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1. Terry Francois     

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Terry Francois

Marion LeBlanc
Husband: Terry Francois
Date born : 1921 August 28
died: 1989 June 9 in San Francisco, California
Wife: Marion LeBlanc
Date born: 1925 July 29 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Marriage date: 1947 Marriage location: St. Columbia Catholic Church in Oakland, CA.

Marion is Betty's maternal first cousin.

If you want to know why there is a Terry Francois Drive in San Francisco click on Terry's Vita
My Mother My Father
Terry's's motherLeona Keller Terry's fatherTerry Arthur Francois
Child Sex Birth Date
1 Wade Francois M TBA
1 Gary Francois M TBA
1 Eric Francois M TBA
1 Brian Francois M TBA
1 Carol Francois F TBA


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