Some LANE References
LANE References

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The following books, microfilms and microfiche can be found at your local Family History Centers. Permission was granted from the FHC to post it on this web site.

Just look in you local phone book under "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints", known as the Mormons. Then look for Family History Center. The refernces below are some of what they have on LANE research.

You can only access the books at Salt Lake City, Utah, main headquarters for the Family History Library. The Microfilm and Microfiche you can order through you local FHC.

  • A complete list of the descendants of Joseph Smith and Deliverence Lane : antecedents of Joseph Smith of Rowley, Mass. ... antecedents of Deliverance Lane of Rockport ... / John R. Simpson. By Simpson, John K. (John Kelley). Microfilm# 1429814, item 2. Also it can be found on microfilm# 1035623 item 9.

  • The ancestry and known descendants of Joseph Lane, son of Osborne and Hepsabeth Crawford LANE. (1770 - 1850) of Marion County, South Carolina and Simpson County, Mississippi. / compiled and written by Marilyn Lane Sirmon and William Arnold Sirmon. Book- Us/can 929.273 L242s.

  • Elbridge M. Smith family history / compiled by Mary Ellen Walker. US/CAN Film area 1597784. Includes Smith, Walker, Grupp, Burnett, Romey, Browne, Lane, and related families.

  • Schamp--Schomp and Lane families of Hunterdon County, New Jersey / arranged by William Frances Smith ; research by Cora D. Lane (Schomp) and Estella Victoria Schomp (Hardenburg). Includes Cole, Dilts, Hardenburg, McDonald, Melick, Merlat, Sutphin, Wyckoff (Wickoff) and related fmailies. US/CAN Film# 1654877, item 3.

  • Genealogical notes on Griffen - Griffin - Griffing / compiled by Howard Elmer Staples. Hugh Griffin (ca.1639-1691) immigrated from England to Roxbury, Massachusetts, married twice, and moved to Stratford, Connecticut. Descendants lived throughout the United States. Some descendants immigrated to Ontario and elsewhere in Canada. Includes indexes. Includes Carpenter, Kimball, Lane, Lewis, Sanborn, Wells and related families. US/CAN, Book- 929.273 G875s. also on Microfilm- 1321159, item 13.

  • The Lane family : the ancestry and descendants of General Jackson Lane and allied families : Crabtree, Estep, Hutchinson, Powers, Ritchie, Roberson, Russell / by Fannie Lane Steele. Jackson Lane (1829-1908), son of John and Katherine Estep Lane, was born in Scott Co., Va. US/CAN Book- 929.273 L24st. Also on Microfilm #1697713, item 6.

  • The political career of General James H. Lane / by Wendell Holmes Stephenson. James Henry Lane was born in 1814 to Amos Lane and his wife Mary Foote (widow of Mr. Howes). He lived with his family in Indiana where he married Mary E. Baldridge in 1841. US/CAN Film area- 1320548, item 12.

  • The family tree of William Stokes and his wife Elizabeth Louisa Hampton, and some of their ancestors / John R. Stokes. William Stokes and Elizabeth Louisa Hampton (1876-1970) were married in 1903 at Ramsey, Hants. (Southhamptonshire) England. Includes Bide, Bizzell, Fisher, Hall, Hampton, Kerr, Lane and Stokes and other related families. US/CAN Pedigree File No. 375, it is also on microfilm- 1231520, item 41.

  • Family records, vol. 2 / by May Stone. Genealogies of Higgins, Tribble, Burris, Lane, Smith, and Handwick families. Film# 0875391, item 2.

  • A Wilson - Pryor lineage / compiled by Gloria Stracke. Includes Ballman, Busching, Fitzhenry, Hamilton, Lane and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 W692s, also on Microfilm: # 1206453, item 17.

  • Stratton notes. -- Vol. 1 (July 1985)- vol. 6 (Sep 1991). Includes Bush, Butcher, Davison, Kratzer, Lane, Oliver and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.27305 St82t. Also on Microfiche: #6047567. (Vol. 1 <1985> - Vol. 6 <1991>, 6 microfiches).

  • Stringer : Bible records transcript, 1817-1977. William Henry Stringer (1817-1902) married Margaret Lane at Newburyport, Massachusetts in 1852. Descendants to 1977 lived in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Utah. US/CAN Film# 1036491.

  • Sutton : family genealogical data, 1781-1950. Includes Beall, Blasdel, Lane, Peters, Woodhull and related families. US/CAN Film# 1312803, item 18.

  • Family history : Anthony Taylor of Hampton, New Hampshire, founder, pioneer, town father, and some of his descendants 1635-1935 / Harold Murdock Taylor. Includes Batchelder, Drake, Lane, Leavitt, Moulton, Smith and related families. US/CAN Film# 1036253, item 6.

  • Fathers & sons of Thomas Maddox / by Paul T. Thompson. Includes Brooks, Caruthers, Lane, Martin, McCormick, Terry, Thompson and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 M264t.

  • Presley Tidwell, a memorial to the Presley family role in the stablishment of Kinsale, Virginia / by W.A. Tidwell, Jr. Includes Bailey, Carr, Funk, Lane, Wiggenton andr elated families. US/CAN Film# 1429798 item 3.

  • One branch of the Chickering family, and the complete ancestry of Mary Chickering Nichols / by Frederic C. Torrey. Includes Bates, Harraden, Lane, Minot, Nichols, Whipple and related families. US/CAN Film# 0897496, item 3. Additional copy- film# 1486610, item 16.

  • So many ancestors - Our Towle and Knutson genealogy / by Juanita Anderson Towle. Includes Knutson, Chapman, Holverson, Brust, Fitzgibbons, Lane, Williams and allied families. US/CAN Film# 929.273 T659to. Also on Microfilm- #1750743, item 9.

  • Signal Corps recipients of the Medal of Honor, by United States. Army. Signal Corps. "The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest military award given in the United States. Among the recipients are five Signal Corps soldiers, Morgan D. Lane, Charles Evans Kilbourne, Jr., Gordon Johnston, Will Croft Barnes, and Adolphus Washington Greely. Their military careers and the deeds for which they earned the Medal of Honor span from the Civil War to the early twentieth century." US/CAN Book- 973 A1 no. 296.

  • Corwin cousins / compiled and edited by Ellen Faye Van Houten. Includes Beckett, Dunlevy, Hart, Lane, Mead, Parrish, Price, Sabin, Settlemire, Spradling, Suydam, Van Houten and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 C819v. Also on Microfilm, for Vol. 1-5. Vol-1-2 1421882, item 8; Vol. 3- 1320814, item 3; Vol.4- 1320959, item 2; Vol. 5- 1697437, item 22.

  • Jacob Walker : Berlin, Pennsylvania pioneer, 1746-1783 / author/compiler, Charles J. Walker. Includes Walker, Coleman, Romesberg, Lane, Davenport, Cruzen, Carey, Dumond, Maas, Holtz, Schmiedeskamp, Crock and Bruner. US/CAN Book- 929.273 W152w. Additional copies on Microfilm- #1697398, item 4.

  • Jacob Walker : Berlin Pennsylvania pioneer, 1746-1783 / author/compiler, Charles J. Walker. (Revised Edition). Includes information on the Walker, Romesberg, Lane, Musser, Wacker, Cruzen, Kroesen and allied families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 W152wc. Additional Formats- Vol. 4, part 1- Film# 1698067, item1; Vol. 4 part 2, Film# 1698067, item2; Supp. Film# 1698141, item 14.

  • The Walker chronicle : ancestors and descendants of Eli & Louisa Luther Walker / written and compiled by Richard L. Walker and Richard A. Walker. Includes related families of Luther (Lutter), Hauert (Hawert), Rapp, Presser, Lane, Springer, etc. US/CAN Book- 929.273 W151wr.

  • The chronicle of the Rand family, by Wallenhorst, Ralph F. Includes Goffe, Lane, Long, Penney, Sanderson, Sheets and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 R154r. Also on Microfiche # 6049035, 2 microfiches.

  • Waters family tree : descendants of Abner Waters and Lucy Manley. Includes Waters, Manley, Lane, Norris, Kinney, King, Brockway, and related families. US/CAN Film# 1597724, item 16.

  • The Lane line : notes from Samuel Lane of Pennsylvania, to Elizabeth Lane Prigmore of Kentucky and Missouri, with connections to these families, Prigmore, Corbin, Tidings, Wilkinson and others / June Rayfield Welch. US/CAN Book- 929.273 A1 no. 813. Also on Microfiche- #6048892.

  • The Wests of the Cape Fear Valley / by Fred West. Follows the west Family in Jamestown, VA to North Carolina. Includes Blount, Bryan, Jones, Pollock, Cox, Gatlin, Lane, Rhem, Parker, and other related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 W52ws. Also on Microfiche- # 6101300 (6 microfiches).

  • Genealogical history of the Eskridge family / compiled by Mrs. Henry Litchfield West. Includes Brandon, Kenner, Lane, Newton, Steptoe, Towle and related families. US/CAN Film# 1035589, item 9.

  • Whitfield, Bryan, Smith and related families / compiled by Emma Morehead Whitfield ; edited by Theodore Marshall Whitfield. Book 1 includes MacMillan, Hatch, Jackson, Pearsall, Grady, Loutlaw, Herring, Killebrew, Croom, and related families. Book 2 includes Draughon, Evans, Fonville, Sasser, Hyman, Williams, Tooke, Sloan, Sledge, Lane, Marshall, and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 W588wt. Also on Microfilm: #1698074, item 5. Microfim# 0001119 (Vol. 2 only). Microfilm# 1321327, item 17 (supplement).

  • Memoranda relating to the Lane, Reyner and Whipple families, Yorkshire and Massachusetts / by W. H. Whitmore, 1836-1900. Job Lane (1620-1697) immigrated to Massachusetts before 1651. Includes some descendants of John Reyner (fl. 1630) and the Whipple family. US/CAN Film# 0928168, item 11. An additional copy, alos on Microfilm# 1016918, item 1.

  • The Williams family / compiled by Curtis C. Williams, Jr.. John Sims Williams was born in Georgia in 1866. He married Lucy Lane in 1890 and they had 12 children. Information on their ancestral lines back to Revolutionary times is given in this volume along with some material on their descendants. US/CAN Film# 1598337 item 12.

  • The Glengarry McDonalds of Virginia : with an introductory sketch of the early history of the Glengarry clan / by Flora McDonald Williams, b. 1842. Includes Green, Lane, Marshall, Peake, Stanard, Williams and related families. US/CAN Film# 0929462.

  • The Lane-Robertson families of Amherst County, Virginia and descendants / by Lyle Keith Williams. Samuel Lane (ca. 1800-1838/39) was born in Virginia and married Permelia Emily Robertson. He died in Knox County, Tennessee. US/CAN Book- 929.273 L24wi. Additional copy on Microfilm# 1697576, item 16.

  • The Blanks family / compiled by John H. Wilson. Includes Armstrong, Binford, Burford, Foster, Harrell, Lane, Oglesby, Ware, Weekley and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 B611bc. Also on Microfi, Includes Armstrong, Binford, Burford, Foster, Harrell, Lane, Oglesby, Ware, Weekley and related families. Also on Microfilm and Microfiche. Vol. 1 on Microfilm# 0844964, item 1. Vol. 2 on Microfiche # 6017865.

  • Winchester/Lane, a New Brunswick family's history / John Dawson Winchester. John William Winchester (1893-1950) married Marion Louise Lane (1897-1980), daughter of William John Lane (1865-1926) and Mary Ethel Coakley (1865-1958). Descendants lived in Ontario, New Brunswick, and elsewhere. US/CAN Book- 929.271 A1 no. 469.

  • The descendants of Maria Burr, John W. Clark and William West Lane / by Erold Clark Wiscombe. John W. Clark was born 13 April 1808 in Durham, Connecticut, married Maria Burr, 24 July 1826 and died 9 August 1839 near Warsaw, Illinois. Maria Burr Clark married (2) William West Lane. Includes Dunham, Oakley, Smith, Storrs, Wiscombe and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 C548wi. Also on Microfilm# 0908700 item 3.

  • 1960 supplement to Wylie genealogy of 1900 / [compiled by Norman E. Wylie]. Includes Christian, Ellis, Kemp, Lane, and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 A1 no. 5824. Also on Microfilm# 1697582 item 7.

  • Descendants of Thomas Elliott Edwards, 1793-1857, and his four wives, Lucy Ann Baytrop Jones Respress, 1797-1821; Martha Peyton Hudgins Gale, 1792- 1833; Louisa A. Lane Garnett, 1808-1850; Mary Tompkins Hunley Hudgins, 1806-1877 : with chapters of related Virginia families of Gwynn, Hudgins, Hunley, Lane, Reade, White and Yeatman / compiled and edited by Mrs. Robert Louthan Wynne. US/CAN Book- 929.273 Ed98w. Also on Microfilm# 0908919 item1.

  • Wyrley : family; the ancient family of Wyrley of Staffordshire, England; also manuscript pedigrees of the Wake, Berkeley de Lisle and Lane families, with a quantity of correspondence relating to them. BRITISH Q area- 929.242 W995.

  • Johansson--Johnson family history and genealogical records, 1812-1983 / Daisy Zdanowicz. Gustaf Johansson (1849-1898), son of Johannes A.S. Johansson (b.1812) and Anna Lena Johansdotter, married Christina Nilsdotter, and immigrated after 1875 from Sweden to Lynn, Massachusetts. Includes some ancestors and some of their descendants in the parish of Grimmared, �Alvsborg County and elsewhere in Sweden. Includes Benton, Chafee, Isaacson, Lancaster, Lane, Leavitt and related families. US/CAN Film# 1421573, item 9.

  • Southern shoots from northern roots : a family history concerning northern Americans who migrated to frontier Florida after 1870 : includes genealogical charts and descriptive information about their New England, New York and New Jersey beginnings / by Helen Louise Terwilleger Zebley. Includes Herbst, Lane, Leavitt, Price, Terwilleger, Thurston and related families. US/CAN Book- 929.273 F889z.

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