War of 1812 Pensions Abstracts- National Archives, M313, Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files, 102 rolls.
submitted by Laurel Baty [[email protected]]

Selected Summaries by Laurel...

These cards are on microfilm, I have abstracted the soldiers name, date of enlistment, unit, widow's maiden name, date of marriage if given and residence information of soldier and widow. There are also a series of numbers on the cards�SO (soldiers original, used when the soldier was an invalid), SC (soldier's certificate), WO (widow's original), WC (widow's certificate) and Bounty Land. The actual pension files have not been microfilmed and must be requested from the National Archives if you are visiting the Archives you can obtain a researcher card and request a maximum of 4 files per document pull (these are at set times throughout the day) or 24 files per day (a mistake in this case, because I couldn't copy 24 files by myself, I think I managed to copy 15)! You then view the files in a special room (second floor) into which you may bring only a pencil and paper. You may Xerox the files with approval of an Archivist�a large document scanner is also available. You can also sign up to use a bulk copier for one hour which I recommend as the files are quite large, the average length probably about 40 pages (it can be hard to copy a long file on the copiers in the research room on a crowded day and you are supposed to limit your time to 3 minutes when others are waiting). I am going to put an * in front of names that did not appear on the first list I sent out. These are all of the alternate spellings that I could find.

*Batey, Thomas (or Beatie), Capt. Michael Lee�s Co VA mil, SO 12452 (this is all of the information on this card) COPIED sent to DVZ

Baty, Thomas H., Pvt. Capt. William Ford�s Co., Ga. Mil.; Aug. 23, 1813 � March 7, 1814; 1850, 1855, Marshall Co. Tenn.; died April 1857, Marshall Co., Tenn., soldier's original discharge certificate in brief.

Widow: Delilah Watson, first mar. Waters, soldier's first wife ---?, married Oct. 20, 1851, Maury Co., Tenn.; 1870, Marshall Co., (PO

Lewisburg) Tenn., 1878, Marshall Co., (PO Silver Creek), Tenn.; died June 13, 1899. COPIED sent to L20

*Beatie, James G., Pvt. Capt. Samuel Tate�s Co., Ky. Mil., Aug. 23, 1813 � Dec. 22, 1813; 1851, 1855, Saline Co., Mo. 1872, Elmwood, Saline Co., Mo.; soldier's dischg. Certf. in brief.

Widow: Elizabeth __; married Dec. 29, 1813, Pulaski Co., KY. COPIED

*Beatley, William, Corpl., Capt. James H. Sower�s Co., Va. Mil., July 6 or Aug 16, 1813 � Jan. 10, 1814; 1851, 1855, 1871, Winchester, Frederick Co. Va.; Dischg certf. in brief Widow Elizabeth Loyer; married 1817, near Winchester, Va.

Beattie, Andrew, Pvt Capt. William Alexander�s Co. Ill. Ter. Mil., Aug. 10, 1814 � Oct. 9, 1814. 1851, Randolph co. Ill, died Jan. 16, 1852, Randolph Co. Ill

Widow: Margaret Boyd, marriage Sept. 29, 1825, residence: 1855, Randolph Co., Ill, 1878, Randolph Co., (PO. Preston), Ill., died about 1883, Preston, Ill. COPIED

*Beattie, Robert, Capt Joseph McKinneys Co PA Mil, SO #8957, 2 Bounty Land numbers�this is all that is on this card.

*Beatty, Amos or Battey, Sarah; NY Mil; WO 5336 (this is all that is on this card)

Beatty, Benjamin, Pvt., Capt. Charles Moore�s Co., N. J. Mil., Sept. 13, 1814 � Oct. 24, 1814, died Apr. 15, 1850, Easton, PA.

Widow: Margaretta Bachman, married Apr. 18, 1819, Easton, PA; 1853, 1855, 1878, Easton, North Hampton Co., PA COPIED sent to L366

Beatty, George, SGT Capt Walker�s Co PA Mil, Aug 29, 1814 � Dec 3, 1814, 1852 1855 Harrisburg Dauphin Co PA, died March 10, 1862, Harrisburg PA

Widow: Catherine Shrom, 1st wife Eliza White, 2nd wife Sarah Smith Shrom; marriage Sept 21, 1830, Harrisburg PA (wife�s name not given,); 1878, 1879, 1887 Harrisburg PA. Copied sending to L5

Beatty, Hamilton, Pvt Capt John Williamson�s Co PA Mil, Oct 2, 1812 � Apr 2, 1813; 1851, 1855 Westmoreland Co PA, died July 10, 1871 Beatty Station PA; note that soldier's discharge certificate is filed in the brief, as well as a canceled Land Warrant.

Widow: Sarah Anderson, married Sept. 11, 1817, Westmoreland Co, PA; 1878 Westmoreland Co (PO Beatty) COPIED

Beatty, Henry, Pvt., Capt. James Murrin�s Co., PA. Mil., Feb 18, 1814 � March 22, 1814; died Aug. 13, 1851, Harrisville, Butler Co. PA.

Remarks: See Civil War Mother�s Certf. No. 91476, John M. Beatty, Pvt., Co K, 4 PA. Cav.; soldier served as a substitute for Philip Snyder.

Widow: Margaret Stinedorf, married Oct. 25, 1815, Butler Co., PA; 1855 Butler Co., PA, 1878, Rosseville, Venango Co., PA COPIED sent to L296

Beatty, James; Pvt., Capt. James Cochran�s Co., Pa. Mil., July 19, 1813 � Aug. 11, 1813 and Jan. 1, 1814 � Feb. 8, 1814; 1851, 1855, Crawford Co., Pa., 1871, Meadville, Crawford Co., Pa.; died Oct. 14, 1872, Mercer Co. Pa.; soldiers discharge certificate in brief.

Widow: Elizabeth Smock, married Aug. 23, 1821, Fairfield, Crawford Co., Pa.; 1878, Sheakleyville, Mercer Co., Pa. COPIED

*Beatty, James, Sgt Capt. Littlejohn; US Lt. Dragoons file # 10088; �Death or disability�, Bundle # 52; can # 47. (the format of this card is different)

Beatty, James, Pvt. Capt. Isaac Heiskell�s Co., Va. Mil., Sept. 21, 1812 �May 4, 1813; 1850, 1855, Fayette Co., Ohio, 1871, Fayette Co. (P. O. Washington C. H.) Ohio; died about 1877; discharge certificate in brief.

Widow: Elizabeth Evans; married Oct. 15, 1829, Highland Co., Ohio. COPIED

Beatty, James S., Pvt., Capt. Maston�s Co., Va. Mil, Aug. 26, 1814 � Nov. 24, 1814; 1850, Franklin Co Ohio, 1855 (faint writing?) Pickaway Co. Ohio; 1871 Pickawaway Co., PO Harrisburg, Franklin Co., Ohio.

Widow: Elizabeth Stump, married 1841, Franklin Co., Ohio. COPIED

*Beatty, John (also Beatey & Beaty); Pvt., Capt. Henry Evans PA Mil. (alleged; WO 19724). This is all that is on this card.

*Beatty, John; alleged Pvt, Capt. Poe PA Mil; as substitute for James Beatty; SO 30374, WO 44473. This is all that is on this card.

*Beatty, John, (NOT WAR OF 1812); Pvt Capt Watkins, 2 Regt. Tenn Vols, Seminole Indian War 1818; OW File 6628. COPIED, I plan to transcribe this one.

Beatty, Matthew, Pvt., Capt. Atkinson�s Co., Pa. Mil., Jan. 1, 1814 � Feb. 7, 1814; 1851, 1855, Mercer Co., Pa.; died Sept. 14, 1860, Sheakleyville, Pa.

Widow: Rebecca Dunn; married Jan. 23, 1823, Fairfield, Crawford Co., Pa; 1878, Sheakleyville, Mercer Co., Pa; died about 1883. COPIED

*Beatty, Robert, Pvt. Capt. Anderson PA mil, no claim for pension, Bounty Land.

Beatty, Thomas, Pvt., Capt. Henry Evans� Co., Pa. Mil., Jan. 13, 1814 � March 20, 1814; 1853, 1855 Butler co., Pa.; 1871, Butler Co., (PO Whitestown), Pa.

Widow: Susannah Martin; married Feb. 10, 1817, Butler Co., Pa. Copied

Beatty, Thomas, Pvt., Capt. George W. Ball�s Co., Va. Mil., Aug. 23, 1814 � Sept. 8, 1814; 1822, Harrison Co., Ohio, 1835, Brooks Co., Va. (now W. Va.); died Jan. 13, 1871, Harlem Springs, Ohio; original Deed of property in Charlestown W. Va. made by soldier & wife in 1822, in brief.

Widow: Rachel Cummings; married Feb. 15, 1816, Loudon Co., Va. issued Feb. 3 (marriage license); 1878, Carroll co. (PO Harlem Springs) Ohio, 1884, Harlem Springs, Carroll Co., Ohio; died May 6, 1886. FILE MISSING according to Archives

Beatty, William, Pvt., Capt. John Kennedy�s Co., Tenn. Mil., Oct. 4, 1813 �Dec. 11, 1813, 1850, 1855, Fentress Co., Tenn., 1871, Casey Co., (PO Liberty) Ky, died Aug. 5, 1877, Casey Co., Ky.; Original family record in brief.

Widow: Martha Westmoreland, married Apr. 28, 1814 Overton Co., Tenn.; 1877, 1878, Casey Co., (PO Liberty) Ky. COPIED Sent to L2

*Beatty,William; Capt Aaron Harts Co. Ky Militia

Widow: Beatty, Lydia; WO 10692; this is all that is on this card.

Beaty, David (also Beatty), Pvt. Capt. William Evan�s Co., Tenn. Mil., Jan. 28, 1814 � June 4, 1814; 1850, 1855, Saline Co., Mo. 1874, McLenan Co. (PO Raineys Creek, Coryell Co.), Texas.

Widow: Naomi Standley, married July 29, 1819, Howard Co., Mo. COPIED sent to L2C

Beaty, David K. (also Beatty), Pvt Capt James Lowry�s Co NC Mil; Feb 17, 1815 � March 12, 1815; 1855 Cherokee CO NC, 1873, Morganton Loudon Co Tenn.; died Apr. 10, 1875 Loudon Co Tenn; Widow's pension certificate in the brief.

Widow: Isabella B. Washum, married March 16, 1817, Haywoods Co NC; 1878 Morganton Tenn., died Nov. 11, 1889, Morganton, Tenn. COPIED

Beaty, James, Pvt., Capt. Tare�s Co., SC Mil, Dec. 10, 1813 � March 15, 1814; died Oct. 4, 1837, Chambers Co., AL.

Widow: Margaret Milford, married Nov. 16, 1807, Pendleton, District, SC, 1850, 1855 Chambers Co Ala., 1871, Chambers Co., (PO Chambers C. H.) Ala.; died Aug. 8, 1876 or 1877. COPIED

Beaty, James (also Beatie), Pvt. Capt. James Shelton�s Co., Va. Mil., Sept. 13, 1813 � March 10, 1814; Died May 26, 1847, Washington Co., Va.; soldier's certificate of discharge in brief.

Widow: Elizabeth McQuown; married Oct. 14, 1830, Washington Co., Va.; 1850, 1855, Washington Co. Va.; 1878, Washington Co., (PO Lodi) Va.; died Dec. 11, 1887. COPIED

Beaty, John, Pvt., Capt. Philip Kiser�s Co., Ohio Mil., Pvt. Capt. Abner Barrett�s Co., Ohio Mil.; Sept. 19, 1812 � Oct. 19, 1812 and Jan. 1, 1813 � Feb. 21, 1813; 1853, Champaign Co., Ohio, 1855, Westville, Champaign Co., Ohio; died July 19, 1864, Champaign Co., Ohio; �It is alleged that the soldier served as a substitute for William Beaty who served in Capt. Abner Barrett�s Co., Ohio Mil., From Aug. 21, 1812, to Jan. 1, 1813.�

Widow: Elizabeth Baker; married Apr. 29, 1819, Champaign Co., Ohio; 1878, Champaign Co. (PO Saint Paris), Ohio, died about 1881. COPIED

*Beaty, Joseph B., Col. Lewis KY Mil (alleged); SO 33742 COPIED

Beaty, William (or Beatty), Pvt. Capt. Jonathan Grable�s Co., Pa. Mil., Oct 12, 1812 � Apr. 18, 1813; 1850, 1855, Harrison Co., Ohio; 1871, Harrison co., (PO Means), Ohio; died about 1876; Discharge certificate in brief. COPIED

Beaty, William, Pvt. Capt. Barrett�s Co., Ohio Mil. Aug. 21, 1812 � Oct. 30, 1812; 1851, 1855, Henderson co., Ill; died May 19, 1868, Henderson Co., Ill.

Widow: Jane T. Russell, 1st wife Mary Pance; married June 27, 1833, Warren Co., Ill., 1878, Oquawka, Henderson Co., Ill.; died about 1896. COPIED

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