Arsenius Generation 2



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Ahnentafel Arsenius BOYKIN

1st | 2nd | 3rd | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First Generation
1. Arsene Boykin                                                                                 
Second Generation (parents)
2. Isaac Boykin  b. 1873  d.
3. Lucy Boykin  b. 1875  d.

Third Generation (grandparents)
4. Isaac Boykin  b.  1850   d. 
5. Susan Boykin b.  1852   d.

End of Arsenius Ahnentafel

Begin Arsenius Vita

Arsenius Boykin

Mary Boykin

Date born: February 28, 1895
Place: West Point, MS
died: 1966 May 28 (Cancer) in Chicago IL
Cremated: Chicago, IL
Wife: Mary Augusta FREEMAN
Date born: 1897 August 22
Marriage Date: 1920 Aug 22
Place: Chicago, IL
Died: November 2, 1993
Place: Chicago, IL
Cremated: Chicago, IL
  • 1902: parents moved to East St. Louis, IL.
  • 1912: Arsenius finished Lincoln High School.
  • 1916: He moved to Chicago and began a forty-seven year career as an inspector with the Bureau of Animal Industry of the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • 1918: June 10, he volunteered for the American Expeditionary Forces and participated as a member of the 365th Regiment,92nd Division in the Argonne-Meuse offensive in France.
  • 1919: He returned to the Bureau of Animal Industry and remained until his retirement in 1963 as Inspector-in-Charge. 
  • Arsenius tutored his own and neighborhood children in algebra, geometry, and Latin.
  • Once a year he and Aunt Willa's husband, Charlie (Covington), went home to East Louis to hunt.
  • He and Charlie were both skilled handicappers of horses.
  • Each New Year's, Bert Cooper and Mr. Day, friends from East St. Louis, would visit, reminisce, and watch the Rose Bowl Game together. 
  • He watched all sports, sometimes watching one on television and listening to another on the radio.
  • 1962:  he went to the University of Illinois in Urbana and saw Carver High school win the state basketball championship with son, Arsene.  
My Mother My Father
Arsenius's motherLucy Cannon Boykin Arsenius's fatherIsaac Boykin
Child Sex Birth Date
1 Arsene Boykin M
2 Maryann Boykin F November 9, 1923
3 Dorothea Boykin F


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