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Ahnentafel Walter ALEXANDER

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First Generation
1. Walter Alexander   

Second Generation (parents)
2. Frederick Alexander  b.  May 24, 1892  d. Nov. 1980
3. Agnes Cahn   b. 1900  d. Dec. 25, 1984

Third Generation (grandparents)
4. Toussaint Alexander
5. Virginia Smith
6. Harry Cahn   b 1862 d. 1910
7. Lavinia Lotten  b. 1865   d. 1945

End of Walter Ahnentafel

Begin Walter Vita

WalterWalter  Alexander Husband:  Walter Alexander
Date born: September 15, 1927 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Died: April 03, 2014 Place: Chicago, IL

Walter is Betty's Maternal First Cousin

Date born: in
Died:  in  
Marriage date: Marriage location:
My Mother My Father
Walter's motherAgnes Cahn Alexander Walter's fatherFrederick Alexander

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