Will of Joseph LANE

Will of Joseph LANE

In the Name of God Amen. I Joseph Lane of the County and Parish of Edgecomb in the Province of North Carolina being thro' the abundant Mercy and Goodness of God, tho' weak in Body, yet of a sound and perfect Understanding and Memory, do constitute this my last Will and Testament, and desire it may be reciev'd by all as such (Imprimus,) I most humbly bequeath my soul to God, my Maker, beseeching his most gracious Acceptance of it, through the all Sufficiant Merits and Mediation of my most compassionate Redeemer Jesus Christ, who gave himself to be an Attonement for my Sins, and is able to save, to (uttmost?) all that unto God by him, Seeing he ever liveth to make Intercession for him, and who I trust will not reject me, a reforming penitent sinner, when I come to him for Mercy; in this hope and Confidence I render up my Soul with Comfort, humbly beceeching the most blessed and glorious Trinity, One God most holy, most mercifull and gracious, to prepare me for the Time of my Dessolution, and then to take me to himself into that peace and Rest, and Incomparable Felicity, which he has prepared for all and fear his holy Name, Amen, blessed be God. Imprimis, I give my Body to the Earth, from whence it was Taken, in full Assurance of its Resurrection from thence at the last Day; as for my Burial, I desire it my be decent, without pomp or State, at the descretion of my Executors hereafter named, who I doubt not will manage it with all requisite Prudence. As to my worldly Estate, I will and positively order, that all my Debts be first paid.

Item I give my brother William Lane the plantation whereon I do now live and all the Land agoining there to I say to him his Heirs and Assigns for Ever, and also the Land whereon William Grissum now lives, I give to the said William Lane his Heirs and Assigns for ever, I also give and bequeth to William Lane Eighteen head of Cattle on the Manner Plantation, also all my [Love? Lone? Sone?] and [sign?] on the Manner Plantation, and also all my Household Furniture Except such as Shall be hereafter mentioned, and also I Give to my Brother William Lane the Five following Negroes that is say, Tom, Cate, King, Annaca, Mingo, I say Given to him his Heirs and Assigns for ever

Item I Give my Negroe Boy Ploughman to my Brother [Gerrit? Hewit?] Lane to him his Heirs and Assigns for ever, and also I Lend the labour of my Negroes Jack and Cleony to my Father During his natural life and his Decese to return to my Brother William Lane and his Heirs assigns for ever

Item I give and bequeath to Winefred Lane my Negroe Girl Vilet on Condition that the said Winefred Lane Delvers up anon Twenty pound that then the sd. wench shall belong to the sd. Winefred Lane her Heirs Assigns for ever

Item I give and bequeath to my sister Fath Bynum my Negroe Woman Destiny to her and her Heirs for ever and my Desire is that all my Hogs and Cattle besids what has been before mentioned to be sold to pay my Debts, further more my will and Desire is that my Negroe Woman Affrica can be saved without being sold to pay Debts that than my Will and Desire is that my Sister Drewsiller Bryant shall have the said Wench, her and her Heirs Assigns for ever, Item I Give and bequeath to my loving kinswoman Mary McKinnie the Bed & Furniture whereon I now lie to her and her Heirs and Assigns for ever

I do hereby make null and Void all other Wills by me before made I do ordain this my last Will and Testament

I do also appoint John Bradford and Henry Pope hole and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand seal this 6th day of December 1757

Jos Lane

Benjan. Merryman
Barnabas Lane
David D D ( his mark) Dickson

Edgecombe County
November Court 1758
The Within Will was in Open Court Exhibited on Oath by the Exors. therein Named and proved by the Oaths of Benjamin Merryman and Barnabas Lane, & the said Exors. at the same time Refusing to take upon them the Admon thereof. Therefore Admon with the Will Annex'd was granted (on Mocon [motion?]) to William Lane [illegible] eldest brother of the Residuary Legatee to the sd. Decedd. & he having given Bond so as the Law directs, it is thereupon Order'd to be Certify'd

Test. Jos. Montfort, C.C.

[Handwritten on side of document: Recorded in the [illegible] office in Book No. 10 Page 143 [193?]]

The above was submitted by Susan T. Meier

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