Ann Second Generation


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First Generation
Ann Boykin 

Second Generation (parents)
2. Isaac Boykin  b.1873 d
3. Lucy Boykin  b.1875 d

Third Generation (grandparents)
4. Isaac Boykin  b.1850  d.
5. Susan Boykin  b.1852  d.

End of Ann Ahnentafel

Begin Ann Vita

Ann Boykin Douthitt

Tom Douthitt
  b. 1900 November 19              d. 1988 March 10
Place: Eugene, OR

Ann is Arsene's Paternal Aunt

Remembrances:  Came to Chicago to go to high school and lived with her brother and his wife(Arsenius and Mary Boykin). I remember her letting me when I (Arsene) was thirteen years old drive her Buick with a rumble seat. 
She used her Packard and Buick in her work as a sales representative for a flour company.
She took her nieces and nephews to Springfield to a resort lake and to Forest Park musicals in St. Louis.
She married Clifton Cochran, a saxophonist, who had a podiatric practice in Edwardsville, Illinois.
She married Thomas Douthitt, a pharmacist in East St. Louis.  She worked with  him in his drug store until they retired and moved to Eugene, Oregon.
My Mother My Father
Elaine's motherLucy Boykin Ann's fatherIsaac Boykin

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