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Clergy In The Church Of Ireland

Clergy In The Church Of Ireland

Church Of Ireland
The Representative Church Body Library

Braemor Park, Church Town, Dublin 14, Ireland
E-Mail: [email protected].

Submitted by Jim Beaty, L213

Clergy In The Church Of Ireland Named Beattie

BEATTIE, ALEXANDER ---C. St. Barnabas, Belfast, 1920, R. Newbliss (Clogher) 1910-5, R. Kilmore (Down) 1926 see Down p. 151 and Supplement, p. 53.

BEATTIE, JOHN CARSON---R. Ballinascreen 1929, see Derry, pp. 109, 270 and Clogher Supplement, p. 106.

BEATTIE, JOSEPH KILDARE---R. Taughboyne 1934, see Derry, P. 139 and Supplement, p. 28.

BEATTIE, MICHAEL,---C. St. Anne's, Belfast, 1878-82, Chapl. To Missions to Seamen 1882-9, d. June 21, 1899, aged 53, see Connor, p. 207.

BEATTIE, NOEL CHRISTOPHER, C. Holy Trinity, Belfast 1968, see Connor, p. 299A.


BEATTY, ALEXANDER ---C. Aghavea 1872, V. Kilnaboy 1873-6, V. Ardnurcher 1876-9, d. July 22, 1877, aged 17. See Clogher, p. 113.

BEATTY, ALEXANDER ---ord. D. 1908, C. Aghavea, etc., see Clogher, p. 240.

BEATTY, EDWARD ---[ord. D. July 13, 1783 (Oss.),* ]** C. Monkstown, Dub., [1775]* 1785, R. Kilcommick (Ardagh)* to 1807 see Dublin, p. 231.
*means the bracketed number was added in handwriting to the typed document.
** means the outer brackets had an arrow pointing to next Edward Beatty.

BEATTY EDWARD --- [ ord. D. Aug. 24, 1795, P. Dec. 21 1796 (Oss.), B. D. 1780;]*** V. Stillorgan, d. 1815, see Dublin, P. 543.
*** means the information after---to *** was crossed out in handwriting.

BEATTY, EDWARD --- B. A. 1807, ord. D. Aug. 27, 1807, P. Aug. 24, 1810Ferns; C. Tombe (Ferns) 1811, see Ferns, p. 247.

BEATTY, EDWARD**** WILLIAM, ****Name changed in handwriting to:
BEATTY, EDMUND WILLIAM, b. at Oldcastle, June 16, 1863, yst. Son of Rev. John B., LL.D., of Moybologue, T. C. D. B. A. (Sen. Mod.) 1885, Div. Test. (1) 1887, Abo. King's Pri. 1886, B. D. 1891; C. Abbeystrewry 1887-92, etc., R. Corkbeg 1901; d. Dec. 24, 1931; m. Jan. 8, 1889, Susan Eva Meredith, elder dau.. of Chas. Clerke, Skibbereen, and had issue Ann, Chas., St. John, b. Oct. 14, 1893, and *****Edmund Thos. Meredith, who married Margaret Ethel Pedlow, M. B., yst. Dau. of Wm. B. Pedlow, B. A.; see also Cole, p. 28.
***** Arrow for Edmund handwritten note that he died in Dublin, May 10, 1958.

BEATTY, FREDERICK, "formerly of Dublin, late of St. Helier, Jersey", d. April 6, 1865, his dau. Catherine Beatty admor.

BEATTY, JOHN, T.C.D. Sch. 1747, B.A. 1749, C. Killeshandra 1768, V. Garvaghy 1777-93, see Dromore, P. 164. The Will of John Beatty of Holywood proved 1799.

BEATTY, JOHN, T.C.D. B.A. 1816, M.A. 1832; R. Donaghcloney 1832-58, d. Jan. 21, 1878, aged 82; see Dromore, p. 112.

BEATTY, JOHN, .T.C.D. B.A. 1828, M.A. 1832; R. & V. Killaghtee (Raphoe) 1859-72, see Raphoe, p. 86.

BEATTY, JOHN, .T.C.D. B.A. 1874, LL. B. & LL D. R. Moynalty 1893-1907; d. June 11, 1907, aged 70. see Meath, p. 488.

BEATTY, JOHN, .C. Seapatrick 1896, went to England, see Dromore, p. 258.

BEATTY, ROBERT, T.C.D. Sch. 1742, B. A. 1744, M. A. 1747; R. Muckno (Clogher) 1768-93, Archd. of Ardagh 1790-1804, see Clogher, p. 234, and supplement, p. 96.

BEATTY, ROBERT, T.C.D. B.A. 1795, M.A. 1799; R & V. Moydow 1805-21, Archd. of Ardagh 1805-21; d. 4 Sep., 1821, see Ardagh, p. 23.

BEATTY, ROBERT, B. A. 1856, M.A. 1877; Dean of Ardfert 1911-16, ob. 1921; see Ardfert, p. 21.

BEATTY, THOMAS, m. Letitia Armstrong, May 14, 1797 (Mem. XI. 489); T. B., son of Rev. John B., b. in Longford, ed. By his father, ent. T.C.D. July 8, 1779, age 17, B.A. 1785; R. & V. Moira 1829-36, d. 1841, see Dromore, p. 213.

BEATTY, VEATCh - see BETTY. *****This is a handwritten note inserted between Thomas and William Beatty.

BEATTY, WILLIAM, Q.C. Belfast Sch., B. A. (Gold Medal) 1875, M. A. 1882, T.C.D. B.A.., M.A. 1882; 
C. St. Stephens, Belfast, 1879-81, went to England and then New Zealand; d. July 28, 1928, see Conner, p. 287.


BETTY, CHRISTOPHER, C. Kells, (Meath) 1760, see Meath, p. 328.

BETTY, ROWLAND ( or BEATHE)., V. Rathbeggan (Meath ) 1805-11. See CLOGHER (as BEATHE), p. 162.

BETTY, VEATCH, C. Drumreilly 1753-62, see Kilmore, p. 327.

BETTY, WILLIAM, R. Kilbride Castlecor (Meath) 1834-45, see (Meath) p. 358.

BETTY, WILLIAM ALBERT, R. Donaghmoine 1920, see (Clogher), p. 174. 

Attached note reads:
If any of these entries are releavant to you, please enclose $12 (USA) per individual for detailed biography,

SIGNED, (Cannot read first name) Hood, Asst. Archivist
I have to the best of my ability copied these from the typewritten pages with their handwritten notes explained directly under the individual affected and marked with one or more *'s. If you cannot understand the particular data on an individual you are interested in, please send them an e-mail including the questionable data to the address at the top of this listing.

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