VA Land Patents & Grants

VA Land Patents & Grants

CAVALIERS & PIONEERS- Abstract Of VA Land Patents & Grants 1623-1666, by Nugent

Pg. 463

Thomas LANE- 1000 Acres N'Thumberland Co., 26 July 1665. p. 212, 013), Ely. upon land of Mr. George FLETCHER, dec'd. Sly. on branch of Dennis Cr. dividing this from land of Mr. Rich. BADD. Granted to Andrew BAYER (or BOYER) 21 Oct 1662 & assigned to sd. Thomas LAND.

Vol. 3

Patent Book No. 10

Pg. 135

Thomas DRAKE- 250 Acres (N.L.) is Isle of Wight Co., S. side of Nottoway Riv.; on N. side of Totaquotumnta SW.; adj. Joseph LANE & thomas JARRELL. 13 Nov. 1713 P. 99. Imp. of 5 pers.; Thomas ALLMAN, John BARROW, Alexander CAMPBELL, John SUTTON, Peter Williamson.

Pg. 141

Thomas JARRELL- 200 Acs. (N.L.) Is. of Wight Co.; on S. side of Nottoway Riv; cor. to his own; Joseph LANE; & the Notoway Indians land; 16 June 1714 p. 130. 20 Shill.

Pg. 152

Thomas JARRELL Jr. & Joseph LANE- 1400 acs. (N.L.) Is Of Wight Co., on S. side of Notaway Riv; 16 June 1714 p. 171 7 lbs money.

Pg. 160

Joseph LANE- 150 Acres (N.L.) Is. Of Wight Co., on S. side of Nottoway Riv; beg. at his own land of Thos. JARRELL; 16 Dec 1714, P. 203. 15 Shill.

Patent Book No. 12

Pg. 293

Joseph LANE- 130 Acs. (N.L.) Is. Of Wight Co.; S. side of Nottoway Riv. & on E. side of Tarraroe Cr. beg. on W. side of Pocosony Br. on the island side of the sd. Creek; near Braswells path; by the bever ponds; 21 Sept. 1725, P. 326. 15 Shill.

Vol. 2, Book 7

Pg. 243

Thomas LANE- 400 Acs., Low Par. of Surry Co., Bet. brs. of Sunken Marsh Mill & Paratink SW. 22 Sep. 1682 P. 184. Beg. at Wm. GRAY; by Mr. Thomas BINNS; & neer a br. dividing this & land of Mrs. Robert RUFFIN. Trans. of 8 pers: Tho. WHITEHEAD, Wm. HENCHMAN, Wm. MOULSWORTH, Martin BAXTER, Wm. TWIG, John FRITZGERALD, Patricius CHRISTIAN, John FLUDD.

Pg. 278

John PARSONS Junr.- 290 Acs., Low Par. of Surry Co., 20 April 1684, p. 374. On heads of the Blackwater branches, adj. Thomas LANE, Mr. Robert RUFFIN, Mr. BINNS, & Mr. Richard BENNETT. Trans. of 6 pers.

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