Admiral David Beatty - Related Correspondence

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Box: 74 Fold: 1 Admiral David Beatty - Related Correspondence 1924-1978

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence relating to Admiral David Beatty (1st earl), particularly his papers and letters. Includes -
  • John Fleming to Iris Leslie, 3 TLS 1978.
  • Oswald Frewen (?) to Shane Leslie, ALS 10/29/69.
  • George Godfrey-Faussett to Iris Leslie ALS 2/24/1978. Includes signed carbon copy of TL to Godfrey- Faussett from Stephen Roskill 2/27/1978.
  • Ernest Johns to Iris Leslie 2 TLS 1978.
  • Shane Leslie to Horatia Seymour, TLS 8/28/1962 re Adm. Beatty's love letters to Eugenie Godfrey-Faussett.
  • Stephen Roskill to Anita King, TLS 2/8/1978.
  • Stephen Roskill to John Norman Leslie, TLS 9/2/1971.
  • Stephen Roskill to Iris C. Leslie re obtaining letters by Adm. Beatty in the possession of Shane Leslie. Total 18 TLS, 1 ALS datespan 1971-1979. TLS 2/21/1978 enclosed with xerox copy of TL from Roskill to John Fleming 2/22/1978. TLS 3/3/1978 enclosed with xerox copies of 4 ALS from Eugenie Godfrey-Faussett to Shane Leslie (5/9/1942, 9/14/1947, 1/25/1948, 12/21/1948); and copy of 8 pages of autograph notes by Shane Leslie re Beatty and Eugenie Godfrey-Faussett. TLS 6/29/78 enclosed with xerox copies of 2 ALS from Beatty to Shane Leslie.
  • Evan Tredegar to Ethel Beatty, TLS 11/1/1924.

Box: 74 Fold: 2 Admiral David Beatty - Printed Information/Misc. c.1978

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clippings of articles about the life and letters of Adm. David Beatty. Includes typed transcription of an epistolary poem by Beatty for Eugenie Godfrey-Faussett. 

Box: 74 Fold: 3 George Canning - Notes undated

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