Serendipity Experiences
Serendipity Experiences
of our LANE Cousins

The following are true stories of Genealogy Researchers experiences that are hard to explain, but in fact did happen. These stories are not just ones related to Lane Genealogy experiences. If you have a story of your experiences you would like to share feel free to email me at: [email protected].

  • About 3 years ago, I went to OR to visit my mother for the Christmas Holidays. I spent Christmas Day all by myself at a Cemetery. It was one of the best Christmas's I have ever had.

    I knew some of my Worthington relatives were buried there, but didn't know where. I went to the office and asked them for a list of all the Worthington's who were there and where they were located. They not only gave me a list and location, but also gave me copies of what they had in their files. There were 17 of them, and all were my relatives!

    Well I went looking and found the sections, but couldn't find the individuals. I was in one section, and I knew there were about 5 of them buried there, but couldn't find them for the life of me. So I said out loud, not knowing why I did this, I said, ok, Where are you? Then 2 seconds later my feet took off in another direction and then all of a sudden they stopped, I looked down and there were two of them buried, right at where I was standing!!!!! I was blown away. After I took pictures of their graves, I kept looking for the others, but had no luck. So I said to myself, well it worked once, so I will try it again. I said out loud, ok Where are you? Immediately after I said this, I heard a little girls voice say "I am right here". I looked around and no one was there, so I knew it must be from the other side. I looked down and one row down from where the ones I had taken pictures of, was another grave. And come to find out, it was of a girl who had died in childhood. This really took me back, more than you could imagine. I still get tears in my eyes when I remember this experience. After that it only took me about 1 hour to find the rest, which was a total of 17 individuals. Quite amazing since that cemetery was the largest one I had ever seen. So I definitely believe without a doubt in an after life.

    The above was written by Heather W. Bowers [email protected]

  • When my husband, Ken, got the telephone call from the private investigator giving him the news that she had found his biological mother, he asked me to go get the atlas. As he was still on the phone, he said aloud to me that his mother was born in Nova Scotia, and he found the town where she came from on the map. I continued looking at the map and my attention fell on the next page. I noticed a town in New Brunswick, a portion of Canada just to the west of Nova Scotia which, in bold type, was a larger town. However, the small print beneath this town, Moncton, indicated a "Lutes Mtn." My father's adoptive surname and my maiden name is Lutes. Ken's mother left Nova Scotia and sang on the CBC in the late 1940's from Moncton and a few other places in New Brunswick. Written by Nannette Pigaga- [email protected]

  • My librarian friend in So. Bend, IN sent me an Obituary on a great-great uncle of mine who headed the US Patents Dept.. It listed a surviving son, Munson H. Lane, a patent lawyer, as living in Alexandria VA. What made me pick up the telephone and ask directory assistance in Alexandria for a Munson H. Lane, I cannot tell you. However, she responded, "Jr. or Sr.?" and the call resulted in my finding two letters with the sea captain father of James J. Lane story. The H. in their name was for Harmon, the second name (along with James) that is in every generation of my father's lineage. He is James, his brother is Harmon. Sadly, the Lane line ends with them because of the ensuing circumstances.

    They were getting to know one another over dinner the second time they were in one anothers presence. We were in FL, on our way to meet my dad's biological mother for the first time. My uncle asked my dad about his love of music, as my mom had told him his hobby has always been record collecting. "What type of music do you like?" My dad responded, big band numbers from the 40s and 50s, movie scores, etc...then asked his brother what type of music he enjoyed. He was raised in the South, he said, so of course country was on the top of his list. However, he said there was one female vocalist from the 40s he really loved.."what was her name?? Oh yes, Caterina Valente". My dad said he just the week before had taken his collection of Caterina Valente records and recorded them onto cassette tapes, as he is doing little by little with his entire LP collection. I shared this occurrence with my aunt and mother, who were chatting at the end of the table and out of ear shot. All of us gave a big "OO-OOO-OO" (read: scary music melody) as they had already heard a few of the 15 or 20 strange occurrences I have experienced. Weird but not so weird.........

    Nanette Pigaga [email protected]

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