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Beatty, Egle, Muller, Murray, Orth & Thomas Familys.


William H. Egle, Genealogical Record of the Families of Beatty, Egle, Muller, Murray, Ortho, and Thomas. Harrisburg: Hart Printer and Publisher, 1886.

Transcribed by Hollijoy (Lineage 017)

Beatty Family.

I. James Beatty, 2 son of John Beatty, 1 b., about 1670, in Ayrshire, Scotland, emigrated to Ireland shortly after the battle of the Boyne, in 1690, when occurred that large influx of Scotch families into the northern counties of the Green Isle, in company with his brother John. The latter settled in county Antrim, and was the father of the Reverand Charles Beatty. James located in the county Down, at what is now called 0830 fed Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, in the parish Hillsborough. He was the had of a large family, having nineteen children by three wives. He died in Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, in 1745. We have the Christian name of only one of his wives-Agnes, who was the mother of the children which have come down to us are:

i. James.

ii. Robert.

iii. George.

iv. Thomas.

v. Richard.

vi. Alexander.

2. vii. William, m. Mary Mckee.

viii. Agnes.

3. ix. John, m. Jane Swan.

I I. William Beatty, 3 ( James, 2 John, 1) b. About 1718; d. In February, 1784, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel. " Buried in Anahilt glebe. The grave is covered with a flat tombstone, and, with the exception of the name, nothing can be traced, owing to the with and tear of the weather and the continual fiction of passing feet. The central portion of the stone has been one perfectly smooth. "- ( Letter of Miss M. Beatty, the 1878.) William Beatty m., in 1741, Mary Mckee, b., about 1720, at McKee's Dam, Clogher, county Down, Ireland; d. about

2 Beatty Family.

1796, and buried in Anahilt churchyard, Ballykeel-Ednagonnel. They have issue:

4. i. George, b.1743; m. Mary Blackburn.

5. i i. James, b.1746; m. Alice Ann Irwin.

6. i i i. Agnes, b.1751; m. Robert Finlay.

i v. Jane, b.1752; d.1777; u n m.

7. v. Mary, b.1758; m. James Nelson.

I I I. John Beatty, 3 ( James, 2 John, 1) b.1746, in the townland of Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, parish of Hillsborough, county Down, Ireland; d. December 1, 1794, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. From the family record, in the possession of his descendants, we have this entry: " That my children may know the place of their nativity, I, James Beatty, was born in the Kingdom of Ireland, and County of Down, Parish of Hillsborough, and townland of Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, in the year of our Lord 1746, and came to America in the year 1784. My wife, Ally Ann Irwin, was born in said kingdom, county, and parish, and Townland of Tillynore, within two miles of Hillsborough, three of Lisburn, three miles of Dromore, and


Beatty Family. 3.

six miles of Bally-nahinch,* and ten of Belfast, which last place we sailed from the 27th of June, 1784, " In the fall of this year he settled at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and thus became one of its first inhabitants. He subsequently was the purchaser of a number of wives in the town, some of which remain in possession of his descendants. He was quite prominent in his adopted home, and held several official positions under the borough charter. He was buried in the Presbyterian graveyard, of which church he held membership. In personal appearance, Captain Beatty was about five feet eight inches, thick-set, florid complextion, dark hair, and blue eyes. He was an active energetic business man, and his death was a great loss to the young town. James Beatty m., in 1768, at Tullynore, parish of Hillsborough, county Down, Ireland, daughter of Gawin Irwin and Mary Brereton; d. June, 1805, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and their buried. They had issue, all b. In Ireland:

i. Mary-Brereton, b. July 14, 1769; m. Patrick Murray. ( see Murray record.)

14. i i. Nancy, b. May 2, 1771; m. Samuel Hill.

15. i i i. Gawin-Irwin, b. September 13, 1773; m. Letitia Greer.

i v. William, ( 1st,) b.1774; d. s. p.

16. v. Rebecca, b. December 4, 1775; m. Daniel Houseman.

17. vi. Alice-Ann, b. February 12, 1777; m. John Downey.

vii. William, ( 2nd,) b. June 30, 1778; d. September 3, 1790 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

viii. Sarah, b. October 6, 1779; d. August 4, 1861, u n m., at Ashland, O.

18 ix. George-Washington, b. January 4, 1781; m., first, Eliza White; second, Sarah Shrom; third

Catherine Shrom.

V I. Agnes Beatty, 4 ( William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b., 1751, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland;

d.1844; m., in 1772, by Reverand Robert McClure, Robert Finlay, b.1746; d. August 15, 1803. They had issue

( surname Finlay):

19. i. Elizabeth, b.1774; m. William Haliday.

20. i i. William, b.1776; m. Mary Mckee.

21. i i i. David ( twin) , b.1776; m. Agnes Mckee.

iv. James, b.1780; emigrated to America, and died there in 1872.

* Means " Town of the Island. "

4. Beatty Family.

v. Robert, b.1784; d.1811; u n m.

22. vi. George, b.1786; m. Mary Frazer.

vii. Matthew, b.1790; d.1845; u n m.

23. viii. Wilson ( twin), b.1790; m. Mary Greer.

24. i x. Agnes, b.1795; m. David Mckee.

V I I. Mary Beatty, 4 ( William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1758; d., July 13, 1847, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland; m., in 1781, by Reverand Robert McClure, James Nelson, b.1769; d. December 19, 1829. There was no issue. In Anahilt glebe is a large tombstone with this inscription:


To the memory of James life

Nelson who departed this

live 19 Dec.1829 aged 69 years

Also, is wife Mary who

died 13th July 1847 aged

89 years.

V I I I. Agnes Beatty, 4 ( John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1757, in county Down, Ireland; d. there about 1780; m.

William Dawson; he lived and died in the townland of Rathvarneth, county Down, Ireland. They had issue

( surname Dawson):

i. John, d. s.p.

i i. William, m. Catherine Gibson; d. s.p.

I X. William Beatty, 4 ( John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1759; d., 1844, in county Down, Ireland; m. In 1784, Elizabeth Rutherford, b.1758; d., October 23, 1830, in county Down, Ireland. They had issue:

25. i. James, b. March 17, 1780; m. Dorothy Jefferson.

26. i i. William, b. May 21, 1782; m. Mary McCormick.

i i i. John ( 1st) , b. October 9, 1784; d.s.p.

27. iv. John ( 2nd), b. July 29, 1786; m. Jane Hanna.

v. Adam, b. November 23, 1788; d.1813; u n m.

28. v i. Martin, b. February 19, 1790; m. Eliza Matthews.

29. v i i. Thomas, b. March 16, 1794; m. Margaret Chambers.

viii. Jane, b. August 13, 1797; m. Samuel Beatty.

i x. Richard, b.1804; d.1828; u n m.

X. James Beatty, 4 ( John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b., 1761, in county Down, Ireland; d.1843; m., in 1780, Jane Nelson, b.1755; d., January 17, 1839, in county Down, Ireland they had issue:


Beatty Family.

i. John, b.1781; d.1783.

30. i i. Ellen, b.1783; m. James Mckee.

31. i i i. Jane, b.1785; m. William Carothers.

iv. John, b.1788; d.1861; m., in 1826, Dorothy Ben, b.1805; and had James, b.1826.

32. v. William, b.1790; m. Eliza Carson.

v i. Eliza, b.1793; d.1797.

33. v i i. James, b. March 26, 1795; m. Mary Ann McCloy.

34. viii. Samuel, b.1797; m. Jane Beatty.

ix. David, b.1800; d.1804.

X I. Ann Beatty, 5 ( George, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1773, in Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland; d.1803; m., 1793, by Reverand Robert McClure, Robert McCloy; b., 1760, in Londonderry, Ireland; d., 1854, in Belfast, Ireland; sun of William and Susannah McCloy. They had issue, all b. At Carrickfergus, Ireland, ( surname McCloy):

i. Susannah, b.1795; d.1869; m. Samuel Hogg.

i i. George, b.1798; emigrated to America; m. Esther McComb.

iii. Mary-Ann, b.1800; m. James Beatty. (xxxiii.)

iv. William, b.1802; d. In Barbadoes, West Indies.

X I I. Steward Beatty, 5 ( George, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b., 1775, in Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland; d.1853; m., in 1815 by Reverand William Wright, Mr. of Anahilt, Mary Wilson, b.1793; d. June 1, 1879, at Birmingham, England. They had issue:

i. Mary-Ann, b.1816; d.1853; m. Robert Beatty.

ii. Rebecca, b.1818; d.1871; m. Samuel Bingham.

iii. Charlotte, b.1820; d.1853, u n m.

iv. Phebe, b.1822; m. James Kemp of Birmingham, England.

v. George, b.1824; m. Sarah Cordner.

vi. Agnes, b.1828; m. George Scott.

viii. Steward, b.1830; d.1849, u n m.

X I I I. George Beatty, 5 ( George, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b., 1777 in Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland; d.1847; m., in 1812, Jane Beatty, 6 ( William, 5 James, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1820. They had issue:

i. William, b.1843; m. Eliza Jane Cargin.

ii. George, b.1844.

iii. James, b.1846; resides at Hillsborough, county Down, Ireland.

iv. Margaret, ( twin) b.1846; m. John Mckee.

6. Beatty Family.

X I V. Nancy Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b., May 2, 1771, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland; d., May 7, 1839, at Steubenville, O.; m. At Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, February 5, 1790, by Reverand John Elder, Samuel Hill, b. about 1765, in England, son of Arundel and Charlotte Hill. His ancestors belonged to one of the representative families of that country. He received a good English and classical education, and learned the trade of clock and watchmaker in London. He came to Pennsylvania about 1785, and shortly afterward established himself in business at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was a skilled and ingenious workman. He was quite prominent in the early affairs of the new town, and was among the first to jump into the water to tear down the obnoxious mill-dam in the Paxtang creek, in 1795. He was a volunteer in Captain Reitzell's company on the expedition

westward in 1794; and twice visited England on matters connected with his father's estate, then considered quite an undertaking; and what particularly distinguished his last visit was his reception by his fellow-citizens of Harrisburg on his return, which was an ovation, showing what a strong hold he had upon his friends in America. He died very suddenly, while sitting in his chair Monday evening, November 6, 1809, aged forty-four years, and the Oracle of Dauphin speaks of his loss to the community as " irreparable. " They had issue ( surname Hill):

35. i. Arundel, b. December 5 who 1791; m. Hettie Shields.

ii. George, b. April 1, 1793; d. at Harrisburg, d.s.p.

iii. Charlotte, b. September.25, 1795; d. January 25, 1809, at Harrisburg.

36. iv. Anna, b. December 19, 1798; m. William Kilgore.

v. Samuel-Truxton, b. March 15, 1800; went to Bogota, South America, and there m. an English lady; d. on

voyage to England, leaving to children.

vi. Rebecca, b. December 19, 1802; d.s.p. at Harrisburg.

vii. Sarah, b.1805; d.s.p.

37. ix. Mary, b. January 8, 1808; m. Joseph G. Davidson.

X V. Gawin-Irwin Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. September 13, 1773, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland; d. December 14, 1843, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; m., May, 1799, by Reverend Nathaniel Snowden, Letitia


Beatty Family.

Greer, daughter of James and Anna Greer, b:1778; d. April, 1838, at Harrisburg, and there buried. They had issue:

38. i. Isabella, b. February 26, 1800; m. Christian Charles Fechtig.

39. ii. James, b. September 16, 1802; m., first, Jane Ann McMullen; second, Judith Towles.

iii. Mary, b. 1804; d.1828; m. Bartis Crangle, b.1799; d.1830, and had James-Beatty, m. Dortai Emilie Kuhne, and Isabella- Fechtig, m. George F. Gilmore.


X V I. Rebecca Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. December 4, 1775, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland; d.1819, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; m., December12, 1809, by Reverend James Buchanan, Daniel Houseman, son of Frederick Houseman, b.1774, at York, Pennsylvania; d.1818, at Harrisburg. They had issue

( surname Houseman) :

i. Frederick, b. November 2, 1812; bap. March 4, 1813, by Reverend Philip Gloninger, of Harrisburg; resides in

the South.

ii. James-Downey, b. September 17, 1817; m. Emily Watson.


X V I I. Alice Ann Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. February 12, 1777, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland; d. May 14, 1841, in Orange township, Ashland county, O.; m., June 5, 1798, by Reverend N. Snowden, John Downey, b., in 1765, at Germantown, Pennsylvania. He was a son of Captain John Downey and Sarah, his wife. The elder county was an officer of the Revolution, under General Lacey, and was inhumanly massacred at the battle of the Crooked Billet. The son received a classical education in the old academy at Germantown, and, in 1793, located at Harrisburg, with he opened a Latin and grammar school. At this period, in a letter to Governor Thomas Mifflin, he proposed a " Plan of Education, " remarkably foreshadowing the present common-school system, and which has placed him in the front rank of early American educators. He was for many years a justice of the peace, and served as town-clerk for a long time. He was the first cashier of the Harrisburg bank, largely instrumental in securing the erection of the bridge over the Susquehanna, and one of the coporators of the Harrisburg and Middletown


Beatty Family.

Turnpike company; was a member of the Legislature in 1817-18, and filled other positions of honor and profit. He died at Harrisburg, on the 21st of July, 1827, and the Oracle speaks of him as " a useful magistrate and a pious man. " he wrote much for the press, and a series of articles published in the Dauphin Guardian, entitled " Simon Easy Papers, " were from his pen, parkway with wit. They are worth a permanent setting , as a valuable contribution to literature. Their daughter, Ellen Downey, b.1811, at Harrisburg; d.1869, at Springfield, O.; m., April 5, 1831, Hon. Daniel Kilgore, of Steubenville, O., and had issue.

X V I I I. George Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. January 4, 1781, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county Down, Ireland. He received a good early education in the Latin-school of John Downey, and learn the watch and clock-making with his brother-in-law, Samuel Hill, whose flocks are more or less celebrated to this day. In 1808. Mr. Beatty established himself in business, which he continued uninterruptedly for upwards of forty years. He was an ingenious mechanician, and constructed several fox of peculiar and rare invention. In 1814, he was orderly-sergeant Captain Thomas Walker's company, the Harrisburg Volunteers, which marched to the defense of the city of Baltimore. Mr. Beatty in early life took a prominent part in local affairs, and, as a consequence, was frequently solicited to become a candidate for office, but he almost invariably declined. He, nevertheless, served a term as director of the poor, and also as county auditor . He was elected a burgess of the borough, and was a member of the town-council several years, and, while serving in the latter capacity, was one of the prime movers in the efforts to supply the borough with water. Had his suggestions, however, been carried out, the water-works and reservoir would have been located above the present city limits. Mr. Beatty retired from a successful business life about 1850. He died at Harrisburg, on the 10th of March, 1862, aged eighty-one years, and is interred in the Harrisburg cemetery. He was an active, enterprising, and upright Christian gentleman. Mr. Beatty was thrice married; first, May 18, 1815, by Reverend George


Beatty Family.

Lochman, D. D., Eliza White, daughter of William White, b. January 20, 1797; d. September 10, 1817. They had issue:

i. Margaret, b. February 18, 1816; d. December 3, 1837; m. Reverend Allen John, and had George-Beatty.

Mr. Beatty, m., secondly, November 22, 1820, by Reverend George Lochman. D. D., Sarah Smith Shrom, daughter of Casper Shrom* and Catherine Van Gundy, b. January 15, 1796, at York, Pennsylvania; d. August 25, 1828. They had issue:

i i. Eliza-White, b. August 11, 1823; d. November 24, 1832.

iii. Mary-Ann-Jefferson, b. September 15, 1824; m. Immanuel Meister Kelker. ( see Kelker record)


Mr. Beatty, m., thirdly, September 71, 1830, by Reverend Eliphalet Reed, Catherine Shrom, b. December 26, 1807, at York, Pennsylvania. They had issue:


* Casper Shrom, b. May 29, 1768; d. November 23, 1844, at Harrisburg; son of Jacob Shrom and Christiana Smith; m., March 5, 1789, Catherine Van Gundy, b. December 13, 1767; d. April 21, 1855, at Harrisburg; daughter of Captain Joseph Van Gundy, of the army of the Revolution. They have issue ( surname Shrom):

i. Henry, ( first,) b. February 9, 1790; d. July 4, 1801.

ii. Jacob, b. February 22, 1792; d. June 18, 1855, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; u n m.

iii. Mary, b. December 15, 1793; d. May 5, 1879, at Harrisburg; m. Andrew Findley Laird, b. November 5, 1789; d. September 13, 1832, at Columbia, Pennsylvania; son of John Laird and Sarah Ann Findley.

They had issue ( surname Laird) : John-Findley, b. July 4, 1811; d. s.p.; Sarah-Ann-Findley, b. October 16,

1812 ; m. Samuel Scoch Bigler; Catherine-Shrom, b. February for, 1815; d. June 12, 1866; m. Thomas

Robinson; Harriet-Smith, b. February 5, 1818; d. October 2, 1871; Doctor John-Wesley, b. March 4, 1824;

and George-Beatty, b. October 17,1826; d. October.7, 1856; u n m.

iv. Sarah-Smith, b. January 15, 1796; m. George Beatty. ( see Beatty record)

v. Catherine, ( first,) b. February, 1798; d. August, 1802.

vi. Henry, ( second,) the. April 24, 1801; d. May 31, 1822, at Williamsport, Pennsylvania; u n m.

vii. Elizabeth, b. January, 1804; d. August 1807.

viii. Catherine,( second,) b. December 26, 1807; m. George Beatty. ( see Beatty record.)


Beatty Family.

41. iv. Sarah-Shrom, b. October 21, 1831; m. Reverend Beverly Roberts Waugh.

v. Eliza-White, b. January 5, 1833; m. William Henry Egle, M. D. ( see Egle record.)

vi. Margaretta, b. December 25, 1837; d. December 9, 1841.

vii. George-Washington-Irwin, b. May 11, 1840; m., June 5, 1873, Eliza Watson Anderson, b. June 25, 1848.

viii. Catherine-Shrom, b. March 27, 1842.

ix. Henry-Jacob, b. April 2, 1847.

X I X. Elizabeth Finlay, 5 ( Agnes, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. in 1774, in county Down, Ireland; m. William Haliday; emigrated to America and both died there. They had issue ( surname Haliday):

i. Agnes.

ii. William.

iii. David.

iv. Barbara.

v. Maria.

vi. Armstrong.

vii. Eliza.

viii. Ann-Jane.

ix. Robert.


X X. William Finlay, 5 ( Agnes, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1776, in Ballykeel-Ednagonnel; d.1856; m. Mary Mckee, b.1779; d. March 7, 1849. They had issue ( surname Finlay):

i. Robert, b.1808; d.1856; u n m.

ii. Agnes, b.1810; m. Doctor Hood; emigrated to Australia.

iii. Eliza, b.1812; m. Robert Bell.

iv. Mary, b.1816; the.1842 u n m.

v. Margaret, b.1817; m. Ralph Walsh; emigrated to America.

vi. John, b.1819; d.1845 u n m.

vii. Rebecca, b.1821; d.1864; m. Alexander Brownlee.

X X I. David Finlay, 5 ( Agnes, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1778, in county Down, Ireland; d. In 1853;

m., in 1812, Agnes Mckee, b. June 2, 1795; d. September 6, 1872. They had issue ( surname Finlay):

i. John, b.1813; m. Christiana Brownlee.

ii. Robert, b.1815; d.1854.

iii. David, b.1817; d.1844.

iv. George, b 1820; d.1848.


Beatty Family.

v. Agnes, b.1822; d.1850.

vi. Mary, b.1826; d.1846.

vii. Eliza, b.1834; resides in Belfast, Ireland.

X X I I. George Finlay, 5 M. D.,( Agnes, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1786, in county Down, Ireland; d.

1854, at Strangford; m. Mary Frazer, b. September 26, 1798; d., September, 1877, at Strangford, county Down, Ireland,. They had issue ( surname Finlay):

i. Dr. Robert, d. November, 1850, at Strangford.

ii. Eliza, b. October 28, 1820; d. November 21, 1876, in Pointzpass; m. Reverend Thomas Irvine of Pointz- pass, and had Dr. George-Edward, Dr. Robert-Finlay, Mary-Louisa , Lizzie-Ann, and Caroline-Emma.

iii. Dr. George, b.1831; d.1852, at Strangford.

iv. Mary, b.1833; d. March 1854 at Strangford.

X X I I I. Wilson Finlay, 5 ( Agnes, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b., 1790, in county Down, Ireland; d.1856;

m., in 1842, Mary Greer, daughter of Thomas Greer, of Carnreagh, county Down, Ireland. They had issue ( surname Finlay):

i. Robert, b.1843; d.1863; m., and left one son.

ii. Agnes, b.1845; the.1867; m.1865, Alexander Brownlee; left one daughter.

iii. James, b.1847.

iv. Thomas, b.1849; resides at Belfast, Ireland.

v. John, b.1851.

vi. Margaret, b.1852.

X X I V. Agnes Finlay, 5 ( Agnes, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1795, in county Down, Ireland; d.1872;

m., 1815, David Mckee, b.1788; d.1850. They had issue ( surname Mckee):

i. John, b.1816; m. Alice Brownlee.

ii. Agnes, b.1817; d.1841.

iii. Mary, b.1819; d.1844.

iv. Margaret, b.1822; d.1844.

v. Robert, b.1827; d.1834.

vi. Sarah, b.1830; m. John Gibson.

X X V. James Beatty, 5 ( William, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. March 17, 1780, in county Down, Ireland;

d.1832; m., 1809, Dorothy Jefferson, b.1792; d. April 17, 1875. They had issue:


Beatty Family.

i. William, b.1810; d.1862; m. Sarah Gibson, b.1816.

ii. Pearse, b.1812; d.1828.

iii. Eliza, b.1817.

iv. Margaret, b.1819.

v. Adam, b.1821.

vi. Martin, b.1828; m. Mary Finlay.

X X V I. William Beatty, 5 ( William, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. May 21, 1782, in county Down, Ireland; d.1842; m., 1818, Mary McCormick, b. August 16, 1784; d.1837. They had issue:

i. Mary, b.1819; m. William Cowan.

ii. Eliza, b.1821; d.1871; m. Samuel Carothers.

iii. Margaret, b.1823; m. James Taylor.

iv. Letitia, b.1826; m. Thomas Young.

X X V I I. John Beatty, 5 ( William, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. July 29, 1786, in county Down, Ireland; d. December 21, 1828; m., in 1820, Jane Hanna, b.1783, in Hillsborough, county Down,51; d.1867, in Hollywood, county Down, Ireland, and buried in Belfast. They had issue:

i. Eliza, b.1821; m. Dr. William Mawhiney.

X X V I I I. Martin Beatty, 5 ( William, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. February 19, 1790, in county Down, Ireland; d.1839; m., 1831, Eliza Matthews, b 1802; d. June 26, 1861. They had issue:

i. John, b.1832; m. Mary Moorhead.

ii. Eliza, b.1834; resides at Ballyerune.

iii. Alice-Ann, b.1836; m. John Anderson.

iv. William, the.1838; m. Fanny Wallace.

X X I X. Thomas Beatty, 5 ( William, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. March 16, 1794, in county Down, Ireland;

d.1849; m., in 1820, Margaret Chambers, b.1788; d. November 12, 1866. They had issue:

i. Joseph, b.1821; emigrated to America.

ii. William, b.1822; emigrated to America in 1849.

iii. Eliza, b.1824; d.1859; m. William Coburn.

iv. Samuel, b.1826.

v. Mary-Ann, b.1829; d. November 17, 1878.

X X X. Ellen Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 John,3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1783, in county Down, Ireland; d.1816;

m., 1804, James


Beatty Family.

Mckee, elder brother of David Mckee ( x x iv); emigrated to America in 1817. They had issue ( surname Mckee):

i. Mary, b.1805.

ii. Agnes, b.1807.

iii. Thomas, b.1808.

iv. John, b. 1809.

v. James, b.1811.

X X X I. Jane Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1785, in county Down, Ireland; d.1872; m.,

1809, William Carothers, b. September 17, 1777; d. February 18, 1857. They had issue ( surname Carothers):

i. James, b 1810.

ii. John, b.1811; d.1814.

iii. William, b.1813; d.1876.

iv. Margaret, b.1815; d.1834.

X X X I I. William Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1790, in county Down, Ireland; d.1872;

m., 1811, Eliza Carson, b.1792; d. August 20, 1867. They had issue:

i. George, b.1815; m. Bella Eden.

ii. James, b.1816; d.1840.

iii. Robert, b.1819; emigrated to America; m. Mary-Ann Beatty.

iv. Jane, b.1820; m. George Beatty. ( see x i i i.)

v. Margaret-Ann, b.1822; m. John Todd.

vi. William, b.1823; d.1859; m. Mary Moore.

vii. John, b.1825; d.1859.

viii. Eliza, b.1826; d.1851.

ix. Samuel, b.1828; emigrated to America.

x. Nelson, b.1830; m. Mary Bell.

xi. Ellen, b.1832; d.1868; m. John Kennedy.

X X X I I I. James Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b., March 26, 1795, in county Down,

Ireland; d. October 18, 1873; m., October 10, 1827. Mary Ann McCloy, 6 ( an, 5 George, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1)

( x i,) b.1800; d. November 24, 1884, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel. They had issue:

i. John, b. April 4, 1828; m. Jane McCauley, of Ballycrune, county Down, Ireland.

ii. James, b. November 4, 1829.

iii. Mary, b. December 26, 1831; d. July 14, 1881; m. William Coburn, d. April 1, 1884; left one daughter.


Beatty Family.


iv. Robert, b. May 4, 1834; d. May 5, 1859.

v. Ann, b. November 12, 1836.

vi. Jane, ( twin,) b. November 12, 1836.

vii. Margaret, b. May 18, 1840; resides near Hillsborough, Ireland; to her re are indebted for for much of the

genealogical data here with given.

X X X I V. Samuel Beatty, 5 ( James, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b.1797, in county Down, Ireland; d.1836;

m., in 1826, Jane Beatty, 5 ( William, 4 John, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. August 13, 1797, in county Down, Ireland; d.

1832. They had issue:

i. Elizabeth, b.1827.

ii. Richard, b.1828; m. Eliza Watson.

iii. Jane, b.1830.

iv. Samuel, b.1832; d.s.p.

X X X V. Arundel Hill, 6 ( Nancy, 5 James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. December 5, 1791, at Harrisburg,

Pennsylvania: d. April 5, 1848, at Steubenville, O.; was twice married; first, at Steubenville, O., May 29, 1823, by Reverend Thomas Hunt, Hettie Shields; d. March 12, 1829, at Steubenville. They had issue ( surname Hill):

i. Mary-Ann, b. March 27, 1824; d. July 11, 1825.

ii. Mary, b. June 20, 1826; d. September 17, 1827.

iii. Samuel, b. June 29, 1828; d. December 19, 1828.


Mr. Hill m., secondly, at Steubenville, O., August 31, 1830, by Reverend Elisha Swift, Margaret Semple, filling daughter of John M.Semple, and his wife Margaret Whiteside, b.1806; d. August 20, 1864. They had issue

( surname Hill):

iv. Mary-Jane, b. August 2, 1831; d. June 26, 1833.

42. v. Margaretta, b. December 22, 1833; m. James Hunter.

vi. Mary, b. June 3, 1836; d. June, 1840.

vii. Alice-Ann-Downey, b. Nov.24, 1837; d. August 29, 1839.

viii. Martha-Semple, b. August 9, 1840; m., September 21, 1865, Rudolphus B. Zoll ; b. May 6, 1826, and

had Hettie-Hill, Annie-Hill, and George-Arundel.

ix. Ann-Elizabeth-Hair, b. September 15, 1842; m., September 15, 1868, Frank B. Aldrich, b. March 15, 1843;

and had Frank-Edward and Ella- Margaretta.

x. Hettie-Sabrah-Marsh, b. February 17, 1844; m., April 13, 1869, Caleb Newton Wells, b. February 3,

1843, and had Birdie, May, and Sherman.

xi. Sarah-Beatty, b. July 11, 1847; d. August 20, 1847.


Beatty Family.

X X X V I. Anna Hill, 6 ( Nancy, 5 James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b., December 19, 1798 at Harrisburg,

Pennsylvania; d., October 8, 1872, at Steubenville, O.; m., at Steubenville, O., September 16, 1824, by Reverend Charles

C. Beatty, D. D., William Kilgore, b., July 18, 1796, near King's creek, Virginia; d., January 1, 1877, at Steubenville, O.

Mr. Kilgore located at Steubenville in 1815, where he subsequently established himself in mercantile business. In 1854, he erected the Jefferson Iron Mills in that city, and was for many years president of the Jefferson National Bank. He was an enterprising and prominent business man. The children of Anna Hill and William Kilgore, were

( surname Kilgore):

i. Nancy-Ann, b. January 6, 1826; d., January 19, 1878, at Philadelphia; m. William Sinclair, b., 1824, in

Ireland; and they had Ann-Eliza, d.s.p., William-Kilgore, Charles-Ricketson, d.s.p., Mary-Alice,

George-Marshall, and Eleanor-Kilgore.

ii. Daniel, b. August 3, 1827; m., August, 1858, Emily Mossgrove.

iii. Mary, b. June, 1829.

iv. Eleanor, b.1831, d.s.p.

v. John-Downey, b. March 18, 1833; m. Sarah P. James, and has issue.

vi. William, b.1837; d. August 11, 1845.


X X X V I I. Mary Hill, 6 ( Nancy, 5 James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b., January 8, 1808, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, resides at Steubenville O.; m., March 20, 1832, I Reverend Charles C. Beatty, D. D., Joseph Gordon Davidson, b. September 19, 1801, in Washington county, Pennsylvania; d., April 2, 1883, at Steubenville, O.; son of

Joseph Davidson and his wife, Jane Gordon. They had issue ( surname Davidson):

i. Anna-Elizabeth, b. June 17, 1833; d. February 25, 1836.

ii. Mary-Jane, b. October 15, 1835; d. March 13, 1880.

iii. Joseph-Hill, b. March 26, 1838; d. June 22, 1839.

iv. Ellen-Kilgore, b. September 20, 1840.

v. Josephine, b. January 17, 1845; d. October 18, 1865.

vi. Annie, b. February 17, 1845; d. March 4, 1851.

vii. William-Kilgore, b. October 23, 1851.

viii. George-Beatty, b. May 6, 1855; d., March 7, 1880, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., with he was studying for the

ministry. A young man of rich promise and rare mental endowment.


Beatty Family.

X X X V I I I. Isabella Beatty, 6 ( Gawin-Irwin, 5 James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. February 26,

1800, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; d. August 20, 1870, at Galveston, Texas; m., November 28, 1819, at Chambersburg,

Pennsylvania, by Reverand Caleb Reynolds, Christian Charles Fechtig, b. February 6, 1794, in Washington county,

M d.; son of Christian Fechtig and his wife, Susan Folk. They had issue ( surname Fechtig):

43. i. James-Irwin, b. September 30, 1820; m. Catherine Jane Emmert.

ii. Christian-Charles, b. August 23, 1822; d. August 28, 1846; m. Sarah Ann Carver, b. March 9, 1825,

and they had Christian-Charles.

iii. Louis-Randolph, b. January 12, 1825; m. Mary Ann Oden, b. December 5, 1825, and had

William-Christian, Jacob-Louis, and Mary-Louisa.

iv. George-Frederick, b. August 21, 1827; d., 1883, at Baltimore, M d.; m. Mary Elizabeth Berger, b. June

18, 1835; no issue.

v. Christian, b.1829; assassinated in Breham, Washington county, Texas, in 1864.

vi. Letitia-Ann, b. March 29, 1834, at Williamsport, M d.; d. May 23, 1869, at Galveston, Texas; m.

Henry Baldwin, b. July 25, 1835, at Brookfield, Conn. ; d. at Galveston, Texas, and they had

Isabella-Tamer, Cora-Estella, Katie-Flynn, and Henry-Smith.

X X X I X. James Beatty, 6 ( Gawin-Irwin, 5 James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. September 16, 1802, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; a physician; resides at Henderson, K y.; was place married; first, May 2, 1833 in Mason county, Va.; by Reverend Benjamin Smethers, Jane-Ann McMullin, b. In Mason county, Va.; d. in Buffalo, Putnam county, Va.; dau. of Joseph and Jane McMullin. They had issue:

43. i. George-Frederick, b. May 5, 1834, in Buffalo, Putnam county, Va.; m. Mary Posey, b. March 18, 1840, in

Henderson county, K y.; dau. of William Thorton Posey and Eliza J. Dixon.

ii. Gawin-Irwin, b. October 16, 1835, in Buffalo, Putnam county, Va.; m. Susan Rudy, dau. of John and

Margaret Rudy, of Henderson, K y., and had Ann and Sarah.


Beatty Family.

Dr. James Beatty m., secondly, May 18, 1857, at Henderson, K y., by Reverand D. H. Deacon, Judith Towles, dau. Of Captain Henry Dixon, and widow of Judge Thomas T. Towles. They had issue:

iii.Fannie-Dixon, b. March 16, 1858; m. Ira F. Ball.

X L. James Downey Houseman, 6 ( Rebecca, 5 James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. September 17, 1817, in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania; resides at Paris, Texas; m., December 23, 1843, at St. Louis, Mo., by Reverend William S. Potts, M. D., Emily Watson, b. November 17, 1824, at Newbern, N. C., dau. Of Thomas Watson and his life, Sarah Hannis. They had issue ( surname Houseman):

i. Elizabeth-Hannis, b. October 25, 1847; d. December 28, 1857.

ii. Alice-Downey, b. November 26, 1849; m. William F. Fisher, of Paris, Texas.

iii. James-Downey, b. February 8, 1851; m. Lillie Powell O'Neal and Rachel Powell, and had Lillie-Emily, d.s.p.

iv. Emily, b. December 1, 1853; d. April 3, 1857.

v. Ellen-Kilgore, b. August 18, 1860.

X L I. Sarah Shrom Beatty, 6 ( George, 5 James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. October to, 1831, at Harrisburg, including, and there resides; m., August 25, 1853, at Harrisburg, by Reverend John F. Mesick, D. D., Reverend Beverly Roberts Waugh, b. July 28, 18.4, at Liberty, M d.; son of Right Reverend Beverly Waugh, *

of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and his wife

* Beverly Waugh, b., October.5, 1789, in Fairfax county, Va.; d. February 9, 1858, in the city of Baltimore, M d.

He was the son of James Waugh and Henrietta Turley, and received a good classical education, In his twentieth year, he was admitted to trial as a traveling minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and in 1810, had charge of the

Greenbier circuit, Virginia. In 1811, he was ordained a deacon, and in 1813, an elder, and stationed in Baltimore.

From that period until 1828, he was in captain pastoral life. That year he was elected assistant book-agent, head-quarters in New York city, and in 1832, the principal in that work. In 1836, he was chosen a bishop of the church, and in 1852, became the senior officer of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1857, he presided over six conferences scattered from the Atlantic seaboard to Michigan and Indiana,


Beatty Family.

Catherine Bushby. he received a thorough English and classical education, and entered Dickinson College, where he graduated. His alma mater subsequently conferred upon him the degree of A. M. Mr. Waugh was licensed to preach

by the Baltimore Conference; but accepted the position of Professor of Mathematics and English Literature in the Baltimore Female College, an institution then in the full tide of success. In 1853, the trustees of the Pennsylvania Female College at Harrisburg secured him as principal of that institution, in which position he labored faithfully and successfully to the day of his death. It was not alone in the capacity of teacher that Mr. Waugh devoted his energies and talents; but his labors were varied, incessant, faithful, in season and out of season, for the good of humanity.

His devoted Christian life-work ended on the 24th of March, 1861, in his thirty-seventh year. There was issue

( surname Waugh):


besides aiding his colleagues in three or four others. During his term of episcopal service, his toil and peril, fatigue and suffering, were very great; but always without complaint. He was a faithful Soldier of the Cross, and universally loved and respected. He was a man of God-a consistent Christian, a devoted minister, and scrupulous in the performance of every known duty. Bishop Waugh m., April 21, 1812, in the city of Washington, by Reverend Nicholas

Snethen, Catherine Bruce Bushby, b. September 4, 1791, in Fairfax county, Va.; d. March 23, 1865, in the city of Baltimore; daughter of William Bushby and Mary (Haight) Manning. They had issue ( surnameWaugh):

i. James-Beverly, b. January 5, 1813; d. December 9, 1850; m. Mary Elizabeth Darke Manning, and had

Mary-Virginia, d.s.p. , and Henrietta.

ii. Eliza, b. August 10, 1815; d. November 12, 1822.

iii. William-Bushby, b. September 3, 1817; d. May 18, 1877; m. Caroline M. Kettlehume, and had four

children, all d.s.p.

iv. Alexander-Townsend, b. December 22, 1819.

v. Henrietta-Maria, b. September 11, 1821; d. June 17, 1845.

vi. Beverly-Roberts, b. July 28, 1824; d. March 24, 1861; m. Sarah Shrom Beatty.

vii. John-Wesley, b. October 5, 1827; d.1880; m. Margaret A. Disney, and left issue.

viii. Catherine-Virginia, b. January 9, 1830; m. Charles M. Cullen, a lawyer of Georgetown, Del., and had



Beatty Family.

i. Eliza-Beverlina, b. November 21, 1855, at Harrisburg; baptized December 18,1855, by Reverend

Beverly Waugh, D. D.; m. Charles Augustus Kunkel. ( see Kunkel record.)

ii. Beverly-Roberts, b. October 15, 1861; baptized December 1, 1861, by Reverend Francis Hodgson,

D. D., of the Methodists Episcopal Church; d. March 9, 1863.


X L I I. Margaretta Hill, 7 ( Arundel, 6 Nancy, 5 James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. December 22, 1835, at Steubenville, O.; resides at Bynumsville, Mo ; was twice married; first, April 10, 1855, at Steubenville, O., by Reverend William P. Breed, James Hunter, b. February 1, 1831, at Steubenville, O.; d. June 24, 1868, at West Quincy, Mo.; son of Samuel D. Hunter, and his wife Mary Buell. They had issue ( surname Hunter):

i. Charles-Cole, b. January 6, 1856.

ii. Mary-Davidson, b. August.4, 1857.

iii. Ella-Margaretta, b. August.4, 1862.

iv. Willie-Arundel, b. July 25, 1866.

Margaret Hill Hunter, m., secondly, February 17, 1872, in Macon county, Mo., by Reverend John W. Scott,

Emery Bissel Downer, b. June 8, 1824, in Jefferson county, N. Y., son of Avery Downer and Electa Mitchell.

X L I I I. James Irwin Fechtig, 7 ( Isabella, 6 Gawin-Irwin, 5 James, 4 William, 3 James, 2 John, 1) b. September 30, 1820, in Hagerstown, Md.; d. August 31, 1860; m., May 7, 1846, at Hagerstown, Md., by Reverend David Steele,

Catherine Jane Emmert, b., April 8, 1826, in Meadville, Washington county, Md., daughter of Michael Emmert and Annie Myers. They had issue ( surname Fechtig):

i. Alice-Ann, b. April 11, 1847; d. December 1, 1848.

ii. Clara-Jane, b. August 18, 1848; m. Allen Yingling, b. October 31, 1841, and they had Katie, Harvey-Allen,

Margaret, and Walter.

iii. Michael-Emmert, b. November 17, 1850.

iv. Isabella-Beatty, b. December 6, 1851; d. April 13, 1854.

v. Millard-Fillmore, b. March 14, 1856.

vi. Annie-Amelia, b. June 20, 1858; d. May, 1860. 

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