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A compilation of a number of records relating to "this interesting Irish surname"
A link to a query written about the Davar family from Bombay, India





DaVar From the time I (Terri Rene) was small, I knew that NO ONE ELSE had my last name. I was told that it was a "made-up" name. Once I was an adult and interested in genealogy, I discovered that among the DaVar families there was great variety in how they spelled their surname(s). As recently as my father, siblings would be given different surname spellings on their birth certificates - and my ancestors used "every" variation of the name possible. Some of "today's" Davar families are from India and Iran (I was told that DAVAR means "judge" in Farsi). I have yet to find another living DaVar who shares my ancestry, although thanks to our web pages and the internet I have found other DAVAR descendants -- but I do keep looking!
Updated Thursday March 25, 1999 - Our beautiful Michael is doing "excellent" (above grade level) in school. Matthew dresses himself independently. Spring is approaching and our flowers are preparing to bloom and beautify our Family Tree.
Updated December 14, 1998 - with the addition of the GenConnect @ Rootsweb Boards. Michael now enjoys reading, soccer, skating, computer games, candy, and Christmas. He firmly believes that there are multitudes of Santas, just as there are Teachers, Postal Workers, and other professions. Matthew is now 2 years old, walks and talks and demands that life be done in his way. Our Flowers are BEAUTIFUL!
Updated late January 1998 - Happy 8th Birthday to our nephew & cousin, David Howard Birkholz. Our flowers are really blooming in the snow <VBG>. Michael has learned what can be bought with a dollar (plus the $0.06 sales tax) and carefully alternates between saving and spending his ("just because you were born , no chores attached to it") $2.00 weekly allowance. Matthew conspires with our dog Madison to hunt-down our cat Misty and torment her with glee. We can hardly wait for spring time.
Updated November 1997 - Birthday month for several amongst our family & friends. Michael is learning to clean his room daily, as Matthew (now 13 months) learns to re-sort all of the toys that have just been put away <G>. OUR KIDS ARE THE FLOWERS ON OUR FAMILY TREE.
Created March 1997 - Happy 6th Birthday Michael DaVar Howard!
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