Military Records For Lanes

Military Records

Sunday, 03-Mar-2002 11:10:20 MST

Mexican American War Compiled Service Records For ALL LANE, LAINE, LAIN, LAYNE'S

Here are some great Military Web Sites, check them out!

  • Civil War Center Great Site for Civil WAR Research!

  • Daughters of the American Revolution. For all Females who had an Ancestor who was in the Revolutionary War. DAR

  • Descendants of the Mexican WAR Veterans. This is for anyone who had a direct or collateral Ancestors who fought in the Mexican American War DMWV

  • Indian Wars from 1637-1726

  • National Archives

  • Check out this Great Web Site for those who were Political Leaders in the United States, which gives birth, death and political information etc. at: The Political Graveyard

  • REV WAR Web Site

  • Sons of the American Revolution. For all Males who had an Ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War SAR

Keep checking back, I will be adding more great information on all Lanes who were in the Military!

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