Joseph Lane's Will- of Newton Co., GA
Newton Co., GA

(Editors NOTES- The Will below was transcribed by Cheryl Garrett and Heather W. Bowers. All marks ( _____ and ?) means it was not legiable).

Newton Co., Georgia

In the name of God amen I Joseph Lane being infirm in body but of sound mind. Knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make ________ and ordain this my last will and testament, hereby _______ all others.
Item 1st. I de___ all my wordly debts to be paid. Item 2nd. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth Lane and that three youngest children to be _______ ________ among them, see the property not otherwise ______ of by this will, viz. Albert, Joseph and Isaac, likwise the child in ______ summer if born to be intitled to it's equitable share. And I further desire that said pro_____ thus assigned My wife during the period she may remain as widow together with the property thus ____ to the smaller children shall remain ______ ________, or be disposed of for their benefit. According to the wish of my wife and my executor an ______ at any time _______ the said property in whole to be taken by my executor, Managed for the benefit of the said children ______ _______ either of the ______ mentioned children ___ the part to which said child named have ______ _______ I want equally among all my children ____ but not until the death of my wife, ____ ______ ______ _______ ______ said children is to br received by them when they become of age or marry and it is my wish that the income arising from said property should be approiated to the decent support of the family and the giving my children a liberal education or as much thereof as will accomplish the____?
Item 3rd, I desire that of the time of my death that after the payment of my debts that all my property should be valued and that my three oldest children Nancy, Lauicuce, Euducia then draw their portionable parts according to said valuation and that in said divisions the part already received by Nancy at the time of her marriage shall be estimated.
Item 4, I wish the plantation on which I live now sold as my excecutive my think_____? of said sale another purchased and improved in some way helpful place in the Chattahoochy purchases for the use of the family and I want my horses and stock, waggon and such like disposed of as may be thought most profitable to the estate.
Item 5th I consitute and appoint Walter C. Colquitt, my brother Jesse Lane, my nephew Richard Q Lane my exacutors to have excuted this my last will and testament.
In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this Jan 24, 1827.

Joseph Lane

In presence of
George L. Smith
Uriah Sparks
George L. Wipples

Newton County Come in to open court Uriah Sparks and being duly sworn deposith and with that to be subscribing Witness to the within will and that he saw the said Geo Whipples & Geo L. Smith assign as witness that the said will was assigned by Joseph Lane in his presence and acknowledged to be his last will and testament and that the said testors was in his ____? mind and therebe in no wise disqualified to execute the said sworn to in Open Court

Uriah Sparks

this day January 14, 1828
Registered 18th of January 1828
L H_________? clk

The above will was submitted by Cheryl Garrett [email protected]. Thank you Cheryl!!!!!

Editors NOTES- Joseph LANE was the son of Jesse LANE and Winifred Aycock LANE, grandson of Joseph LANE JR. and Patience MCKINNIE, great grandson of Joseph LANE SR. and Julian (Jarrell), great great grandson of Thomas LANE and Elizabeth SHEPHERD. See: Thomas Lane of Jamestown, VA.

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