Ahnentafel Isaac BOYKIN

1st | 2nd | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First Generation
1. Isaac Boykin

Second Generation (parents)
2. Unknown
3. Unknown

End of Isaac Ahnentafel

Begin Isaac Vita

isaac Boykin

Susan Boykin
Remembrances: Isaac is thought to have come from Madagascar

Born: Alabama 1850
Marr: Susan Place: West Point, MS
Place: East St. Louis, IL
Buried: East St. Louis, IL

Isaac is Arsene's paternal great grandfather

Wife: Susan
Born: Virginia 1852

Susan is Arsene's maternal great grandmother

My Mother My Father
Isaac's motherUnknown Isaac's fatherUnknown

Soundex Number  B250

1880 Census

Mississippi Vol 4 Enumeration District 47; Sheet 21, line 1




Ike Boykin


1850 Alabama

Susan Boykin (Wife)


1850 Virginia


The Isaac name

"And Abraham called the name of his son that was born unto him, Isaac"
Genesis 21:3

Child Sex Birth Date
1 Mary F. Boykin F 1869 Mississippi
2 Josephine Boykin F 1871 Mississippi
3 Effen Boykin F 1872 Mississippi
4 Isaac Ike (Jr.) Boykin M 1876
5 George Boykin F 1878 Mississippi
6 Infant Boykin 1880 2 months old West Point, Mississippi

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