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Some (but not all) variations of this surname are:
van Aersdalen 
Van Artsdalen
Van Ausdoll
Van Arsdale 
Van Orsdale 
Van Osdol

From the book "VanOsdol Family Outline" by Bryce Henderson Stevens, 1974: "I believe that most readers and fellow researchers are aware of the multitude of ways in which the name Vanosdol is spelled. In some of the early wills, marriages, and references I came across a couple of spellings I had not seen before, though; and so I will put them here: van Aersdale, van Aersdalen, Vanarsdalan, Vanarsdalla and most interesting Van Arts Daalan. The first of the family in America was Simon Jansz van Arsdalen. His name was Simon Jansz in full, van Arsdalen being a sobriquet, a place reference, just as we might now write "Bryce Stevens of South Bend." Simon Jansz means Simon, son of Jan. In the same way, his children had as part of their name, Simonse, meaning son (or daughter) of Simon. When New Netherland was taken by the British, an attempt was made to make the Dutch form conform to the English, and so some of the family took the name of Simonson as their last name, while others persisted in preserving a connection with the homeland by keeping va Arsdalen as the last name. To the best of my knowledge, Vanosdol and its variants is peculiar to our family .... anyone with that last name should be some sort of relation, however far back. Simonson may or may not be related, as it could have been used by anyone whose father was named Simon." 

This is a letter, dated March 22, 1733, signed by Cornelis Simonsz van Aersdalen, his brother Jan Simonsz, and the husband of their sister Metje Simonse, at that time the surviving children of Simon Jansz.

to mister Harmanus van Homberg, candle maker at Gouda:

Dear cousin Van Homberg,

Reverend Hagoort handed us your letter of July 2, 1732. We are enclosing a proxy to you drawn up with the assistance of our ministers and our judges in accordance with your instructions and we hope it is complying with the Orphan's Court's regulations.

Our sister Jannetje Simons van Aarsdal who was married to a certain Bogaert died round about Christmas last year. She had been paralyzed and was confined to her bed for several years. So was our sister Geertje, who died about two years ago.

You were writing you are interested in knowing to what number our family - tree has expanded: we are over two hundred now. Cornelis Simonsz van Aarsdal has got eleven children eight of whom are married and has over forty descendants; Jan Simonsz van Aarsdal has got eleven children and Geertje, Jannetje and Metje have got many children and grandchildren. You will understand it is just impossible to enumerate them (!!), however, I can inform you they are all living on plantations of their own breeding cattle and growing corn, maize etc. We thank our Lord for leading our father to this country.

Please hand Levinus Clarkson, a merchant in Amsterdam, the money. He will deliver it to our minister Barnardus Freeman, who gave us an IOU for it.

    With kindest regards, 
  • Cornelis Simonsen van Aersdal 
  • Jan Sijmonsen van Aersdalen 
  • Mettie Sijmonsen van Aersdalen --- --- --- proxy
We the undersigned Cornelis Simons van Aersdal, Jan Simons van Aersdal and Philip Volkers, husband of Metie Simons van Aersdal, being the surviving children of the late Simon Janse van Aersdal, living in the province of New York (formerly Nieuw Nederland), situated in North - America in the isle of Nassau in King's County empower Mr. Harmanus van Hombergen at Gouda in Holland to demand from the Gouda Orphan's Court the amount of money (plus interest) bequeathed to us by the late Geertruy van Aersdal, who died in Gouda June 1727. Signed at Midwoud, King's County, March 22, 1733:
  • V. Antonides (minister, witness) 
  • Crelis Sijmoen van A... 
  • B. Freeman (minister, witness) 
  • Jan Sijmonsen van Aersdale 
  • P(h)ilip Volkers, husband of Mettie Sijmonsen van Aersdale
The Signatures as they appear on the original document:

We undersigned ministers of the Dutch reformed church at Midwoud, King's County in the isle of Nassau testify that we witnessed the signing of the proxy to Mr. Harmanus van Hombergen by Cornelis Simonsz van Aersdal, Jan Simons van Aersdal and Philip Volkers, husband of Metie Simons van Aersdal. Moreover we testify they are the surviving children of the late Simon Jansse van Aersdal who we were acquainted with. Two children of his, Geertje and Jannetje died in the mean time. 

Signed: V. Antonides, minister Barnardus Freeman, minister

Samuel Gerritsen and Coert Voorhees, judges of peace of King's County testify that Cornelis, Jan and Metie van Aersdal signed and sealed the proxy to Mr. Harmanus van Hombergen with their own hands and that they are the genuine children of Simon Jansen van Aersdal

Signed: S. Gerritsen, judge of peace Coert Voorhees, judge of peace 

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  • WE HAVE A FAMILY ASSOCIATION! The van Aersdalen Family Association took off in July, 1998 with the publication of our flagship journal, The Vanguard, which delves into family history and current events. One of the goals of our association is to record for posterity the solid research product of this family and minimize the duplication of effort by van Aersdalen researchers. Here is a proposed stated purpose of the van Aersdalen Family Association: "to coalesce, verify, and preserve for posterity the true descendancy of Symon Jansz van Aersdalen during the process of educating our membership on the history surrounding our ancestry and promoting family pride". For information about the van Aersdalen Family Association, contact Charles R. Vanorsdale
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