Washington Township, Parke County, Indiana  
The DARLAND Family in Washington Township / Grene Township, Parke County, Indiana
(Ms. Judy Cassidy wrote)  Abraham is on the tax lists for Mercer County (Kentucky) in 1819 but it appears once he married he, his brother Isaac and their wives left for Indiana. In the fall of 1822 (*possibly an error - could be 1821) there were twelve families including the Darlan's and the Smocks who arrived in Washington Township, Parke County, Indiana from Kentucky. 

(John E. Darland said the township was named Green Twp., Parke Co., IN.)

(Ms. Cassidy cited the 'Parke Co., IN History, Vol. I, page 419, Green Twp.') "In the fall of 1821 there came from Kentucky five (5) families among them Abraham Durlin to settle on the west bank of the north branch of the Little Raccoon, south of the railroad crossing at Guion."   "This was the first settelment of the township."  "The first cabin built was Abraham Durlin's."

(Ms. Cassidy continued) Isaac had one patent, Abraham had one and Lambert had three right near each other in Washington Township. Todd Cemetery is right on the boarder of Green and Washington near their homes. Rt. 236 runs along their property lines dividing some on the north and some on the south. Supposedly they lived along Moon Creek.

(Ms. Cassidy explained) Concerning the old Todd Cemetery:  A pioneer cemetery located on what is now the William Baird farm.  Marsha Berger located this cemetery in 1980, and I quote from her letter:  "We spent several hours locating the old Todd Cemetery on a rainy afternoon.   We crossed a railroad trestle, climbed a hill, crossed two cattle and hog lots sinking in ankle-deep in mud, climbed three fences, and thought it all in vain when we spied one stone in the middle of a hog lot; this stone was for J. Smock, and beside it, but broken in half, was the tombstone of Abraham Darland:  we rubbed it with railroad chalk and then could easily read the inscription; his foot stone with the initials A.D. was also laying there, loose and unbroken.  Martha Baird told us that when they bought the land 32 years before, there were about a dozen stones standing, but were rough uncut fieldstone simply stuck in the soil, and the years have taken their toll.  It was once a beautiful cemetery, high on a bluff overlooking the countryside.  We were sad when we left"    (Source: "The Dorlandts in America", from Dorothy Darland who was quoting Marsha Berger's experience.)
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The above map image was taken from the map below. Ms. Cassidy provided this map (1999). The date of the original map data is not given.

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