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It is generally believed that the Church of the Brethren was the first religious group to enter Blair County. Charles B. Clark, in his "Semi-Centennial History of Blair County," writes: "The first permanent white settlers of Blair County, coming into the southern end of Morrisons Cove about 1760 or earlier, were Tunkers, and that was probably the first religious denomination to obtain a foothold in Blair County territory.

A Presbyterian minister by the name of Beatty preached a sermon one Sunday at Beaver Dams, now called McCann's Mills, in 1756; but it is likely that the Tunkers, who resided here as above stated, held religious services at a still earlier date, and that the congregation consisted of residents of the Cove."

Of one thing in this connection we are certain: namely, that Presbyterianism was the primitive religion of the Juniata Valley, and of this particular part of it. Of the first civilized men who took possession of this region that now forms Blair County, the great majority were Presbyterians. One hundred and ninety years ago, in 1756, Colonel Armstrong of Cumberland County, Pa., at the head of three hundred men, marched from Carlisle through Blair County to destroy the Indian town of Kittanning, west of the Allegheny Mountains. The Rev. Charles Beatty, a Presbyterian minister, accompanied Colonel Armstrong as Chaplain of his regiment. The troops' rendezvous, both in going and returning from this expedition, was at the "Beaver Dams," the flat just below where Fort Fetter was built a few years later. While encamped here, Rev. Beatty held divine services for the soldiers - the first religious services ever held in Blair County.

Church: NESHAMINY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Hartsville, Bucks County: 1785 - 1804.

"Marriage Record of the Neshaminy Presbyterian Church,

Hartsville, Bucks County, 1785-1804," pages 155-164.

1799, Nov. 8, Beatty, William, and Eleanor Polk.

Church: Rocky Spring Presbyterian Church, Pewholders, 1794: Letterkenney Twp, Franklin Co, PA

Pew #33  John Beard (mountain), Joseph Stevenson, John Beatty

Church: Part I - Rocky Spring Presbyterian Church,

Edifice Centennial Celebration, 1894: Letterkenney Twp, Franklin Co, PA

  The present church building is located on the brow of a small hill, and can be seen, owing to its peculiar situation, for several miles, as one approaches it by the various roads leading thereto. At the foot of the hill

issuing from out rocks is a large spring, from which the church takes its name. As is well known in the history of the early Presbyterian churches in Pennsylvania, nearly all were located close by large springs.

  The present edifice was built by Walter Beatty. It is of brick upon a stone foundation, and in size sixty by forty-eight feet, and eighteen feet to ceiling. It is entered by a door on the south side; although there are two

doors on the east and one on the north side at the end of the aisles in the church. The inside corresponds somewhat to the exterior of the edifice. The aisles are paved with bricks, while the floors of the pews are boarded. The pulpit is old fashioned, of a circular form, above it being an oval-shaped sounding board or canopy. This is entered by a staircase, towards which a passage on each side with a railing leads. With the exception of the old-fashioned table, the chancel does not contain either benches or chairs. These probably have been removed or taken away as relics. The pews are high, straight-backed, long and narrow, and unpainted. All have pasted upon them the names of former occupants. We found standing in the church two ten-plate stoves, which seem to be almost as great relics of the past as the church itself. The pipes extending from these old time heaters pass up into the ceiling and out through the roof, there being no chimneys on the church; and it is surprising to us that the edifice has not burned down long ago. At one end of the ceiling near the entrance on the south side, is a square opening which gives admittance to the loft. This is reached by means of a rude ladder, which is left in the church. This ladder has afforded an opportunity

for "the write-your-name-on-the-wall idiot," and, consequently, all around the walls of the church are the vulgar effusions of the modern vandals.

Church:  Curry Run Presbyterian Church, Indiana Co, PA

CURRY RUN Presbyterian Church   Armstrong Township, Indiana County, Pa.

Note: Information is from  J.A. Caldwell "History of Indiana County"  and from Curry Run Session notes.

Organization was consumated under the Presbytery of Blairsville in May, 1838. See J.A.Caldwell " History of Indiana County" page 206 and 207 for more details. In 1863, many of the members  of  Curry Run joined with members of the West Union Church, and  formed the Shelocta Presbyterian Church

Initial membership at Curry Run Presbyterian Church consisted of:

Mr. R.M. Walker         Mr. Alexander Beatty            Mr. Reuben Jewell

Mrs Jane Walker          Mrs Jemima Jewell              

Mr. John Robinson       Mrs. Deborrah Beatty            Mr. David Anthony

Mrs. Jane Robinson      Mr. Robert Beatty               Mrs. Floranna Anthony

Mr. R.T. Robinson       Mrs. Nancy Beatty               Mr. James McElhoes

Mrs. Nancy Robinson   Sarah Beatty                        Mrs/ Nancy McElhose

Mr Samuel  Bathel                                                    Mr.Joseph Peelor

Mrs,Elizabeth Bathel                                                 Mrs. Nancy Peelor

Mr. John Lucas                                                          Mr. William Anthony    

Mrs.Susannah Lucas                                                  Mrs. Nancy Anthony    

Margaret Anthony        Jane E. Anthony                   in all 28 members

Page  26- September 23, 1842 Members received by examination- Eliza Lucas, Mary Ann Beaty, Sarah Beaty, Pauline Clarke, Ann Kelly. Concluded with prayer by the moderator.

Page 27- Names of adults baptised

Alexander Donaldson, of Alexander Beaty and Debora his wife

More Curry Run Church records

Page 75

Line 108  William Beaty-Descd  13th September, 1848

        Elizabeth his wife     Decd    24 Jan. 1843

Selected Session Notes-BEATTY family references


Alexander and Deborah Beatty    9 Dec. 1847

Robert and Nancy Beatty         1 May, 1854

Sarah Beatty                    Oct. 1853

William Beatty                  13 Feb., 1848

Elizabeth Beatty                26 Jan., 1843

September 23, 1842  Church Members

Line 143  Mary Ann Beatty- dismissed at her request- no date

        144  Sarah Beatty dismissed at her request -May, 1847

Mary A. Beatty                  May, 1847

Sara Beatty                        May, 1847

John B. Beatty                  12 Nov., 1853

wife Margaret Beatty        12 Nov, 1853

M.Jane Beatty                   5 April 1882 ??

W.J. Beatty

Miller A. Beatty                25 Jan., 1902

Mrs Mary Bratty                 25 Jab., 1892

Mrs. Annie Beatty               6 May, 1893

Isabell E. Beatty               6 May, 1893

Mrs. Mary E. Beatty             6 May, 1893

Mrs. Harry Beatty               Dec., 1906

Harry Beatty                            1879

Mrs Jane Veatty                         1903

W.J. Beatty                     6 Feb., 1899

Isabell Beatty                  18 March, 1899


Floyd Arthur Beatty, son of Miller A. and Mary Beatty on 25 Narch, 1888

Vernon Rile Beatty, son of Miller a. and Mary Beatty on 11 Jan., 1890

Deaths and burials Martha Beatty died at 5 in 1812

Daniel Beatty died 20 May, 1852  at 19+

R.M. Beatty died in July, 1889 (Civil War Vet )

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