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In Loving Memory

1942 - 1999

Mary Auffhammer

Mary with her grandson, Austin. The painting "Iowa Homestead" in the background depicts a barn belonging to Mary's McNeill ancestors in 1890 which she painted. Mary said of the McNeill's and her painting: "They were beef growers, shipping cattle off to market in Chicago. They raised corn, wheat, etc. To preserve the picture that was taken back then, I decided to create a painting that would depict the homestead in a wintry scene. Since I'm not fond of winter & like warm colors, I created this scene of winter with warm colors. My hobbie is to create beautiful oil landscapes of homesteads from old pictures, preserving a time and a place for the generations to come."

Blessed are the genealogists who pass from us,
for they have joined our ancestors and now know all the answers.

Mary was born on October 6th, 1942 to McNeill Alfred SHERMAN (descendant of Philip SHERMAN, First Secretary of RI), and Marie Lucille BERKE. She was married to Ed AUFFHAMMER and departed this life November 21, 1999.

Mary was loved by all who knew her. She was a beautiful woman, who loved her family very much and who took pride in her children and grandchildren. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and friend. She will be especially missed by those of us who worked with her in the Genealogy Forum of AOL and knew her as "MaryARoots" and "GFS Mary."

It is in loving, not in being loved,
the heart is blessed; It is in giving, not in seeking gifts,
we find our quest; Whatever be you longing or your need, that give;
So shall your soul be fed, and you indeed shall live.

Another Tribute to Mary

Mary AUFFHAMMER'S Obituary

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