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Welcome to the Family Homepage for research of Drüding/Drueding/Druding. I became interested in this name when my mother and I desired to research her family history after my uncle had completed a fine job on my paternal family.

This was difficult, because I resided in Georgia at the time and the point of entry and state of residence for this family was around the Philadelphia area. Trips home kept me busy with creative researching.

My great grandmother was Dora Druding who married Karl Voss in Philadelphia in 1887. Dora had brothers, who were twins, also emigrants to Philadelphia. They became pharmacists and eventually devised a process to manufacture chamois skins. Their invention grew into the Drueding Brothers Company located at Fifth and Master in Philadelphia. The Drueding Brothers Company established the Drueding Infirmary in North Philadelphia. Sisters of the Holy Redeemer came from Germany to America to establish missions. Thirteen of these sisters staffed the full-service hospital built by Charles and Henry Drueding for the employees of the Drueding Brothers Manufacturing Company.

Subsequently, this hospital became a nursing home for former Drueding Brother's employees, their families and family of Drueding. I visited this establishment hoping to find history on the family. They weren't of much help, but they showed me a family history that was submitted by Frederick Drueding. I got in touch with Frederick Drueding and was fortunate to discover I had stumbled upon a 5th cousin and gained much data on the Drueding Family, back to the 1600's in Cloppenburg, Oldenburg, present day Germany.

My DRUEDING Ancestry

Descendants of Thole Elsten von Drüding
1. Thole Elsten von Drüding                                 b: 1630            d: Feb 16, 1727/28
   +Anna Margareta Borggravens	                            b: c 1630          d: Feb 16, 1727/28
    2. Joan Arnold Drüding                                  b: c 1663          d: Jul 18, 1735
       +Margaretta Lucretia von Gronheim	            b: Mar 10, 1681/82 d: 1740
       3. Joan Bernard Heinrich Drüding                     b: Feb 06, 1702/03 d: Mar 05, 1747/48	
          +Clara Angela Bothe                               b: Nov 09, 1713    d: Apr 25, 1781
          4. Joannes Arnoldus Drüding	                    b: Jan 30, 1737/38 d: Sep 24, 1811
             +Maria Anna Lowisa Klopper	                    b: c 1746          d: May 17, 1810
             5. Franz Arnold Joseph Drüding                 b: Mar 01, 1771    d: Mar 19, 1853
  		+Anna Margaretta Hoffmann                   b: Aug 05, 1771    d: Jun 24, 1846
                6. Johann Caspar Drüding                    b: Nov 11, 1804    d: Apr 19, 1880
                   +Maria Margaretta Elisabeth Wittrock     b: Nov 08, 1818    d: Jan 05, 1883
                   7. Maria Anna Theodora Drüding	    b: Jan 12, 1862    d: Apr 16, 1929
                      +Franz Carl Heinrich Voss             b: Apr 06, 1861    d: Jan 30, 1944

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