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Families are like trees. The branches may grow in different directions but the roots are the same.

Hi. My name is Brent.

Welcome to my Genealogy Page

My Roots

These are the surnames of people I have found to be my direct ancestors:

And these are my direct ancestors:


My Grandparents   My Great-
  My 2nd Great- Grandparents   My 3rd Great- Grandparents
Sidney Ashworth < Homer Ashworth < Dixon Ashworth < George Ashworth
Martha Watkins
Priscilla Baker < William Baker
Angeline Johnson
Rhoda Scott < Austin Scott < Moses Scott
Isabelle Carothers
Amanda Hoyt < Lorenzo Hoyt
Emily Castle
Violetta Sponberg < Frank Sponberg < Gust Sponberg < ? Sponberg
? ?
Annie ? < ? ?
? ?
Anna Stromberg < Gustaf Stromberg < ? Stromberg
? ?
Augusta Nelson < ? Nelson
? ?
My Grandparents   My Great-Grandparents   My 2nd Great- Grandparents   My 3rd Great-Grandparents
Donald La Tourette < Schuyler La Tourette < Montgomery La Tourette < Garrett La Tourette
Margaret Sherry
Sarah Carver < Thomas Carver
Elizabeth Dean
Lena Erickson < Charles Erickson < Eric Erickson
Caroline ?
Lena Rupp < John Rupp
Lena Bachman
Elsa Ehlers < Emmanuel Ehlers < ? Weber < ? Weber
? ?
Anna Ehlers < ? Ehlers
? ?
Anna Patzkowski < Michael Patzkowski Jr. < Michael Patzkowski Sr.
Anna Scharping
Agatha Gaede < Heinrich Gaede
Agatha Cornelsen

Where My Ancestors Came From and Where They Lived

If you have a question about these individuals in my family tree file, please ask my cousin's wife. I got my information on them from her.

To search my family tree file, click on the Gedcom button below. skip

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Genealogy Searches, Etc.

Family History

If you want a real eye-opener about life in a colony in the 1700's, on the frontier in the 1800's and in a Victorian house in 1900, watch the following programs on PBS and see modern day people deal with life in those times. skip

Check out these programs too, also on PBS. skip

And tell your kids about these web sites. skip

Treasured Memories

''We each have personal recollections of past events, personal memories, and vivid, imaginative accounts of the events of our lives. These memories create a springboard for the stories that will provide us a precious link to our past.''

''Speaking is our primary way to communicate a powerful narrative. However, communication does not stop with the spoken word. All cultures have told stories enhancing them with body language, food, dance, art, music, storytelling, drama, crafts, literature and religious rites.''

''Storytelling reflects the rich cultural and religious heritage of the generations before us, and it leads us to understand how our past has influenced our present.'' - PBS skip

Inherited Genetic Diseases

''Many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, can run in families - knowing your family health history can save your life, as well as the lives of those you love.'' - Acting Surgeon General Kenneth Moritsugu skip

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