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CAHN History

(Cahn Generations starting with those who knew slavery)   

  Zero Generation beginning with 1890 Census

Cahn is a German name. (Holly Ingraham, Peoples names: a cross-reference to the proper use of over 40,000 personal and Familial names in over 100 cultures.

Soundex Code:  Cahn   C500;  Lotten  L350;  Kahn K500;  Cantrell C536; Von Lotten V543 

Grandfather-Harry Cahn  was born 1862 in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, LA; died in Donaldsonville between 1900 and 1920 censuses. Grandmother-Lavinia Lotten was born 1865 in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, LA; died 1945 in New Orleans, LA

Earliest Records of familyBaptism of Grandmother, Lavinia Francis (dau of Jackson Francis and Lina Francis, age 22) baptized 24 Sep 1886 at Ascension Church, Donaldsonville, LA.  Sponsors:  Victorin Leblanc and Josephine Melacon.  (Ascension Church Register 20, page 162). Marriage between Henry Cahn, son of Marks Cahn and Dorothee Melancon, at Ascension Church, Donaldsonville, LA, to Lavinia Frances, dau of [omitted] and Lina Francis.  Witnesses:  Elizabeth Guedry.  Laurence Lotin, Victor P. Thomas. (Ascension Church Register 16, page 220.)  All Courtesy of Dwayne Montz.  

Copy of 1890 Census, (courtesy of Mrs. Rita B. Butler) enumerating the family of Henry Kahn (29) and Lavinia Kahn (24) with children, Joseph (3) and Olivia (1).

Ten children were born of that union:  Joseph, Minnie (who married Felix Clement), Ernestine (who married Wilfred LeBlanc), Harry John (who married Norma Cantrelle), Stella (who married Willie Knox), Walter (who married Modesta Washington), Maude (who married James Hunter), Agnes (who married Frederick Alexander), Wilhelmina (who married Sydney Smith) and Pearl (twice married).

Lavinia and Harry Cahn have  grandchildren and great-grandchildren living in LA, IL, TX, D.C., and CA.  



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