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Geographical Namesakes

Beatty Family Geographical Namesakes

MAY 3, 1998
Mother Nature's Beattys
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Beatty Businesses
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  TOWNS and Places

DALBEATTIE, SCOTLAND... was in the news recently as the lst officer on the Titanic (who shot himself and others in the movie) was from Dalbeattie.  The residents of Dalbeattie are upset because in the real situation he did  not shoot anyone...including himself. Hollywood admitted their historical gaff in order to add "drama"...and donated 8000 �s to a scholarship fund in Dalbeattie. On the news program, it looked like a beautiful small town on the water.

One interesting legend connected with the Dalbeattie or "Dale/Field of Beattie" is the during the border reiver period, a group of Beatties had stolen some cattle and were driving them home when suddenly they were surprised and overtaken by the owners who killed all the Beatties and left them in the "field". (See article at end that includes Dalbeattie) (Ray Beaty, April 21, 1998)

BEATTIE, Kansas Named for Armstrong Beattie (L4, son of James and Esther Fulton Beattie) who was mayor of St. Joseph, MO at the time the town was founded (1870s). (Joann Tortarolo, Lineage 4, April 15, 1998)

BEATTY, Ohio, south of Springfield, Clark Co, Ohio. Is this named for someone in lineage 186?
(Opal Beaty Maple, Lineage 3, April 19, 1998)

BEATTY, Ohio = Platted in 1834. It is the present day town of Milan Ohio, in Erie County, Ohio. It was platted by Ebenezer Merry, who bought the land from John Beatty (1774-1844) of Erie County, Ohio, Lineage 24. Early settlers to the town didn't like the name, thought it wasn't growing fast enough, and so adopted the name Milan after the town in Italy. Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio.
(John Beatty, Lineage 24, June 29, 1998)

BEATTY'S CORNERS, Indiana. This was a town platted in LaPorte County, Indiana by John Beatty (1813-1885), son of Dempster Beatty. (Lineage 24) It was settled only briefly, had a small hotel and livery stable at one time, but has now completely vanished.
(John Beatty, Lineage 24, June 29, 1998)

BEATTY, NEVADA, founded in 1904, is located in southern Nye County, about 12 miles east of Nevada's diagonal border with California. "Old Man" Beatty (MONTILLUS [MONTILLIAN)] MURRAY BEATTY), for whom Beatty is named, was a native of Iowa; he enlisted in the Union Army at Lyons, Iowa, on 6 May 1861, and served in Company I, Second Iowa Infantry Regiment. He was discharged because of disability and came west after the Civil War. Beatty married a full blooded Paiute woman and they had at least three children, Maud, Frank and Monte. He was Beatty's first postmaster when the post office opened 19 January 1905, although he could neither read nor write, except for his name. He dabbled in mining until his death in December 1908. Beatty's present status is a tourism and mining center. From "Beatty:Frontier Oasis" - Robert D. McCracken. Researched by Edna Britton, Lineage 3, April 1998. (Edna Britton, April 1998) Who are Montillus' ancestors?

Beatty Ghosttown Photos...

BEATTYSTOWN, NEW JERSEY (listed as Beatystown,Warren,NJ in 1859 U.S.P.O. directory) (NJ On Highway 57, ~40 miles N of Trenton)

BEATTYSTOWN, is located on the Musconetcong River and is on the extreme border of Mansfield Township, in its southeast corner. It is the oldest settlement in Mansfield Township, and was a thriving village in 1800. It was more of a business center than Hackettstown was up until about 1825. At that time it was the chief market of that vicinity for grain
and all kinds of produce. It was first called Beatty's Mills, in honor of the man who built the first mill there, before the Revolutionary War. Its location was on the site of the present mill, now owned by J. B. Fisher (in 1881). The Birds were among the earliest settlers. Elisha and Edward wanted the name of the village changed to Birdsburg, but other settlers did oppose the idea. There were more houses in the place in 1820 than there were in 1881. Fisher's grist-mill is a large building constructed of stone. Two mills have been burned on the site since the place was first settled. The first hotel was built so long ago that its date cannot be learned, but it is known that a man named Stewart Martin kept a tavern there during the Revolution. The old turnpike road running through Beattystown was built in 1812, and this party of militia started out on their journey over that road.One of the first schools in the place stood where Thomas Shields' corn house now is (1881), in the lower part of the town. Lewis Golden taught a subscription school there as far back as 1810.

Most of the above info was taken from History of Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey compiled by James P. Snell, printed in Philadelphia, PA by Everts and Peck 1881.

My note: Today, there are few, if any businesses, actually in Beattystown. There are mostly older homes there and the main street of town is Rt. 57 which runs right through the town. The only other street that I can think of offhand is Kings Highway (not sure how it got its name). I will try and get out there this year and update this with a current view of the town.
(Diane Ward Sives - Lineage 130A - April 14, 1998)

(P.O. in 1859)
Beattyville, KY information is at the following URL:  "Beattyville, the seat of Lee county, is on the forks of the Kentucky River. The site was originally known as Taylors Landing (the source of the name is not known). In 1850 it was renamed Beatty for Samuel Beatty (Lineage 293), an early settler and landowner, and in 1872 was incorporated as Beattyville. The county seat was moved to Beattyville in 1872 from nearby Proctor. The population in 1990 was 1,131." (Curt Beatty, Lineage 112/176 April 14, 1998) - ~50 miles SE of Lexingon

More on Beattyville from the CLAY CITY TIMES
Clay City, Kentucky
August 14, 1975

Eastern Kentucky Pioneers
Family histories by Harry W. Mills

BEATTY - Among the early settlers of Kentucky were a number by the name Beatty, including James and Cornelius Beatty in Fayette (1790):

Joseph in Clark, and Daniel, John, and Thomas in Montgomery (1800). One early Eastern Kentucky pioneer was Samuel Beatty, born about 1794, in Fayette County, Kentucky. He went from Fayette to Madison County, where he married a daughter of General Baxter of the American Revolution, and they had issue: 1. Decatur Beatty, born about 1822, married Arthusa. 2. A daughter, who died in infancey. 3. Capt. J.M. Beatty. It is said that Samuel Beatty was the first settler of what is now Lee County, Kentucky, and that the town of Beattyville was named for him.

Capt. J.M. Beatty married Josephine - and their children included; 1. Harlan T. Beatty, lawyer of Beattyville. 2. Virgil Beatty. 3. Judge Emile B. Beatty, of Beattyville. 4. Prentice Beatty, who moved to Iowa. 5. Roselle W. Beatty, of Akron, Ohio. 6. Roselle W. Beatty, of Akrn, Ohio. 6. Lula Beatty, married Theodore B. Blakey. 7. Milward Beatty (daughter), of Beattyville, Kentucky.

BEATTIE, Kansas, Marshall County, 39:51:40N,096:25:10W,1330 316 66406
Sheila I Hale 236, May 5, 1998

BEATTIES, New Hampshire, Coos County, 44:42:28N, 071:35:43W,961
Sheila I Hale 236, May 5, 1998

BEATTIE, Texas, Comanche County, 32:02:17N,098:41:32W
Sheila I Hale 236, May 5, 1998 (Near Highway 36, ~100 miles SW of

The community of Beaty is about 4 West of Gravette, Benton, AR is .  It is located on Beaty Rd.  — Joan W. Fos,  (L2)

Beatty Corners, Fulton Co, NY, abt 4 miles SE of Broadalbin,
NY. Latitude:  430210N,  Longitude:  0740955W — Rob Beatty (L256).

Village of Beatty - North East Saskatchewan , Canada.

The Village of Beatty is located 14 kilometers west of Melfort on highway 3. The village of about 100 is named after Reginald Bird Beatty, who settled in the area in 1884. Beatty was a good friend of Chief Kinistin and upon leaving the Hudsons Bay Company in 1883, he settled in the area, which was named Stoney Creek and traded furs for many years.

Today the Village of Beatty is surrounded by rich farm land. The hockey and curling rinks are important meeting places for the citizens of Beatty and the winter time sees many bonspiels, tournaments and much rivalry.  — Rob Beatty (L256).

Town of Beatty, in Klamath County, Oregon  97621 — Rob Beatty (L256). (Highway 140, ~75 miles E of Medford)

Colonel Francis J. Beatty Community Park , Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department 5841 Brookshire Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28216 — Rob Beatty (L256).

Beaty Crossroads, AL At the intersection of state highways 117 and 75, ~20 miles east of Scottsboro.

Beatty Junction, Inyo Co, CA, ~30 miles SSW of Beatty, Nevada

Beatys Beach, IN On County Route 16, ~30 miles E of South Bend

Beattys Corner, FL ~15 miles E of Tampa

Beatty, Ada Co, ID ~8 miles W of Boise

Beaty, Fulton Co, IL On US 24, ~40 miles SW of Peoria

Beatty, Carroll Co, MS on US 51, ~75 miles NNE of Jackson

Beatty Wells, Chaves Co, NM near US 70, ~45 miles NE of Roswell

Beatty Place, Brewster Co, TX Near US 90, ~350 miles W of Austin

A map showing the location of Beatty Station (aka Beatty Junction) in 1910.

That peaceful residential part of Lanark [Co.] now known as
Beatty Corner was once the neighbourhood where two taverns

Beatty corner - Schuyler County, Illinois. 

Beatty, Westmoreland Co, PA 

Beatty Hills, Delaware Co, PA 

E Beatty Ranch Sonoita, AZ

CHESTER BEATTY LIBRARY, DUBLIN, IRELAND.....information to be added.... American industrialist immigrated to England and then eventually to Dublin where he established the museum for his large Asian art collection.

BEATTY MUSEUM, Chicheley Hall, Chicheley, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire MK 169JJ, England. Paintings and watercolours of Naval and memorabilia of Admiral Lord Beatty who commanded the advanced battle-cruiser fleet at Jutland in 1916. The Admiral, David Beatty's family was from Co Wexford, Ireland. Admiral Beatty married, Ethel, the daughter of Marshall Field, Chicago, Illinois. Admiral Beatty was knighted for his service to the kingdom. (Ray Beaty, April 19, 1998)

BEATY'S Mill was located on East Ave in Hackettstown, NJ, Warren Co, It was in operation until the mid-1970's when a fire destroyed a large portion of it. (Pat Lemoine, Lineage 130 B, April 25, 1998)

BEATTY CHAPEL, Whetsell community between Kingwood and Salt Lick, WV. Land
donated in 1800s by Lineage 3 from property originally settled in the 1700s. Still in use 1998. Robert Chidester, a L3 descendant and resident there, is on the Board of the Chapel.(Methodist affiliated) After visiting in 1996, Opal Maple and Ray Beaty of Lineage 3 had a plaque installed at one window commemorating the 1700s settlement by Robert Beatty who had migrated from Hampshire Co VA.(Ray Beaty, April 1998)

BEATTY SCHOOL, Salt Lick community south of Terra Alta WV. 1800s one room school house. The original building was replaced with the present building in 1925. The Salt Lick Community Association purchased the building in the 1950's, from the Preston County Board of Education and recently renovated it as the community center. The land on which the building sits is owned by Howard Dailey Beatty, a L3 descendant. Other L3 descendants live nearby. (Edna Britton, April 1998.)


BEATTY STATION PA - Westmoreland County
(Linda Mockenhaupt -Lineage 132, April 14, 1998)

BEATTY JUNCTION  Regarding geographical Beatty namesakes, there is little town just west of the Latrobe, PA, airport called Beatty. On an old railroad map from 1870 it is called Beatty's Junction. (Tom Beatty, April 14, 1998)

Beatty Station and Beatty Junction are the same place. When the Main Line of the Pennsylvania Rail Road was exrended west of the Allegheny Mountains, it runs through Latrobe and Greensburgh, Pa. Half way between Latrobe and Greensburgh, it ran through the family farm of Benjamin Beatty, Lineage 103. The farm was then owned by Benjamins sons, Hamilton and John. One of the houses was used as a Railroad Station, hence Beatty Station. This location is now the site of St, Vincent College. (Don Beatty, Lineage 82, April 15, 1998)

BEATY'S MILL, MARION CO, WEST VIRGINIA Was a post office in the 1859 directory of U.S. Post Offices and Jeremiah Beaty (Lineage 6) was Postmaster in 1859. (Ray Beaty, Lineage 3, April 14, 1998)

BEATTY WARREN MIDDLE SCHOOL, Warren Co, Pennyslvania. Built in 1929-30 on land donated by the D. W. Beaty Estate. School name in honor of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Beaty. (Ray Beaty, April 18, 1998)

BEATY TOWERS, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Hi-rise twin dormitory buildings.

BEATTY'S BRIDGE, BLADEN CO, NEAR IVANHOE, NORTH CAROLINA (P.O. in 1859) (LINEAGE 83 AREA) Samuel Beatty (Sea Captain) b-ca-1748, came to Bladen County "Pleasant Retreat" from Dublin, Ireland and died with fever upon arrival, 1768 and buried near Beatty's Bridge, Bladen Co. NC. He had married Bridget Day, Longford Co IRE, who meanwhile had a son William Henry Beatty, born 1768, Dublin, IRE. Bridget came to NC to find Samuel and later brought William Henry Beatty to Bladen Co where she married James White,SR. and later John Anders. William Henry Beatty (Presbyterian) became the progenitor of the Bladen Co., Beattys.  (Information received from Jerrie Peeler, 1996, which had been researched by Mrs. William Mote, Birmingham, AL)

BEATTIE BAPTIST CHURCH, Comanche County, Texas

BEATTIE POST OFFICE, Comanche County, Texas
We do not know if these exist today, but they did as of 1904. (Sheila I Hale, April 17, 1998)

BEATY-ORTON HOUSE - Jasper, Jasper County, Texas
Texas Historical Committee: "Twice the property of Beaty family members. This lot was purchased by Thomas Beaty in 1843 and sold in 1851. His grandson, John T. Beaty (1855 - 1937) acquired the site again in 1888 and erected this 2 story Victorian residence of native pine. A lawyer and a former Jasper County Sheriff, Beaty served three terms as State Senator from the 14th District, 1901 - 1906. After Beaty's death, his daughter, Marguerite and her Husband, local druggist J.M. Orton (d.1942), occupied the house. In 1971 Mrs. Orton (d. 1973) sold it to the City of Jasper, which later restored it. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1976." Karen Schenck #208 May 4, 1998.

Ross Beatty Jr./Sr. High School, Cassopolis, MI    — Rob Beatty (L256).

Beatty Mine & Coke Works, Beatty Street west of Monastery Road, Beatty, Unity Twp., Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  — Rob Beatty (L256).

Beatty Hall, McGill Univ., Montreal, Quebec,Canada  Sir Edward Beatty, president of the Canadian Pacific Railroad — Rob Beatty (L256).

Beatty Hall, Loyola College in Maryland, Baltimore, MD.

Ed Beaty Hall,  Aims Community College, Greeley, CO.  - 1st president of Aims Community College.

Beatty Hall and Beatty Lake Campground, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA.

The Beatty Brothers Foundry - (Photos and history) -  Ontario
The market is housed in the historic Beatty Brothers Farm
Implement Manufacturing building overlooking the Beatty Dam circa
1833. The foundry was the first industrial location in Fergus.
Built in the early 1870s by James Grindley, the building was
taken over by George and Matthew Beatty in 1876 who currently
operated a foundry and machine shop on St. Andrew Street. — Rob Beatty (L256).

USS Beatty - Photo and more...
DD-756 (Sumner Class)   — Rob Beatty (L256).

Laid Down:
Bethlehem Steel, Staten Is.
July 4, 1944
November 30, 1944
March 31, 1945
July 14, 1972
To Venezuela July 14, 1972.
Renamed Carabobo, Stricken and scraped in 1981.

Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945
DD-640 USS Beatty
Gleaves Class Destroyer:
Displacement: 1630 tons
Length: 348'4"
Beam: 36'0"
Draft: 17'5"-17'6"
Speed: 37 knots
Armament: 4 5"/38, 5x4 21" torpedo tubes
Complement: 276
High-pressure super-heated boilers, geared turbines with twin
screws, 50,000 h.p.
Built at Charleston Navy Yard and commissioned 1942
6 Nov 43
Destroyed by: aerial torpedo off Algiers
See Also:

The Admiral Beatty Hotel Complex, Saint John, New Brunswick,
Canada  — Rob Beatty (L256).

Beatty Pointe Village, 700 Beatty Road, Monroeville, PA 15146  — Rob Beatty (L256).

The 1826 Robert Beaty home, Athens, Limestone County, AL. "...The Beaty home, for example, was built in 1826, a brief eight years after Athens was incorporated in 1818. Athens was a city before Alabama was a state. Beaty, one of the city's co-founders, built the home that now is the residence of the president of Athens State and Calhoun Community Colleges...."

John R. Beatty Elementary School, Las Vegas, Nv.

Singapore's Beatty Secondary School

The History of Beaty School, Warren, PA.

Beaty Elementary School, Plano TX.

Beattie Elementary School, Ft. Collins, CO

Beattie Elementary School, Beattie, Kansas. "a small community thirteen miles east of Marysville. Beattie is a K-6 facility with an enrollment of 64 students."

Baty Elementaty School, Del Valle Independent School District,Travis County, TX

Beatty Building, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. Named for "...William "Governor" Beatty (1835-1898) lived here and managed the family's enterprises which stimulated the growth of Parry Sound."

The Chester Beatty Inn, situated in the Village of Ashford Co
Wicklow, Ireland.

The Historic Beatty House, Rimbey, Alberta, Canada.

Chester Beatty Laboratories,  Cancer Research Campaign Centre for Cell and Molecular Biology , London.

Dr. Beattie's Office and Drug Store c. 1879, originally located in the village of Kilbride, in the Regional Municipality of Halton. Ontario, Canada.

Historic Hotel Beatty (East Gresford) Australia.

Beattie's Dam, Passaic River, Little Falls, New Jersey.

Mr. Beattie's dam: Credit River, Glen Williams, Ontario, Canada.

W. D. Beaty House is located at 2400 Park Lane in Charlotte, N. C.

Beatty House formerly known as 'Moorecroft' - 98 Church Street, Acton Halton Hills, Ontario L7J 1K2 -- PRESENT OWNER Welsey J. Beatty.

The Historic W.G. Beatty house 235 St. David St. South Fergus, Ontario, Canada.

The Historic Charles Beatty House, Frederick, Maryland. Colonel Charles Beatty laid the foundation for the main house in 1775.

Beatties Bridge on Drowning Creek, Anson County N. Carolina. (Rev. War Period)

new.gif (1603 bytes) Beatty and Coke Works, Westmoreland Co., PA/


BEATTY Street, Hackettstown, NJ, Warren Co. (Pat Lemoine, Lineage 130 B, April
25, 1998)

Beatty Hollow Road in JoDaviess County, IL. Named after Tom Beatty's 2nd great-grandfather, James Beatty. (L199)

BEATTY Road, located off road between Rockport and Port Murray, NJ, Warren Co.(a couple of brothers from lineage 130 B must have shared land belonging to their father) (Pat Lemoine, Lineage 130 B, April 25, 1998)

BEATTY Lane is in Spruce Run, Hunterdon Co, NJ (Pat Lemoine, Lineage 130 B, April 25, 1998)

BEATTIE Rd, Fort McMurray, Alberta. (Sheila I Hale L236/240 April 24, 1998)

BEATTIE St. Sterling, Colorado (Pam Johnson, L4, April 25, 1998)

BEATTIE St. Fall River, ME (Pam Johnson, L4, April 25, 1998)

BEATY St. Winchester, OH.(Pam Johnson, L4, April 25, 1998)

BEATY St. Warren, PA (Pam Johnson, L4, April 25, 1998)

BEATTY St. Pooler, GA (Pam Johnson, L4, April 25, 1998)

BEATTIE St. Fall River, ME (Pam Johnson, L4, April 24, 1998)

BEATTY St. Coffeyville, KS (Pam Johnson, L4, April 25, 1998)

BATY St. Elmira, NY (Pam Johnson, L4, April 25, 1998)

BATTY St. What Cheer, IA. (Pam Johnson, L4, April 25, 1998)

BEATTIE Street in St. Joseph Mo. is named after Armstrong Beattie (born 1809 son of James, David, John Beattie) (Lineage 4). He was a prominent banker and Mayor of St. Joseph, Mo. (Pam Johnson, L-4, April 15, 1998)

BEATTY Drive, Indian River, Michigan. 49749. Northern Michigan on the Indian River.
(Ray Beaty, L-3, April 19, 1998)

BEATTY Rd. in Monroeville, Allegheny Co, PA. Many Beattys in that area as the Crossroads Cemetery there is full of them. It is my understanding that Beatty Rd. marked the place where a Beatty farm once stood. (Linda Mockenhaupt-Lineage 132, April 24, 1998)

BEATTY AVENUE in Danville, Kentucky runs throught the Centre College campus and was named after Dr. Ormond Beatty,(BP2000 Lineage One), an early Centre president. See (Curt Beatty, Lineage 112/176 April 18, 1998)

BEATTY STREET, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The following roads and streets contributed by Rob Beatty (L256):

Beatty  Road, Norwood Township, Charlevoix County, MI.

Beattie Road, Genoa Township, Livingston County, MI.

Beattie Road, Dalton Township, Muskegon County, MI.

Beatty Street, Medford, OR.

Beatty Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826.

Ron Beatty Blvd. Barefoot Bay, just off US 1, south of Melbourne, FL.

Beatties Ford Rd., Charlotte, NC 28215 — starts at W 5th St in Charlotte and extends about 15 miles north through and beyond Huntersville..

Beatty Drive Mission, British Columbia V2V 6B4 Canada .

Beatty Road, Media, PA.

Beaty Avenue. Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Beaty Street Athens, AL.

Beatty Farm Lane in Statesville, NC.

Beatty Road Industrial Court Map - Located off Beatty Road in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.  The park is also adjacent to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Interstate 376, Route 22 and Monroeville Industrial Park. Zip 15146.

Beatty Drive, South Austin, TX.

Bob Beatty Rd. Charlotte, NC 28269

Beatty Ridge Rd, Los Gatos Mountains, CA 95033-8236 (Santa
Cruz Co.)

Beatty Road - between Tunnel Ave and Alanna Rd, San Mateo County, California 94005, Just west of US 101, just south of San Francisco.

Beatie Place - Los Angeles, CA 90032-3932 (Off Valley Blvd, just west of Cal State Univ -Los Angeles.

Beatie Avenue - SW Atlanta, Georgia 30310, Near Perkerson Park.

Beaty Street - Conway, SC 29526

6 Beatty House Admirals Way, Postcode : Uk - London, United Kingdom.

Beatty Lane - Sandusky, OH 44870
Beatty Lane - Conway, AR 72032
Beatty Lane - S Easton, Massachusetts 02375
Beatty Place - Fernleigh Park, Via QUEANBEYAN NSW 2620
Beattie Place, Greenville, SC, 29611
Beatty Place TX Brewster.
Beatty Avenue, Cambridge, Guernsey County , Ohio
Beatty Avenue, Coldean, Brighton, BN1 9EP, UK
Beatty Avenue - Coldean, Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Beatty Avenue - Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Beatty Avenue East Vic Park , Australia
Beatty Avenue - Armandale Victoria 3143, Melbourne, Australia
Beatty Avenue N.W., Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
Beatty Avenue, Verdun, Qu�bec, Canada
Beatty Avenue brisbane, San Mateo County, CA
Beatty Ave, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky
Beaty Avenue Norwalk , CA 
Beatty Avenue Corbin Kentucky 
Beatty Avenue, Knox, PA.
Beattie Street Helena, Montana
Beatty Road, Stoke Newington, London, UK
Beaty Street Athens, Alabama
Beatty Court, Princeton, Mercer Co, NJ
Beatty Court Murrysville, Pa
Beatties Mill Road Warsaw, VA
Beatties Mill Rd. Mechanicsville, VA
Beatty Road Springfield, PA
Beatty Drive, Irwin, PA 
Beatty Road Monroeville, PA
Beatty Road , Media, PA
Beatty Street Greenville, NC 
Bob Beatty Road (highway 115) Croft, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
Beatty Road, Archerfield, Queensland Australia 

BEATTY Creek, located approximately 10 miles west of Olympia, Thurston Co. WA. The Creek is located in the Capitol State Forest area of the Black Hills. It empties into McLane Creek which empties into the Puget Sound. Named for one of the early Settlers to Thurston County, Washington. (Darrell R. Holt, Lineage 3, April 25, 1998)

BEATIE Prairie - There is a Batie (Beatie Prairie) in Benton County, Arkansas. Created before 1850; abolished in 1868 and recreated in 1873 from part of White River Twp., part to Esculapia in 1883, Washington in 1888 and part added from Esculapia in 1904. (Dede Aday MacDonald Lineage 49, April 16, 1998)

BEATTIE'S Ford, LINCOLN, N.C. (P.O. in 1859). Originally a Catawba River crossing between today's Lincoln Co and Mecklenberg Co, named after John Beaty, brother of the Francis Beaty who came down from Virginia. I read somewhere that John Beaty may have been the first white person to cross the Catawba River (just west of present Charlotte, NC). There is a Beattie's(sp?) Ford Rd that still goes out from Charlotte. Beattie's Ford was near the old Hopewell Presbyterian Church where Beattie's Ford Road now ends at the edge of a modern lake. Worth Ray in "The Lost Tribes of N.C." states that "But if we read the old records intelligently, there was not only a Beattie's Ford - meaning a place to cross the river with teams or on horseback - but a small town of the name, but was across the river in what is now Lincoln County, but built around the location of the "ford" mentioned." It was at least large enough in 1859 to warrant a post office. Albert S. Newton - April 14, 1998) Was also known by some as Beattie's Crossing and Beattie's Ferry.

BEATY Mountain, ARKANSAS - Located between Fayetteville, Ark and the Oklahoma state border. Mentioned in BP2000, Lineage 2. (Bill Baty, Sr. April 14, 1998)

BEATIE'S Bluff, MADISON CO, MISSISSIPPI. (P.O. in 1859) See also:

BEATY Valley near New Albany, KY (from Lineage Two) (Bill Baty, Sr., 4/98)

BEATTY'S Icebox (Borrego State Park, California)
Beattys Icebox [Borrego State Park]. When the trail to Highway 99 was built through the desert in 1929 there was a base camp here, and a cool cave served as a natural icebox. A A. "Doc" Beaty was an early homesteader and promoter of the road. The cave was washed away but the name remains for the canyon. (Parker, p. 33.) Parker. Horace Parker, "Anza-Borrego Desert Guide Book", (Palm Desert: Desert Magazine Press; 1957) California Place Names by Erwin Gustav Gudde, University of California Press, 1969, Third Edition; LCCN:68-11311 (Ivan W. Miller, April 14, 1998).

Beatty Mountain, some miles nearly due east of Beatty Nevada.
From    — Rob Beatty (L256).

Beaty Butte in the Lakeview District's boundary of the Bureau of Land Management — approximately 3.5 million acres in Lake, Klamath, and part of Harney counties in southeastern Oregon.  Photo at:   — Rob Beatty (L256).

Beatties Prairie aka Beaty's Prairie , Delaware County , OK. "...Description: Brig. Gen. James G. Blunt and his troops attacked Col. Douglas H. Cooper and his Confederate command on Beatties Prairie near Old Fort Wayne at 7:00 am on October 22, 1862. The Confederates put up stiff resistance for a half hour, but overwhelming numbers forced them to retire from the field in haste, leaving artillery and equipage behind. This was a setback in the 1862 Confederate offensive that extended from the tidewater in the east to the plains of the Indian Territory of the west. Result: Union victory"

JOE BEATTY CREEK. Joe Beatty Creek rises at the foot of the
south bluff of Palo Duro Canyonqv in southwestern Armstrong
County and runs northeast for two miles to join the Prairie Dog
Town Fork of the Red River. The stream was once part of the JA
Ranchqv and was named for a JA cowboy. Charles Goodnight'sqv Old
Home Ranch was located in the vicinity.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Armstrong County Historical Association, A
Collection of Memories: A History of Armstrong County, 1876-1965
(Hereford, Texas: Pioneer, 1965). Harley True Burton, A History
of the JA Ranch (Austin: Von Boeckmann-Jones, 1928; rpt., New
York: Argonaut, 1966).

Beatty Creek is perhaps 50 miles SSW of Seattle, Washington.
Beatty Creek near Kananaskis Pass, B. C. Canada
Beatty Creek near Nipissing, Ontario, Canada
Beatty Creek, BC, Canada Snow Survey Station Location
Beatty Lake - Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Beatty Lakes - Waterloo, Iowa.
Beatty Lakes - Barker Wildlife Area.

BEATTY CEMETERY, Preston County, WV. Small family cemetery located on the property of Robert Chidester (Lineage 3 descendant). The cemetery is located about 1/4 of a mile up a hill/mountain east of the house on Chidester's property, southeast of Kingwood. The oldest known Beatty buried there is John Beatty (1795-1883), the progenitor of the L3 descendants in Preston County, WV. The cemetery was uncovered by a group of L3 decendants in November 1996. Subsequently, Edna Britton and family have completed major restorative work on the cemetery. (More L3 Beattys buried in nearby Salt Lick Wesley Chapel Cemetery including John's wife, Rachel Bischoff. Rachel had gone over the mountain to visit son Thomas and died they buried her there.) (Ray Beaty, April 1998)

OLD BEATTY CEMETERY is located in Mahaffey, Clearfield County, Pa. It contains the remains of James Orr Beatty, his wife, and many descendants. (Don Beatty, Lineage 82, April 15, 1998)

BEATTY CEMETERIES --Contributed by Linda Nosler, Lineage 225. Does anyone have more information on any of these?

Beatty Cemetery AR - Washington Co.,Lincoln, Lat-355908N,Long-0942709

Beatty Cemetery,AR - Washington Co.,Rhea,Lat-360118N,Long-0942817

Beatty Cemetery, IL - Edgar Co.,Grandview, Lat-393028N, Long-0874614W

Beatty Cemetery, IN - Dearborn Co., Dillsboro, Lat-390438N, Long-085031W

Beatty Cemetery, TN -Lewis Co., Topsy, Lat-0873841N, Long-0873841W

Beatty Cemetery, TN -Marshall Co.,Lewisburg, Lat-352238N, Long-0864911W

Beaty Cemetery, KY - Clinton Co.,Savage,Lat-363748N Long-0850317W, Lineage 2

Beatty Cemetery, KY - Hancock Co., Fordsville, Lat-374026N, Long-0863803W

Beatty Cemetery, NC -Bladen Co., Singletary Lake, Lat-343235N, Long-0782449W

Beatty Cemetery, NC -Bladen Co., Rowan, Lat-343446N, Long-0781659W

Beaty Cemetery. TN -Bradley County, South Cleveland, Lat-35121N, Long-0845430W

Beaty Cemetery, TN -Fentress Co., Grimsley, Lat-3617o18N, Long-0845320, Lineage 2

Beaty Cemetery, TN -McNairy Co., Mount Peter, Lat-351726N, Long-0883404W,

Beaty Cemetery, TN -Overton Co., Alpine, Lat-363650N, Long-0851218W

Beatty-Hill Cemetery, Moniteau County, MO.Recordings of Linn Township Cemeteries Publisher Vol 1, California, Missouri. The Society 1988.

Beatty Cemetery, Ohio-Muskingum County - The Beattys are primarily the family of Isaac Beatty who had migrated from Hampshire County VA -Lineage 3.


From the research of Ross Beattie, NSW











Latitude/Longitude: 22 52.00 S, 138 2.00 E
Map References: SF 54 09 (1:250,000), 6552 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 14 51.00 S, 144 28.00 E
Map References: SD 55 09 (1:250,000), 7768 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 43 22.00 S, 146 8.00 E
Map References: SK 55 07 (1:250,000), 8111 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 20 20.00 S, 145 43.00 E
Map References: SF 55 02 (1:250,000), 8057 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 43 22.00 S, 146 7.00 E
Map References: SK 55 07 (1:250,000), 8111 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 34 31.00 S, 117 35.00 E
Map References: SI 50 11 (1:250,000), 2428 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 31 19.00 S, 115 46.00 E
Map References: SH 50 14 (1:250,000), 2035 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 28 31.00 S, 115 39.00 E
Map References: SH 50 02 (1:250,000), 2040 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 24 38.00 S, 150 55.00 E
Map References: SG 56 01 (1:250,000), 9048 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 35 28.00 S, 149 10.00 E
Map References: SI 55 16 (1:250,000), 8727 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 33 19.00 S, 119 54.00 E
Map References: SI 50 08 (1:250,000), 2831 (1:100,000)

Latitude/Longitude: 33 14.00 S, 120 3.00 E
Map References: SI 51 05 (1:250,000), 2931 (1:100,000)

Beatty Lodge Perth , North Perth, Western Australia. - Rob Beatty (L256):

Beatty Terrace, South Australia - Rob Beatty (L256):


J. Herries Beattie, M.B.E. "The Beatties in Galloway," p. 21 in John Alexander Bell's, THE BEATTIE-BELL FAMILY HISTORY. Waimate: J. Bell, 1973.

"Long ago the name was spelt in a queer variety of ways. The Beatties in Galloway do not seem to have owned any ancestral land or estates, although the town of Dalbeattie seems to be associated with their name. For centuries before the town was started about 1780 three farms known as Dalbettie's Waterside, Little Dalbettie and Meikle Dalbeattie stood on the site. In a charter of 1488 A.D. the name is spelt Dalbaty. In 1620 the name is given two forms in Dalbetie and Dalbety. In the valuation roll of the Stewartry (Galloway) in 1642 we get a uniform spelling of Dalbeatie. As late as 1877, a valuer absently rendered it as Dalbatty.

The Beatties long had the reputation of being a lawless lot oft at loggerheads with the law. S. R. Crockett in his gripping story "The Raiders" describes the raiders as 'Broken men from the Border sept clans--wild Eliots, bystart Beatties from the Debatable Land, or outlaw Scotts". Of some of these turbulent men it was said " a word and a blow"......

How the name of Dalbeattie came to be given is not known. Some researchers say it is the name of a plant or birch trees, others that it means grazing ground for stock, but as a boy in Southland I heard a heroic narrative told by an aged native of Galloway. Centuries earlier the cattlethieves were driving a mob westward and nearing the rock cliff of Craignair thought they were beyond ursuit, and relaxed vigilance.  They were surprised from two sides at once and killed without mercy.  The victors made a long trench and tossed the slain into it and covered them up. A survivor said they were mostly Beatties hence the name Dal-Beattie (field of Beatties)."

Ray Beaty
April 25, 1998

Mary Ma Beatty's Kitchen, Durham, North Carolina (bakery)

Coates & Beaty Drug Store, Lincoln County, Tennessee (Linda Nosler 5/98)

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