Photos from Bobbie Fry DuFault
Photos from Bobbie Fry DuFault, Lineage 361, <[email protected]

This is the Beattie, Biggerstaff, McBurney family taken in 1928. I don't think the Beatties in this image are my Beatties [lineage 361], though the family does tie back into my Lewis family later on. I am willing to share the information though in hopes to add to the information we have...

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The picture was taken in Hilger Montana in about 1928 Christmas.  The 12 year old girl in the middle of the picture is David Lewis's wife's mother Jeanie (Jane or Jean) McBurnney. The boy looking up at her is her brother Bill and the second from the right is brother Doug. Lizy Beattie (4th from left) looks like my grandmother Annette Beattie.

Per the inscription the Beatties in this picture are from Aberdeen Scotland. 

From the left back row: Norman Beattie, Scottie Beattie, Bob and Lizy Beattie, Uncle Ed Biggerstaff, Raymond Beattie, Granddad (William John 1883) Beattie. 

The woman in front of Uncle Bob is Aunt Jean, in front of Raymond is Grandma McBurney (Ellen (Nellie) McBride)

It is hard to tell who all the children are, some are Beatties and some are McBurneys

It appears that Bob and Lizy are the mother and father to Norman and that Bob is brother of Scottie, and Raymond. It would also appear that William John Beattie is the father of Bob and his brothers.

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Photo of Annette Beattie's brothers and sisters.


Photo of Annette Diane Bettey

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