Ahnentafel Wanda FANTA COVINGTON

1st | 2nd | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First Generation
1. Wanda Fanta Covington

Second Generation (parents)
2. Father: Anthony Fanta 
3. Mother: Bessie Holmes 

End of Wanda Ahnentafel

Begin Wanda Vita

Wanda  Covington Archie B. Covington
Born:1925 July 14  Place: Chicago, IL
Marr: Archie B. Covington Place: Chicago, IL
Died:1998 Mar 5             Place: Chicago, IL          Cremated: Chicago, IL

Attended Copernicus Grade School and graduated from Lindblom High School
St. Edmund's Choir: St. Edmund's Church was a valued part of her life and her voice in the choir was characterized as 'melodious'.
She and Archie drove to work each day at the Post Office, came home together, and retired together.
She traveled to Eugene, Oregon, to arrange for the care of Archie's Aunt Ann after Tom Douthitt, Ann's husband, died.

Archie is Arsene's paternal first cousin.

My Mother My Father
Wanda's motherBessie Holmes Wanda's fatherAnthony Fanta
Child Sex Birth Date
1 Armin Covington M


Saturday February 14, 2004

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