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  1. Jacobs Boykin Murphy, The Boykin Family (Richmond 20 Virginia: published by Mrs. Robert Neal Murphy 1809 Grove Ave, Bernard Carter Boykin 1919 Ruxton Rd, Ruxton, Maryland 21204
    • Boykin means an endearing diminutive of boy. BOYKIN (Borkin) fr boy ab (plus Kin- a little boy used as term of affection He moved to New Hampshire in 1639 The Boykin family in Virginia may have migrated from New England to Virginia. However the first Boykin appears in Virginia records in 1670 as Edward Boykin
    • In Alabama, they represented the State and U.S. Congress, etc.. In Alabama there is Boykin's settlement. Francis Boykin ('Boiakin) 1791 went to Mississippi territory. There are many references to Major Francis Boykin in Georgia and Mississippi territory and later AIn July term of Washington County Alabama Court his estate was appraised in 1825. State the estate of Major Francis Boykin was values at $3,258 personal property, July 1825, Sterling Boykin, Administrator. He died in the winter of 1824. Born about 1745-1750. In Wash county Alabama, there was litigation against the heirs af John Boykin, son of Francis Isaac Boykin born October 4, 1821 died January 6, 1860 "Have lived a long time in this land and with honor" last line of poem Men: by Archibald MacLeish
  2. Ellen Freeman Family

    Ellen Pannell's father was a tobacco grower. Ellen Pannel came from Virginia, she was Octavia's daughter.
    She came to New Jersey as a servant for the Guthries. William Freeman's father came from New York. Their family
    had never been slaves. William's employer was president of a bank in Trenton. William's father worked for him.
    William's children in birth order were Mary, Annie, Rosella, and Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina was the youngest child who expired
    of a heart attack while singing in the chuch choir.
    The growing years were on a farm with orchard fruits. They killed hog in January and had fresh turkey on Thanksgiving.
    There was a St. Bernard dog. There were summer stays at a log cabin where they baked biscuits in a fireplace.
    There were Uncle Presley, and Aunt Lottie. Cousin Peter Pannel lived on Jackson Street He worked as a gardner.
    The Taylor Pine House across the Lincoln Highway in now the Governor's mansion for the State of New Jersey.