Ahnentafel Mary FREEMAN BOYKIN

1st | 2nd | 3rd | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First Generation
1. Mary Freeman  

Second Generation (parents)
2. William Freeman b.1868 August 31  d.
3. Ellen Pannell  b. 1879 March  d.

Third Generation (grandparents)
7. Octavia Gibbs b. 1867  d. 

End of Mary Ahnentafel

Begin Mary Vita

Mary Freeman Boykin 	MARY
Born: 1897 Aug 22 Place: Princeton, NJ 
Died: 1993 Nov 02 Place: Chicago, IL 
Cremated: Chicago, IL

Mary is Arsene's mother

	ARSENIUSArsenius Boykin




School and Teaching:
Chicago: Family and Church:


My Mother My Father

Ellen Pannell

William Freeman
Child Sex Birth Date
1 Arsene Boykin M
1 Maryann Boykin M November 9, 1923
1 Dorothea Boykin F

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