Ahnentafel Harold COVINGTON

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First Generation
1. Charles Harold Covington

Second Generation (parents)
2. Charles Covington
3. Willa Rose Covington b. 1892 December 9 d. 1980 August 30

Third Generation (grandparents)
6. Isaac Boykin (5) b. 1876  d.
7. Lucy Cannon(5)  b. 1883  d. 

Fourth Generation (great grandparents)
10. Isaac Boykin: b. 1850; d. 
11. Susan Boykin: b. 1852 d

End of Harold Ahnentafel

Begin Harold Vita

Charles Harold Covington Edna Mae Collins
Husband: Charles Harold Covington

Born: 1919 August 15 Place: Chicago, IL Died: 1981 June 24 Place: Chicago, IL
Buried: Restvale Cemetery, Chicago, IL

Wife : Edna May Collins
Born: 1917 June 10 in Augusta Springs, Virginia
Marriage date: 1942 June 24 Marriage location: Chicago, IL
died: 2009 October 17 in Chicago, IL
Edna Mae Collins' Obituary
Harold graduated from Lindblom High School. 
Copernicus playground instructor Lee Umbles established a championship wrestling tradition that carried over to Lindblom.  Harold was a wrestler in high school.
He was a co-founder of the Englewood Neighborhood Reunion, a group that reconvenes in the neighborhood every five years since 1950.
My Mother My Father
Harold's motherWilla Rose Boykin COVINGTON Harold's fatherCharles Alexander Covington

Child Sex Birth Date
1 Charlene Covington F
1 Joyce Covington F 1950 August 27 
1 Stephanie Covington F

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