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This is a list of places covered by Family History Societies that cover the "London" area. I am sure it is incomplete but it is the best I can do with the information I have. I hope it is useful.

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AbingerWest Surrey FHS
ActonWest Middlesex FHS
AddingtonEast Surrey FHS
AlburyWest Surrey FHS
AldgateEast of London FHS
AlfoldWest Surrey FHS
Artillery LibertyEast of London FHS
AshWest Surrey FHS
AshfordWest Middlesex FHS
AshteadEast Surrey FHS

BansteadEast Surrey FHS
BarkingEast of London FHS
BarkingsideEast of London FHS
BarnesEast Surrey FHS
Barnet (London Borough of)The London & North Middlesex Family History Society
BatterseaEast Surrey FHS
BecktonEast of London FHS
BecontreeEast of London FHS
BeddingtonEast Surrey FHS
BermondseyEast Surrey FHS
BetchworthEast Surrey FHS
Bethnal GreenEast of London FHS
BishopsgateEast of London FHS
BisleyWest Surrey FHS
BletchingleyEast Surrey FHS
Bookham, LittleWest Surrey FHS
Bookham, GreatWest Surrey FHS
BowEast of London FHS
BramleyWest Surrey FHS
Bromley St LeonardEast of London FHS
Bromley-by-BowEast of London FHS
BucklandEast Surrey FHS
BurstowEast Surrey FHS
ByfleetWest Surrey FHS

CamberwellEast Surrey FHS
Camden (London Borough of)The London & North Middlesex Family History Society
Canning TownEast of London FHS
CapelWest Surrey FHS
CarshaltonEast Surrey FHS
CaterhamEast Surrey FHS
Chadwell HeathEast of London FHS
ChaldonEast Surrey FHS
CharlwoodEast Surrey FHS
CheamEast Surrey FHS
ChelshamEast Surrey FHS
ChelseaWest Middlesex FHS
ChertseyWest Surrey FHS
ChessingtonEast Surrey FHS
ChiddingfoldWest Surrey FHS
ChigwellEast of London FHS
Chilworth (St Martha's)West Surrey FHS
ChipsteadEast Surrey FHS
ChiswickWest Middlesex FHS
ChobhamWest Surrey FHS
City of LondonThe London & North Middlesex Family History Society
ClandonWest Surrey FHS
Clandon, EastWest Surrey FHS
ClaphamEast Surrey FHS
ClaptonEast of London FHS
ClayhallEast of London FHS
CobhamWest Surrey FHS
CobhamEast Surrey FHS
Collier RowEast of London FHS
ComptonWest Surrey FHS
Corbets TeyEast of London FHS
CoulsdonEast Surrey FHS
Covent GardenWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
CowleyWest Middlesex FHS
CowleyHillingdon FHS
CranleighWest Surrey FHS
CranhamEast of London FHS
CranbrookEast of London FHS
CranfordWest Middlesex FHS
CrowhurstEast Surrey FHS
CroydonEast Surrey FHS
CuddingtonEast Surrey FHS
Custom HouseEast of London FHS

DabernonWest Surrey FHS
Dagenham VillageEast of London FHS
Dagenham HeathwayEast of London FHS
Dagenham EastEast of London FHS
DagenhamEast of London FHS
DalstonEast of London FHS
Deptford (part)East Surrey FHS
DittonWest Surrey FHS
DorkingWest Surrey FHS
DunsfoldWest Surrey FHS

Ealing with Old BrentfordWest Middlesex FHS
East HamEast of London FHS
East BedfontWest Middlesex FHS
EffinghamWest Surrey FHS
EghamWest Surrey FHS
Elm ParkEast of London FHS
ElsteadWest Surrey FHS
Emerson ParkEast of London FHS
Enfield (London Borough of)The London & North Middlesex Family History Society
EpsomEast Surrey FHS
EsherWest Surrey FHS
EwellEast Surrey FHS
EwhurstWest Surrey FHS

FairlopEast of London FHS
FarleighEast Surrey FHS
FarnhamWest Surrey FHS
FelthamWest Middlesex FHS
FetchamEast Surrey FHS
Forest GateEast of London FHS
FrenshamWest Surrey FHS
FulhamWest Middlesex FHS
Fullwell CrossEast of London FHS

Gants Hill CrossEast of London FHS
GattonEast Surrey FHS
Gidea ParkEast of London FHS
GodalmingWest Surrey FHS
GodstoneEast Surrey FHS
GoodmayesEast of London FHS
Greenford ParvaWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
Greenford MagmaWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
GuildfordWest Surrey FHS

HackneyEast of London FHS
HaggerstonEast of London FHS
HainaultEast of London FHS
HambledonWest Surrey FHS
HammersmithWest Middlesex FHS
HamptonWest Middlesex FHS
HanworthWest Middlesex FHS
Hanwell with New BrentfordWest Middlesex FHS
HarefieldWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
HarefieldHillingdon FHS
Haringey (London Borough of)The London & North Middlesex Family History Society
HarlingtonWest Middlesex FHS
HarlingtonHillingdon FHS
HarmondsworthWest Middlesex FHS
HarmondsworthHillingdon FHS
Harold WoodEast of London FHS
Harold HillEast of London FHS
Harrow on the HillWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
HascombeWest Surrey FHS
HaslemereWest Surrey FHS
Havering-atte-BowerEast of London FHS
HaveringEast of London FHS
Hayes with NorwoodWest Middlesex FHS
HayesHillingdon FHS
HeadleyEast Surrey FHS
HestonWest Middlesex FHS
HillingdonWest Middlesex FHS
HillingdonHillingdon FHS
HomertonEast of London FHS
HorleyEast Surrey FHS
HorneEast Surrey FHS
HornchurchEast of London FHS
Horsley, WestWest Surrey FHS
Horsley, EastWest Surrey FHS
HorsellWest Surrey FHS
HounslowWest Middlesex FHS
HoxtonEast of London FHS

IckenhamWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
IckenhamHillingdon FHS
IlfordEast of London FHS
Isle of DogsEast of London FHS
IsleworthWest Middlesex FHS
Islington (London Borough of)The London & North Middlesex Family History Society


KensingtonWest Middlesex FHS
KewEast Surrey FHS
KingsburyWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
Kingston upon ThamesEast Surrey FHS
KingslandEast of London FHS

LalehamWest Middlesex FHS
LambethEast Surrey FHS
LeatherheadEast Surrey FHS
LeighEast Surrey FHS
LimehouseEast of London FHS
LimpsfieldEast Surrey FHS
LingfieldEast Surrey FHS
Little HeathEast of London FHS
Little IlfordEast of London FHS
LittletonWest Middlesex FHS
Long DittonEast Surrey FHS

MaldenEast Surrey FHS
Manor ParkEast of London FHS
MaryleboneThe London & North Middlesex Family History Society
MerrowWest Surrey FHS
MersthamEast Surrey FHS
MertonEast Surrey FHS
MicklehamEast Surrey FHS
Mile EndEast of London FHS
MillwallEast of London FHS
MitchamEast Surrey FHS
Molesey, EastWest Surrey FHS
Molesey, WestWest Surrey FHS
MordenEast Surrey FHS
MortlakeEast Surrey FHS

Newbury ParkEast of London FHS
NewdigateWest Surrey FHS
NewdigateEast Surrey FHS
NewhamEast of London FHS
NewingtonEast Surrey FHS
NorthwoodWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
NortholtWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
North WoolwichEast of London FHS
Norton FolgateEast of London FHS
NutfieldEast Surrey FHS

OakwoodWest Surrey FHS
OckhamWest Surrey FHS
OckleyWest Surrey FHS
Old FordEast of London FHS
OxtedEast Surrey FHS

PaddingtonWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
PeperharowWest Surrey FHS
PerivaleWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
PetershamEast Surrey FHS
PinnerWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
PirbrightWest Surrey FHS
PlaistowEast of London FHS
PoplarEast of London FHS
PutneyEast Surrey FHS
PuttenhamWest Surrey FHS
PyrfordWest Surrey FHS

RainhamEast of London FHS
RatcliffEast of London FHS
RedbridgeEast of London FHS
RedbridgeEast of London FHS
ReigateEast Surrey FHS
RichmondEast Surrey FHS
RipleyWest Surrey FHS
RomfordEast of London FHS
RotherhitheEast Surrey FHS
RuislipWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
RuislipHillingdon FHS
Rush GreenEast of London FHS

SandersteadEast Surrey FHS
SealeWest Surrey FHS
SendWest Surrey FHS
Seven KingsEast of London FHS
ShadwellEast of London FHS
ShalfordWest Surrey FHS
SheppertonWest Middlesex FHS
ShereWest Surrey FHS
ShoreditchEast of London FHS
SilvertownEast of London FHS
SnaresbrookEast of London FHS
SouthwarkEast Surrey FHS
South WoodfordEast of London FHS
SpitalfieldsEast of London FHS
St Clement Dane'sWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
St George Hanover SquareWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
St George-in-the-EastEast of London FHS
St John the Evangelist Smith SquareWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
St James PiccadillyWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
St Mary le Strand SohoWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
St Martin in the FieldsWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
St Margaret WestminsterWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
StainesWest Middlesex FHS
Stanmore, LittleWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
Stanmore, GreatWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
StanwellWest Middlesex FHS
StepneyEast of London FHS
Stoke next GuildfordWest Surrey FHS
StokeWest Surrey FHS
Stoke NewingtonEast of London FHS
Stratford LangthorneEast of London FHS
Stratford-le-BowEast of London FHS
StreathamEast Surrey FHS
SunburyWest Middlesex FHS
SuttonEast Surrey FHS

TandridgeEast Surrey FHS
TatsfieldEast Surrey FHS
TeddingtonWest Middlesex FHS
Thames DittonEast Surrey FHS
The Savoy ChapelWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
ThorpeWest Surrey FHS
ThursleyWest Surrey FHS
TitseyEast Surrey FHS
Tooting GraveneyEast Surrey FHS
Tower LibertyEast of London FHS
Tower HamletsEast of London FHS
TwickenhamWest Middlesex FHS

UpminsterEast of London FHS
UpneyEast of London FHS
Upton ParkEast of London FHS
UxbridgeWest Middlesex FHS

Walton on ThamesWest Surrey FHS
Walton on the HillEast Surrey FHS
WanboroughWest Surrey FHS
WandsworthEast Surrey FHS
WansteadEast of London FHS
WappingEast of London FHS
WarlinghamEast Surrey FHS
WembleyWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
WenningtonEast of London FHS
WestminsterWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
West FrimleyWest Surrey FHS
West HamEast of London FHS
West DraytonWest Middlesex FHS
West DraytonHillingdon FHS
WeybridgeWest Surrey FHS
WhitechapelEast of London FHS
WillesdenWestminster & Central Middlesex FHS
WimbledonEast Surrey FHS
WindleshamWest Surrey FHS
WisleyWest Surrey FHS
WitleyWest Surrey FHS
WokingWest Surrey FHS
WoldinghamEast Surrey FHS
WonershWest Surrey FHS
WoodmansterneEast Surrey FHS
Woodford GreenEast of London FHS
Woodford BridgeEast of London FHS
WoodfordEast of London FHS
WorplesdonWest Surrey FHS
WottonWest Surrey FHS

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