Ahnentafel Isaac BOYKIN

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First Generation
1. Isaac Boykin

Second Generation (parents)
2. Isaac Boykin  b. 1853  d.  
3. Susan Boykin    b. 1854 d. 

End of Isaac Ahnentafel

Begin Isaac Vita

Isaac Boykin

Lucy Cannon Boykin
	ISAAC Born: 1873 Died: 1953 Mar 17 Buried: East St. Louis, IL 	LUCY
Remembrances: "Ike" rolled his own Bull Durham cigarettes. He also built his own house 1813 McCasland.
Like Duke Ellington he started each morning with a cup of hot water.
He used Murray's pomade for hair and shoes.
Ike had a horse named Belle.  He hitched up Belle on Sunday and drove to the Macedonia Baptist Church where his name is now on the cornerstone as a founder. His contributions to the church were in the name of G.I. Joe. When he had his grandson (Arsene) with him, he would at the end of the services say, "Wait a minutes, folks, I want you to meet my grandson."

Isaac is Arsene's paternal grandfather

My Father My Mother
Isaac's father   Isaac BOYKIN Isaac's motherSusan BOYKIN

Soundex Number  B250

1920 Census M1559 no.21

East St. Louis Vol 218 Enumeration District 144 Sheet 8 Line 9




Ike Boykin


1873 Mississippi

Lucy Boykin (Wife)


1880 Mississippi

Child Sex Birth Date
1 Willa Rose Boykin F December 9, 1892
1 Arsenius Boykin M February 28, 1895
1 Ann Boykin F November 19, 1900


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