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Cousin Chart
Keeping track of family relationships can be complicated and it's sometimes hard to figure out how one person is related to another, especially when you come upon second, third or fourth cousins. We hope the chart below will help (North Carolina State Library:
Ahnentafel is a German word meaning 'ancestor table'. Used by genealogists, it's a way of numbering the ancestors of a given person. The starting person is given the number 1. Their father is number 2 and mother number 3. To find the father of any person, double that number. To find the mother, double the number and add one. (In other words, given any number N, N's father is 2N and N's mother is 2N + 1. Other than the starting person, males always have even numbers and women odd numbers. Each descendant on our site has a unique ahnentafel because the table starts with the descendant.
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