July 1997 Queries

July 1997 Queries

July 7, 1997

LANE'S in England
When I was in England this past March, I came across a LANE graveyard at the Coningsby General Baptist Chapel Cemetery in Coningsby, Lincolnshire ENG. The graveyard is in terrible condition and I would dearly love to find some present day LANE descendants who would be interested in helping me get it fixed up. These LANES are my family's ancestors and the brief details about them are as follows:

Samuel LANE, b. ca 1768 in Tattershall Thorpe, Lincolnshire ENG., m. Sarah HUNT 13 Dec 1798 in Coningsby, Lincolnshire ENG. Sarah's parents were Abraham HUNT and Sarah YEATS, both of Coningsby. Samuel LANE died 17 Jun 1847 and Sarah (HUNT) LANE died 13 May 1837. They are both buried in the Baptist Chapel Cemetery, as is Abraham HUNT and Sarah YEATS. Samuel and Sarah had one son, Samuel (Jr.), b. ca 1800 in Tattershall Thorpe and who was also buried in the Lane cemetery on 17 Jun 1854.

If you would be interested in finding out more about this "project" please contact me. My name and email address is: Nan Clark

LANE, George Washington
Grandmother: Shirley Georgia LANE of Jefferson Co., TN
Grandfather: Unknown
GreatGrandfather: George Washington LANE of Jefferson Co., TN
Somehow related to the BARBEES and PHILLIPS.

Supposedly my greatgrandparents were Indian - one full blood, the other 1/2. Somewhere down the line, they came from NC or where they lived turned from NC to TN, not sure.
Lots to go on - right? My family never wrote things down - they just passed things down vocally.

Again, thanks for your assistance. Dennis Norton

LANE, Rebecca
Searching for the parents of Rebecca LANE b. Apr 4, 1738 and d. July 2, 1823 in Northumberland Co., PA. Rebecca may have been born in NJ. She married David McKinney.
Email Robin

July 9, 1997

LANE, John G.
Looking for information on John G. Lane born in Houston County, Ga. . Also looking for his son Bryant Lane born abt. 1756 in North Carolina.

Email [email protected]

July 16, 1997

LANE, Verlon
Looking for information on the ancestors of the Lane's from Powell County, Kentucky. Verlon is my paternal grandfather. His father was Cassus Clay Lane and his grandfather was James H. Lane from Virginia. I don't have anything else so ANY help would be fantastic.

Email: Brenda K. Michael or write Brenda K. Michael, P.O. Box 4 West, Manchester, OH 45382

LANE, Frances M.
Looking for information on Frances M. Lane. She was born 20 June 1844 She married Steven D. Smith in 22 March 1860 in Wells Co., IN. Hope you can help. Thank you.

Eamil: Sondra S. Bower

July 17, 1997

LANE, Charles Bascomb
Charles Bascomb Lane, ( Uses his initials C. B. on most documents)
Born; 1873 in Putnam County, Florida
Married; Drucilla Faircloth, Dec/16/1891, Polk County, Florida
Child; Charles Henry, b. Nov/4/1892, Polk County Florida

Remarried with family on 1920 census in Osceola County, Florida 1920 census states both of his parents were born in Massachusetts married; Julia _____
Gezil, b. 1900
Bascomb, b. 1908
Montella, b. 1912

As per birth place of parents on 1920 census; The only other Lane in Florida from Massachusetts around the time of Charles' birth was Arthur F. Lane who appears on 1885 special census and 1900 census in Putnam County, Florida.
Arthur F. Lane born; April/1843 in Massachusetts.
(If someone has access to the 1860 Soundex for Massachusetts would you please check for Arthur?)

Also found in the Faircloth plot in Polk County; Molsey D. Lane, b.Nov/29/1894, d.April/9/1907

Any help with these weak links would be appreciated.
John Dallas Lane
4025 Lane Street
Mulberry, FL 33860
Email John Lane

July 17, 1997

LANE, Robert
The earliest Lane abcestor I am aware of is Robert Lane, b 1-18-1842 and md. Elizabeth Sturgill, b6-9-1844. He is my g grandfather; his dau. Cleopatra md. Steve Mack Pugh in 1892 in the Mouth of Wilson, Va. area. Steve Mack moved his family to Gibson Co., Indiana in 1918, but other Lane siblings remain in Va. I seek info after 1842; any help will be greatly appreciated. I am of course seeking PUGH and STURGILL info also.

Thank you.
Email: Phyllis

July 21, 1997

LANE, Thomas
LANE, Thomas - b. abt 1715 -- place of birth unk, but moved to and died (dod unk) in what is now Wayne Co., NC. Think he came from Isle of Wight Co., VA, but can't track down. Married unk. Son, LANE, Isham, b. abt 1738, in Wayne Co. NC. m Lewerry (Lucy - surname unk). Marriage date unk. Isham died 1801. Isham & Lucy had 11 children - Howey; Milly; Elizabeth; Penny; Sally; Bethamey; Cullen; Mathew; Bryan; Isham, Jr.; and my relation, John. I know nothing about any of these children except John, and I don't even know his dob! He died 1819. John married Edith (surname unk) - marriage date unk. They had 7 children, my direct ancestor, Bryan; Smittey (Smitha?); Willie; Sander; James; William; and Benjamin. Any assistance with these distant *branches* of my family tree would be appreciated. Source for all of above is John Robert Lane, who has done his research in libraries and court houses of Wayne, Sampson, and Duplin Counties.

Email: Carl Lane Long Beach, CA

July 22, 1997

LANE, Nathaniel
A Mary Lane Jones, d. 1873 in childbirth. She had nine children. Her fifth (a dau. named Elizabeth Georgiana Atkinson) was born 16 Feb 1861. If she was indeed the fifth child and there was 1.5 years between children, that would indicate that Mary Lane Jones had married G.W. Atkinson around 1853. My guess is that she was born between 1833 and 1837. Her mother was a Martha Lane who was married on 29 Apr 1829 to an Austin Jones.

Additional family genealogy has placed this Martha (Lane) Jones as the daughter of Joel Lane's son Henry through his marriage to his cousin Mary Hinton. We also know that E.Georgiana (Atkinson) William (16 Feb 1861 - 7 Dec 1932) was "very close" to her cousins, Janie Lane Brown & Joseph Lane Brown. who were children of Lydia Speight (Lane) and Fabius Brown. Now, Lydia Speight (Lane) Brown was the granddaughter of Joel Lane's brother Joseph Lane (1710-1776) and his wife Patience McKinne.

The Problem is that somewhere among old family papers, we have turned up a note that describes a Martha Ann Lane who, with her sisters Lucinda (Lane) Avera, Emma (Lane) Walters, and Lydia (Lane) Bonner(?) - were children of a Nathaniel Lane and Esther A. Elizabeth Smith. The note claims that THIS Martha Ann Lane was married on 29 Apr 1829 to Austin Jones.

The lineage of this Martha Ann Lane's mother is: Esther A. Elizabeth Smith > dau. of Jonathan Smith (son of Col. Samuel and Edith (Whitfield) Smith of Johnston Co. NC) and Esther Bryan (b. 1760) (dau of Wm and Esther (Bryan) Smith). Esther Bryan and Jonathan Smith were first cousins.

No lineage is given for Martha Ann Lane's father, Nathaniel Lane. Since Elizabeth Georgiana (Atkinson) Smith (daughter of some Martha Lane who married an Austin Jones) knew her cousins to be the Brown's descended from Joseph Lane - I must assume that Nathaniel was of the same generation as Henry Lane (son of Joel), but son of one of Joel Lane's other brothers or one of his uncles.

Does ANYONE out there know of a Nathaniel Lane somewhere in that line?
Email: Marta

LANE, Isham
Isham LANE was born in Louisa Co., VA Sept. 1757 and died in Madison Co., KY, 20 June 1852. According to information by Raymond Layne (now deceased) his father was married twice and had 16 sons, 7 of whom served in the Rev. War. His military record - Vol. 3, Page 116 (514) Senate Document.

According to Mr. Layne, Isham went to Tennessee just after the war and in two years moved to Kentucky following the Boone Trail. He settled in what is now Madison Co., KY. He is buried there and a marble stone marks his grave.
March 6, 1790, he married Lucinda Lamb, dau of Richard Lamb.

Does anyone have a record of this Isham Lane's being in the family of Edward Lane Jr. (circa 1730-1786)? The only information we have is that he probably was a son of this Edward.
I would appreciate receiving proof of Isham's parentage.

Thanks for the opportunity to ask. Email Maxine Bowling Friedly

LANE, John
John LANE, b. 1841/2 in IL; d. Ventura, Ventura, CA; m. 26 June, 1870, Polk County, MO, to Eliza E. (or J.) SLAUGHTER, b. 1834/5 in MO, (LDS 5 Oct 1884 36), and their daughter, Effie Ann LANE, b. 1872/3 in Bolivar Park, Polk Co., MO; d. 8 Aug. 1950 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK; m. Joseph Pinkney BRYCE, b. 1864/5 or 1873/4 in MO; d. 1930 in Whitefield, Haskel, OK

Email: Donna

July 25, 1997

LANE, John Edward
My ggrandfather was John Edward Lane, born: 14 Sept. 1885 in Benton County, Mo. He died on 30 March 1962. He was married to Lora Allen Shipley, born 28 May 1889, died 22 Jun 1944, daughter of William and Matilda (Allen?) Shipley. Both John and Lora are buried in Afton, Oklahoma.

I know that there is a Charles Lane buried in Hickson Cemetery, Cherokee City, Ark. Is he John's father?? I believe that Charles was married to Julie Trout(?). I don't have Charles' dob or dod with me. I took pictures of the headstones. I was there looking for the Howertons who are buried there. I know there is a connection between the Lanes and Howertons, they were my grandparents William Charles Lane and Derryle Elizabeth Howerton.

Appreciate any assistance. My homepage is My Home Page It has not been updated recently and I am working on that.
Email: Jon C. LANE

LANE, Tidence W.
Need parents, g, gg, ggg of Tidence W. LANE b. 1794 AL or TN, d. 1852 in Mason Co, IL m Eleanor (unk), d. 1850 in IL. With the name it is thought that his ancestory is from Dutton LANE b. in 1670s in Anne Arundel Co MD m. Pretitia TYDINGS b. after 1671.
Dutton b. 1695 - 1700
Samuel b. @ 1700
Richard b. @ 1702
Margaret b. 1705 - 1708
Sarah b. 1710-1715
John b. 1716-1726
Charity b. 1716-1726

Email: [email protected]

July, 27, 1997

LANE, Henry C.
Looking for descendants of Henry C Lane. He married Mary McDaniel Sears 4 Sep 1847 in Autuaga Co AL. According to the 1850 census of Autauga Co, he was b c1822 in GA. There is a daughter listed also - Georgianna Lane b c1850 AL. I know that in 1848 Henry and Mary were in GA, but don't know where, this is according to a letter written to NC from Mary's brother. Any help will be appreciated.

Email: [email protected]

Looking for a BF Lane (could this be Benjamin?) who married Elizabeth Ann Sears on 23 Dec 1841 in Autauga Co AL. In 1848 this family was in LA. Trying to find descendants.

Email: [email protected]

LANE, James
We are looking for information on James Lane b 1821 in NC. Moved to IN., at some point . Married Elizabeth Twidy (Tweedy) Nov.27, 1844 in Henry Co. IN. James d Oct.7, 1883 in Henry Co. IN. Information given shows 5 children all born in Henry Co. IN. John b Sept.8 1845 d June 1, 1929 Rocky Ford Otero, CO. m Anna Margaret Scott Sept.13, 1860, William Lane b Feb.5, 1849, m Anna E. Darnell, Margaret b 1853, Melissa b 1848, Aaron b 1859.

I only know that James Lane was born in IN in 1821. That is all I know about him. His son John Lane born in Henry Co, IN in 1845. The obit says he grew to manhood there, married in 1866 then in 1869 with his family moved in a covered wagon to Coffee Co KS. In July 1887 he went to Rocky Ford CO. Both John and Anna are buried in Rocky Ford, CO. John also served in the Civil war .

I am positive on John Lane as he is my husbands great grandfather. The information on James was given to me 3rd hand and I have no way of knowing where the information came from Email: Ken and Sue Lane

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