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Ahnentafel John AVANT

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First Generation
1. John Ivan Avant 

Second Generation (parents)
2. John Henry Avant 
b.1899 March 6 d. 1987 January 12
3. Mrs. Corinne Ozeal Cooper Avant
b.1906 September 30 d.1977 September 4

End of John Ahnentafel

Begin John Vita

John Avant

Dorothea Boykin Avant
	JOHNBorn:1927 April 21  Place: Chicago, IL Died: 1988 Sep 6 Place: Chicago, IL  Cremated: Chicago, IL DOROTHEAMarr: Dorothea Ellen BOYKIN 1949 Place: Chicago, IL

Dorothea is Arsene's sister

Remembrances of John:
Parents provided piano lessons as a child. 
He was introduced to the trombone at Englewood High,  
And served in the Navy band while in the Navy. 

John continued his education at Chicago Musical College and DePaul University and earned his B.A. and M.A. degrees in music
John's Professional Career:
John preferred a dual career of musician and educator in Chicago so he could be with his family.
He was a professional educator in the Chicago Public Schools as both teacher and assistant principal.
John was the first Black performer to play in the house band at the Empire Room; and the first Black performer to play in a pit band at a legitimate theater in Chicago.
He also played Schubert, Roberts, C and C, Mill Run, Bud Billiken Parade.
He played at Club DeLisa in the Red Saunders band club had performers including: the beautiful DeLisa Chorines, Crip Heard ( the one arm tap), dancer,Gladys Knight, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Stevie Wonder Little Miss Cornshucks Frequent guest at DeLisa included ob Hope, Gene Autry, and George Raft. Nixon's Inaugural Ball, and for airline commercials. John played trombone at his daughter April's wedding and sang at his daughter, Jann's, wedding.
At delisa
My Mother My Father
John's motherCorinne Avant John's fatherJohn Henry Avant
Child Sex Birth Date
1 April Avant F
1 Jann Avant F


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