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Ahnentafel Dick KUYKENDALL

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First Generation
1. Dick Kuykendall

Second Generation (parents)
2. Unknown
3. Unknown

End of Dick Ahnentafel

Begin Dick Vita

Me Myself:  Dick Kuykendall 
Born: 1813
Place: Simpson County, KY
Marr: Dick Kuykendall
Place: Bowling Green, KY

Journal: 1880 July 21, I and my wife, Dilsie, applied for a pension. Son, Jesse, died from smallpox contracted in the service on or about 1886 July 10th. He enlisted 1865 April 21 at Bowling Green, KY. Jesse was born in Butler County, KY and, until the freedom of our race, was considered the property of John Kuykendall.  When Jesse, my son, enlisted, he was 16 years of age, and his occupation was that of a farmer and common laborer. He was a slave and was never owned by any one except Mr. John Kuykendall and his family.

Died: between 1900 may 4 and 1900 Jun 23 Finance Division Bureau of Pensions 1900 Jul 26
Place: Bowling Green, KY

Dick is Betty's Paternal Great Great Grandfather

My Wife Pre Emancipation: Dilsie KUYKENDALL filed a Declaration for Dependent Mother's Pension

My Mother My Father
Dick's motherUnknown Dick's fatherUnknown

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