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Pennsylvania Archives,
Fifth Series, Volume Two

Edited by Thomas Lynch Montgomery under the direction of the Hon. Frank M. Fuller Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1906 Harrisburgh, PA.; Harrisburgh Publishing Company, State Printer

Beatty references extracted by Rosemarie Beatty L# 77
Page 1 title
Col. William Thompson's Battalion of Riflemen June 25, 1775-July 1, 1776

Page 16
Roll of Captain James Chambers' Company (Enlisted in that part of  Cumberland which is now Franklin county.)

Page 17 Privates
BEATTY, THOMAS, enlisted June 1775; re-enlisted in First Penn'a, July 1776
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Page 193 title
Sixth Pennsylvania Battalion Col. William Irvine January 9, 1776-March 20, 1777

Page 230
Roll of Captain Abraham Smith's Company (raised in Cumberland County) Sergeants

BEATTY, JOHN, appointed January 27, 1776; discharged in February, 1777;  in 1818, resided in York county, Penn'a.
PAGE 234 Listed as First Sergeant
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Page 709 title
Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of First Pennsylvania Regiment  Continental Line

page 710 Privates:
BEATTY, JOHN died August 30, 1829, aged seventy-four, in YORK COUNTY

BEATTY, THOMAS, from Thompson's rifles, Chambers' company; discharged July 1778; resided in Derry Township, Westmoreland County, 1814
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Page 702 title
Roll and muster of the fourth company, first pennsylvania regiment from January, to the 1st March 1783-Captain Andrew Irvine

page 704
BEATTY, JOHN, war. (I cannot find what that abbreviation, war., means)

Page 135
Fourth Pennsylvania Battalion
Col. Anthony Wayne January 3, 1776-January 24, 1777

Page 140
An inquisition, dated February 17, 1777, now on file in the office of
the Secretary of the Commonwealth, addressed to the Council of Safety, sets forth that an unhappy accident happened on the 16th instant, at a certain Alexander McCalla's in Charlestown township, Chester County, to wit:  the accidental death of CHARLES CLINTON BEATTY* second lieutenant to Capt. Thomas Church's company of the fourth battalion, commanded by Col. Anthony Wayne; and as there is no legal way of proceeding in cases of accidental death, thought it expedient to call upon the chairman of committee to qualify evidence, and call and empannel a jury.  We, therefore, of the jury find that his death was accidental by a shot from Capt. Caleb North's fusee, not apprehending it to be charged."  Signed by Capt. Thomas Church and eleven others.

*Lieut. BEATTY was a son of the Rev. CHARLES BEATTY, (chaplin of Col. Clapham's regiment, 1756); born 10th February 1756; graduate of Princeton, 1775.  He was interred in the burying ground at old Chester.  He was a brother of Major JOHN BEATTY, Dr. READING BEATTY, and Lieut. ERKURIES BEATTY, all of the Pennsylvania Line.
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page 47 title
Appointment of Battalion Officers, October, 1775

page 48 subtitle
First Penn'a battalion by Assembly, Oct., 1775.  Dehaas, Colonel, appointed by Congress. James Irwin , Lieut. Col. Anthony James Morris, Major

Page 49 Majors

Page 51 Second Lieutenants
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Page 79 title
Second Pennsylvania Battalion
Col. Arthur St. Clair January 1776-January 1777

Page 111 subtitle
Roll of Capt. Samuel Watson's Company from January 5, 1776 to November 25, 1776

Page 112
BEATTY, SAMUEL, enlisted Jan. 25, 1776
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Page 135 title
Fourth Pennsylvania Battalion Col. Anthony Wayne January 3, 1776-January 24, 1777

Page 152 subtitle
Roll of Captain Thomas Chruch's Company
Second Lieutenant
BEATTY, CHARLES C. Commissioned January 8, 1776; killed accidentally February 16, 1777
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Page 163 title
Fifth Pennsylvania Battalion
Col. Robert Magaw
January 3, 1776-January 3, 1777

Page 166
A return dated October 7, 1776, signed "William Dement, adjutant" gives the total strength of BEATTY's company, officers and men, fifty-eight, of whom fifteeen were sick absent. A weekly return of the Fifth Pa battalion in the service of the United States, commanded by Major JOHN BEATTY, November 15, 1776, and signed by JOHN BEATTY, Major, is as follows:  1 major, 1 second lt, 1 ensign, 1 quartermaster, 1 surgeon, 4 sergeants, 1 drum and fife, 22 present for duty, 3 sick present.

Page 167
Roster of Field and Staff Officers
BEATTY, JOHN, from Captain October 12, 1776, taken November 16, 1776; exchanged May 1778; appointed commissary general of purchases with rank of colonel May 28, 1778; resigned March 31, 1781, died in Trenton, N.J., May 30, 1826, aged seventy-eight; buried in the First Presbyterian church yard in that city.

Page 168
Roll of Captain JOHN BEATTY'S Company
BEATTY, JOHN, Warminister, Bucks County, commissioned January 5, 1776; promoted major October 12, 1776.

Page 184
Roll of Captain John Richardson's Company (incomplete)
BEATTY, READING, Warminister, taken November 16, 1776; exchanged May 8,  1778; see New Eleventh Penn'a
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Page 193 title
Sixth Pennsylvania Battalion Col. William Irvine January 9, 1776 - March 20, 1777

Page 226 subtitle
Roll of Captain Robert Adams' Company
March 20, 1776

Page 227 Privates
BEATTY, WALKER, enlisted February 3, 1776
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