Nora Eva Beaty

Nora Eva Beaty

Eva BeatyNora Eva Beaty was born on February 04, 1898 in Mound Tx. She died in 1983. She Married Henry Lee Carmichael on March 08, 1920 in San Diego, California.

Parents: Charley Thomas Beaty and Annie Lamb.

Grand-parents: Jonathan Crockett Beaty and Martha Susan Jeanes.  Marquis LaFayette Lamb and America Ann Rogers.

Great-grand-parents: William Beaty and Lucinda (Sinday) Beaty.  John Isbell Lamb and Ann Eliza O'Keeffe. E. P. Jeanes and Nancy R.

Elsie and Eva Beaty

During the 60's and 70's, Eva did extensive research into the genealogy of her Beaty family. Mike Allen (her grandson) has her notes. Her work forms the basis of our lineage 2C data.

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