Lighthouses, Their Keepers and Lighthouse Tenders


Here you will find many useful links and much history on different Lighthouses; their Keepers and the Lighthouse Tenders that transported the keepers and their supplies. My main focus will be on three particular Lighthouses, although there will be information on others: Heceta Head and Coquille (both in OR); and Cape Flattery Lighthouses near Neah Bay, WA).

Let me tell you how I got interested in Lighthouses. It all began when I learned that my Great Grandfather John Merrill COWAN was a Lighthouse Keeper for 39 years. He served at Heceta Head, Coquille (known as Bandon) and Cape Flattery Lighthouses. He served at Cape Flattery for 32 of those 39 years.

For many years I have had a fascination for Lighthouses. I have done much research in gathering information on the lighthouses mentioned above; most specifically Cape Flattery, which is, located 7 miles off the shore of Neah Bay, WA. I have many photos of Lighthouses, The Keepers and Lightship Tenders. One of the Tenders is one I am named after, "The Heather" which was constructed in 1903 in Seattle, King Co., WA.

It is my hope you will find these pages most helpful in your own research and fun to read. Thanks for stopping by:)

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