally Divided between my heirs after named Children and Grand Children, viz.: Fredrick Wisely. (the Four Children of Henry Huffman namely Draper, Jane, Washington, & Eaphaim), Joseph Vaught, Ephraim Greaver, Rosina Deavor, Michael Wisely, Peter Wisely, Heirs, And Polly Hurt. I give & bequeath unto Henry Huffman six? dollars and to be paid by him after named (?) Extor I give & bequeath unto the four Children of Elizabeth Huffman sixty Dollars to be put on interest until they become of age. My Executor to settle with them By my account book against Them so as to make them all equal in my Personal Property & the proceeds of my Estate. I give & bequeath unto my daughter Polly Hurts two children, namely George Washington & Andrew Jackson Hurt - Two Hundred Acres to be surveyed unto them of the west end of my land, its whole to be subject unto the management & Controll of 9(a) Mary their Mother during her life time after her desease to then this said George and Jackson. Forever. I give & Bequeath unto Michael Wisely the balance of my land Adjoining his Plantation at Three dollars per acre to be Equally Divided and paid five years after my desease & should my Beloved wife 10 Molly out Live me my son Michael Wisely is to provide for all her necessities for which he is to be repaid for all his troubles out of my estate.

    Lastly I do hereby appoint & Constitute Michael Wisely Executor & Administrator of this my last will & Testament. Revoking all wills heretofore made in Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and afixed my seal this 18th day of May in the year of our Lord - 1850.

    Peter X Wisely Teste Joel Painter/Parrish,William Hedrick & Joel Wisely Virginia.

    At a Court held for Wythe County, at the court house... ... this 12 day of Feby 1855. This the last will & Testament of Peter Wisely, Decíd ...was presented in court proved by the oaths of Joel Painter, William Hedrick & Joel Wisely the subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be Recorded. And on motion of Michael Wisely the executor named in said Will who took the oath required by law & together with Joel Painter Joseph ... & .... his security entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of eight hundred dollars condition as the law directs certified & granted him probate of said will in ...

    Teste H. S. Martin

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    The following Children of Peter & Magdalaena (PHILLIPPI) WISELY were mentioned in this Will:

    Peterís son Fredrick WISELY was born 11 JAN 1794 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth WOODARD on 18 AUG 1831 in Monroe County, Indiana.

    Peterís daughter Elizabeth WISELY was born on 26 MAY 1799. She married Henry HUFFMAN on 13 MAY 1830 in Wythe County, Virginia.

    Peterís daughter Barbara WISELY was born on 28 AUG. 1803. She married Joseph VAUGHT (son of George VAUGHT Sr. and Christina Barbara PHILLIPI) on 7 AUG. 1832 in Wythe County, Virginia.

    Peterís daughter Magdalena WISELY was born on 5 FEB. 1812. She married William GREAVER on 9 FEB. 1837.

    Peterís daughter Rosina WISELY was born on 10 OCT. 1808 in Wythe County, Virginia. She married Wylia DAVAR (son of Jesse DAVAR and Martha CANE, step-son of Garrison TATE) on 21 MAY 1836 or 30 MAY 1837 in Monroe County, Indiana.

    Peterís son Michael WISELY was born in 1801. He married Barbara Anne HUFFMAN on 23 JUN. 1825.

    Peterís son Peter WISELY Jr. was born about 1799 in Wythe County, Virginia. He married (Mary) Maria ARNEY (daughter of Sebastian ARNEY and Anna Maria (Mary) PHILLIPPI) in 1825.

    Peterís daughter Polly WISELY married Calvin HURT on 1 OCT. 1835. 9(a) The Mary referred to is Polly Hurt.

    10 Peterís wife Magdalena "Polly" PHILLIPPI (daughter of Johann Adam PHILLIPPI and Maria Eva Barbara AICHELBERGER) was born in 1773 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She died after 1850.

    Descendants of Peter X. WISELY Sr. - 9 MAY 1998 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    1-Peter X. WISELY (1773-bef 12 FEB 1855) sp: Magdalena "Molly" PHILLIPPI (1773-aft 1850)

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