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Civil War Generation  


Ahnentafel Mariah Elizabeth KUYKENDALL HUNTER

1st | 2nd | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First Generation
1. Mariah Kuykendall Hunter  b. 1831

Second Generation (parents)
2. Father: Dick Kuykendall 
3. Mother: Dilsie Kuykendall 

End of Mariah Ahnentafel

Begin Mariah Vita

Me Myself: Mariah Kuykendall

Husband: Abram Hunter

Date born: 1831                              Place: Butler County, KY
Marr: 1867 Sept. 8                   Died: 1921 October 10              Place: Mt. Mariah Cemetery, Bowling Green, KY

Black Groom's List  (1866-1962)

Kuykendall slave owner genealogy

Mariah is Betty's paternal great grandmother

Date born:  1827                     Place

Black Groom's List  (1866-1962)


Mariah and Abram "jumped over the broom" as slaves. Legally there was no binding marriage among slaves. Men were urged to take wives, or mates, from among the women on the estate, provided a suitable companion could be found.
(Journal of Negro History, Volume III (number 3) Slavery in Kentucky)

Historical Events at Mariah's Birth 1831 and Death 1921                                                      In the 1830's

  • William Lloyd Garrison started the Liberator to call for immediate emancipation of slaves
  • Nat Turner leads a slave revolt killing at least 50 whites.


  • Alex Haley, author of Roots is born.
  • Sixty-four lynchings are reported
  • Tulsa race riot leaves 30 dead.
My Father My Mother
Kuykendall Children Sex Birth Date
1 Mariah Kuykendall M 1831
1 Aleck Kuykendall M 1845
1 Jesse Kuykendall M 1848

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